Aurora Black

Aurora Black is a “dark, passionate and evil” storyteller who made her erotic literary debut with Phaze in 2006. She is a former Literotica author, where she learned the basics of the writing trade and gained the necessary tools to make the transition to professional writing. Having written several well-received poems and novellas for Phaze and other venues since then, Aurora is currently expanding her craft to include photography, video blogging, voice-over work and full novels.  

A student of criminal forensics, Aurora is used to the edgier side of human nature and uses her vivid imagination combined with facets of her life experiences as material for her works. Her six year tenure in exotic Greece and other locations made an everlasting impact on the Detroit-area native, and she writes to express the deepest, darkest (and sometimes sweetest) parts of her soul along with her great love of the written word.

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  • Melting the Ice Queen
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  • Potent Spirits
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