Shermaine Williams

Shermaine is a Londoner who often uses the city as a backdrop for the contemporary stories she writes.

Though she had literary ambitions since she was a child, she only did anything about it a few years ago.

 She writes shorts, novellas and novels within a range of different genres, from interracial to BDSM, and is published with Phaze, Xcite and Total-e-bound.

  • Future Present
  • Anna Weston is happy with her life--she loves her job and lives in a lovely home with her wonderful boyfriend, Robert. Although, if there was one little thing that she could change, it would be for him to make the relationship official.... More
  • Taming the Alter Ego
  • Mariella is a young woman who works hard and plays hard, putting all her effort into everything she does. She has a double life with which she is perfectly content, and successfully keeps her work life separate from her personal life--and it... More
  • The Challenge
  • As a school teacher, Amanda has no intention of posing for any erotic shots when Benjamin, a photographer, asks her to, even though she has just had an erotic story published. Despite her resolve, she can't shake his attention and soon... More
  • The Second Challenge
  • After only one challenge, Amanda is already well aware that she will participate in the second one, despite not knowing what Benjamin has in store. Her life as a school teacher wasn't exactly full of excitement before he arrived in it and the... More