Kev Henley

While not a prolific writer, Kev Henley spends much of his time bringing out the best in other writers—what could be more noble than helping them fulfill their potential?  Some of his writers call him intense, one even called him “professorial,” but the industry calls him a developmental editor.  When not editing, Kev practices what he preaches and has published three other works: COB (mystery/erotica), Sperm Count (post-apocalyptic/romantica), and Focus (a collection of shorts from multiple writers).

  • Lichess
  • Lena was a promising young Roman, born into a wealthy house. She had loving parents, servants to pamper her, and a fine education with a tutor who spoiled her. That changes the night she meets Erez, a Persian prince. Wicked and clever, he... More
  • Polar Opposites
  • Captain Vyn Magee, a young pilot caught up in the woes of war as well as his pitiful lack of companionship, has his mind blown--opened to possibilities he never knew existed. Touched by a native of the world he's visiting on... More