Kasey Moone

Kasey Moone lives, works and writes in Atlanta, where she claims to be the biggest romance junkie within the city’s limits. When she’s not daydreaming, she’s watching paranormal TV shows, True Blood and The Twilight Zone being her favorite, and wondering who’s hotter: vampires or werewolves?  Her interracial and multicultural stories sizzle with strong, funny heroines and hot heroes!  Kasey enjoys hearing from readers through email at kaseymoone@yahoo.com.


  • Bubble Bath Delight
  • When her new neighbor’s loud music continues to interrupt her bubble baths, Marissa Coldtrail decides enough is enough. It’s time to teach the metalhead a lesson. It’s time to put the infuriating man in his place once and for all. Then she sees... More
  • Her Snowbound Knight
  • The last thing Anelle Franklin needed was to be stuck in a snowstorm with a busted car--in the country nonetheless. Just when she thinks her day can't get any stranger, she's rescued by a hot snow truck driver with a wicked tongue. The... More
  • The Wolf Who Loved Her
  • Frumpy bookstore owner, Joni Watson, can't seem to catch a break. Business is bad. Her love life sucks. And a customer is seriously stressing her out with his bad attitude. Fortunately, he's gorgeous and sexy and willing to protect her from rogue... More