Melody Lane

Melody Lane has been a registered nurse for many years, working in a variety of settings. A huge rock music lover, she enjoys seeing her favorite bands whenever she can. She crushes hard on her rock star men and favorite actors. Some of her ‘most wanted’ are who she adapts her characters from. When she writes about them, it makes her feel like they’re a little more accessible to her. Of course she doesn’t really know them, but that’s fine. Reality can’t get in the way of fantasy.

Traveling is another passion and she can never get enough of it. She loves to write about the places she has visited. She’s been to New York City and London, England numerous times and tends to use them as a backdrop for her stories. She loves walking around the busy cities and seeing the sites. The theater, museums and multicultural cuisine all appeal to her along with fruity white wines, margaritas and the occasional girly martini.

  • Rock of Ages
  • When Lisa learns that her old boyfriend is going to be at their high school reunion, she sees it as a chance to come clean about the reason they broke up so many years ago. She didn’t count on the chemistry between them being as hot as... More