Darien Cox

Darien Cox lives in New England, bouncing back and forth between the mountain and the ocean states, anywhere thereís a wave or a ski slope. A nature lover and thrill seeker, the author enjoys exploring the intensity, insanity, humor and chaos that accompanies cupidís arrow, whether itís love at first sight or just the overwhelming power of lust. Paranormal elements are occasionally tossed in to further spice up the mix, because letís face itósometimes the world is not enough.  

  • Body Surf
  • Tired of running wild and drifting without direction, Joe Amato craves some stability, wanting to belong to something, someplace, or even someone. When he sees Cameron, a gorgeous blond lifeguard working the beach near his sister's house,... More
  • Cameraman
  • Production assistant Shaun Doyle is thrilled when he's invited to work a week long film shoot in The Dominican Republic. But he's baffled upon meeting Dylan, the handsome cameraman and co-owner of Vivid Productions. While breathtakingly hot... More
  • Edges
  • When Shanti attempts to ski an icy black diamond trail beyond his ability, he suffers a major wipe out, shooting off into the woods and injuring himself. But when a stranger who's been watching him scrambles off the trail to help, he meets Mick... More
  • Fluid Motion
  • Darcy James' life blew up in her face after her husband disappeared with her newly acquired inheritance. All she has left in the world is the White Birch Inn, formerly run by her grandmother, so she takes over operations in the mountain ski... More
  • Seducing Professor Coyle
  • College senior Ben LeClair has always been driven to perfection, so when a grade mix-up threatens to keep him from graduating, he confronts the problem head on. When he meets with his handsome professor, he finds him to be arrogant and... More