Angelique Videaul

Angelique Videaul was born in 1958 in Paris, France. She is a retired art teacher who has recently begun writing erotic romances. She infuses her love of the United States South West in her writing. She speaks fluent English and hopes to visit the States one day. Guadalupe's Tears is her first Phaze Book.

  • Guadalupe's Tears
  • In the late 1850's, the tiny town of Casey, Texas made a pact with a vampire. Calling herself Phaedra, she agreed to keep the Comanches from attacking, as long as the town provided her with strong, hot blooded young men upon which to feed and... More
  • Le Cirque d' Erotique
  • Lee and Livvy travel to the border town of Flow Water, New Mexico, in search of Phaedra, the vampire siren who turned Lee. Just outside of town, Lee and Livvy encounter a circus filled with erotic acts beyond their wildest dreams. These... More