Nova Chalmers

Nova Chalmers writes erotic stories in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres. Her short stories have been published in the Kitten Knights anthologies, Six Sexy Shifters and Frosted Fantasies, and she has a story in Roboterotica, by Pill Hill Press. She is a regular contributor to the Kitten Knights blog. Her books and published stories can be found at:

  • Beauty
  • Nila is a space-aged princess with a problem. Though she's managed to wrap her parents around her naughty little finger, palace life leaves a lot to be desired. Her boredom finds an answer, however, when a group of royal-targeting pirates... More
  • The Antithesis Spell
  • Stazia, an unorthodox witch, is appointed Dean of Charms at a magical school, and clashes with the very traditional Dean of Ritual about her methods. Despite their opposing ideologies, it is Mortimer the Black who becomes her surprising... More