Robin Slick

Robin Slick is a raging liberal living in downtown Philadelphia who wishes she could jump in a time machine and travel to London where she'd party with the Beatles, Eric Clapton, and all of their pals in the late sixties. She is the writer of several published short stories and novels, including her "Sex in the City" trilogy published by Phaze, a nominee for a Best American Short Story award, and former fiction editor at both NFG Magazine and Philadelphia Stories. She is also the editor of two short story collections for Phaza, 39 and Holding Him and 39 and Still Holding, but despite all of these accomplishments, is probably most well known as the mother of Eric Slick, drummer for Dr. Dog, and Julie Slick, bassist for the Adrian Belew Power Trio. Visit Robin on the web at to check out various interviews, reviews, and links to published works. Her blog,, gets hundreds of thousands of visitors per year, but she suspects that these visitors come to read about her kids. She's working on changing that.

Her interests include rock music, world travel, and eating gourmet vegetarian meals prepared by five star restaurants and her daughter, Julie.

She also loves dogs more than people but does not like cats though she should have one, given the fact that she has an irrational fear of mice.

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