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By Shawn Bailey


Desi Warren has always liked and admired his best friend Charlie Mitchell. Charlie always looked out after Desi as kids when other children teased him about his girlish looks.

Dreaming of being rock stars, and becoming more popular than Desi’s cousin Trinity Warren, a popstar, Desi and Charlie form the rock group Desire in high school.

Things start to unravel just as they were making a name for themselves when Charlie suddenly confesses to Desi that he is in love with him. Desi is so shocked by the admission that he has a nervous breakdown.

After spending two years in a mental facility, can Desi rejoin his friends in Desire and reach superstardom, or does he still have fears of being in a gay relationship with Charlie?




Charlie gazed over at his best friend Desi Warren. The two of them were alone in his bedroom writing songs for their rock group, Desire. Desi’s natural scent had been driving him wild all evening and he didn’t know how much more of this he could take. Of course Desi had no clue how he felt about him. Charlie had been keeping his feelings bottled up inside him for years and feared Desi would freak out if he knew.

“What are you looking at?” Desi asked, pushing a strand of auburn curls behind his ear and then twisting the end unconsciously.

Charlie looked away nervously. So cute. “Nothing.” He looked back at Desi and ran his gaze from Desi’s cock to his face. Another mistake. Desi was gorgeous from the tip of his head all the way down to his toes that peeked out through his sandals. Heat moved up from Charlie’s testicles to his chest. Desi sat so close to him, nearly suffocating him with lusty looks he wasn’t even aware of.

“You don’t look so we….”

Charlie cut off Desi’s sentence with a kiss.

Desi pushed him away. “What are you doing?”

Charlie shrugged. “I don’t know.” He inhaled deeply unable to stop the desire from reaching his brain. He pulled Desi to him and kissed him passionately. All his hidden pent-up emotions escaped and took control. He pushed his tongue deep inside Desi’s mouth. His cock hardened and pressed against the zipper of his denims.

Desi struggled for a couple of seconds trying to get away and then he stopped and began moaning and kissing him back.

Charlie pushed Desi down on his back and then continued to kiss him. With one fluid motion he removed the sleeveless blue T-shirt from Desi’s slender frame and kissed his way down Desi’s chest.

Desi lay immobilized but did not stop him. His dick had hardened too and made a tent in the front of the cotton shorts he wore.

Charlie took this as a sign to continue. He quickly slid the shorts and briefs down Desi’s hips, exposing his lower body and then wrapped his lips around the head of his dick.

“What are you doing?” Desi asked. His voice shook and he sounded nervous. “This is wrong.” He tried to get away again, but moaned as Charlie began moving his mouth up and down the length of his cock. Desi stopped resisting.

Charlie hoped he was doing this right since he’d never sucked another guy’s dong before. Desi’s was the only one he’d ever wanted.

Desi responded by moving his slim hips forward and muttering something incoherent.

Charlie wet a finger and probed Desi’s little asshole.

Desi jumped, cried out and then spurted warm creamy semen into Charlie’s mouth.

Charlie lapped it up quickly, enjoying the taste. He swallowed. That much he’d learn from watching gay porn movies. He moved away from Desi, wiping his mouth and looking down at him.

Desi looked shocked and appalled about what had just happened.

“I love you,” Charlie confessed. “I’ve always adored you.”

Desi pushed up on his elbows. “But we’re guys. It’s wrong.”

Desi had just the sweetest voice. Charlie shuddered. “No, it isn’t. I just want to make you feel good.” He’d always looked out for the smaller guy, protecting him from harm. “Didn’t you like coming in my mouth?”

Desi lowered his eyes. His cheeks reddened. “I don’t know. It felt okay, I guess.”

The proof he had enjoyed it lay near his thigh. Desi’s cock had started to harden again. Charlie stripped the clothes from his body, revealing his erection. “See, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

Desi stared wide-eyed. His cheeks continued to redden, but his gaze never left Charlie’s cock. “Do you want me to suck yours?”

Charlie shook his head. “No. I need to fuck you.”

Desi shied away. “It won’t fit.”

“It will,” Charlie assured him. “Trust me.”

It was fortunate that Desi trusted everyone.

Charlie sprang from the bed and rustled through his night table drawer for lube he used when he masturbated. He also found a couple of condoms. He donned one of the rubbers and hopped back on the bed to take care of Desi. “Roll over.”

Desi did so hesitantly. The cute little butterfly and heart tattoo he’d gotten for his eighteenth birthday lay just above the crack of his ass.

Charlie gulped. Desi had the sexiest ass in the world. He gently approached and applied the lubrication to the tiny hole and pushed the finger back inside.

Desi gasped and then relaxed as Charlie tried to prepare him for penetration. A few seconds later he pressed the head of his cock against the little hole and entered.

Desi cried out in pain and tried to push him out.

“Just relax,” Charlie said inching more of his erection into Desi. “It’s only going to hurt for a little while.”

Desi cried out this time like a wounded animal as Charlie worked more of his dick inside of him.

Charlie pulled out slowly and then entered again. He’d fucked girls before, but he’d never experienced anything so tight and arousing.

Desi’s tiny little ring gripped him securely. Desi had stopped groaning and started moaning loudly.

“Move your hips just a little.”

Desi did has he was told, moving his hips around as Charlie gained more confidence with his thrusts.

“Ah!” Charlie moaned. “You feel so warm.” He gripped Desi by the hips and slow fucked him. Desi had spread his legs wider, giving Charlie an all access pass. Charlie moved over him, securing his legs around Desi’s hips so he couldn’t bolt and then began fucking him harder and deeper.

“Charlie,” Desi moaned loudly. “I think I’m about to come again.”

Charlie too. “I’m about to come too, Desi.” He fucked harder rocking the bed.

Desi started moving his lower body back and forth sending Charlie’s dick deeper. “Ooh, fuck me harder,” Desi shouted.

Charlie pulled out and then plunged deeper. “Ah!” he gasped as he felt cum leave his testicles.

“Oh!” Desi moaned. His body shook beneath Charlie’s and they came together this time.

Charlie closed his eyes as his body continued to release tiny jets of sperm through him. Desi had stopped moving. Charlie fell against Desi’s back and just lay there while he recuperated.

Desi slid down on his stomach, taking Charlie with him.

Charlie slowly inched his softening cock out Desi’s ass. He had no idea he had buried it so deeply. He looked down on Desi. His body felt covered with a soft sheen of perspiration. His too. He kissed Desi on the back of the head. “I better get something to clean up.” Charlie rose and went into his bathroom. He pissed and then cleaned his body at the sink. He walked out the room with a wet soapy towel. Desi was gone.