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Alpha Male Incorporated: Access Granted

By Marie Rochelle


 How to claim a unique woman in five simple steps:

  1. Never come on too strong.
  2. Always give her room to be herself. 
  3. Listen to her wants and needs. 
  4. No matter what is going on, be there for her 24/7.
  5. When steps 1-4 fail, seduce the hell out of her.

After years and years of endless searching for his unique woman, Zander Irizarry finally found her. He was more than ready to make Sabrina Watley his forever.

However, he ran into a ‘tiny’ roadblock when it came to claiming his woman. Sabrina didn't want to live forever, and just hearing the words sent her off into a tailspin.

Sabrina Watley wasn’t prepared for when the very hypnotic Zander Irizzary sauntered up to her. As a court reporter she was used to being in the background; however, he wanted her front and center as his mate…

Was she ready to give up the life she cherished to spend eternity with him?



Chapter One

Standing in the back of the crowded living room, Zander Irizarry raised the glass of champagne to his firm lips; he took a long satisfying sip, savoring the cool taste as it slid down his parched throat.  He watched as friends, associates and guests celebrated the release of his sister in-law Sahara Irizarry’s new CD 7 minutes.

Since her CD was already a hit with her fans in America and overseas, Sahara was already working on new songs for her second CD. Zander remembered Jax mentioning that if everything went well and Sahara’s stalker was caught, he might allow his wife to even go on a small tour to a couple of cities.

For a better part of the day, Zander tried to think of numerous ways he might be able to back out of coming here tonight because he wasn’t really in the partying mood. Honestly, he wasn’t in the frame of mind to do much of anything lately.

Yet, in the end, he realized that his presence here tonight at the party was very important to Sahara and his brother, Jax. So, he shoved his personal problems to the back of his mind for a little while and came for them.  

He hoped he might be able to put up a good enough front to fool the people around him, but it just wasn’t working. Deep down, Zander secretly hoped by now he would have thought of any kind of excuse to get the hell out of here.  It hadn’t happened which was the only reason why two hours later he was standing here still trapped at the party.

Hours ago, he quit pretending he liked or even cared about being at this get-together with a bunch of snobby people he didn’t know. In addition, he had lost count of the numerous flirtatious and needy single women who didn’t know how to take no for answer when he told them to leave him alone.

Instead of standing here in his own personal hell, Zander knew where he should be and the woman he should be with tonight: Sabrina Watley. Making her understand no matter how much she disregarded the burning attraction between them and tried her best to place him in the friend/family box, it wouldn’t happen. He was done allowing her to push him away or pretend he wasn’t the man she dreamt about every night.

The need they felt for each other wasn’t ever going anywhere.

Sabrina was a Unique which meant she was born to be with a vampire and that vampire was him.  Sabrina couldn’t keep finding excuses to shove him into another category because her brother had been one of his closest friends.

Unlike Jax, he had no intentions of ever getting close enough to suffer any signs of the sleep of the dead. Without a doubt in his mind, Sabrina, his mate, would be his way before he got anywhere near celebrating his four hundredth birthday.

From the corner of his eye, Zander noticed the tall, leggy brunette wearing the skin tight, leopard print dress. She had been drooling over him half the night and she was now finally making her move on him.

Taking another sip of his drink, he watched as she sauntered across the crowded noisy room with him locked in her sights. He didn’t even have to read her mind to know what she was thinking. The hungry expression on her overly tanned face spoke volumes.

He wasn’t concerned about learning her name or even finding what she did for a living. Yes, she might not have taken her eyes off him for the past forty-five minutes, but that didn’t give her the right to come over here and interrupt his solitude.   It was going to be such a shame that her advances were going to be shut down because he wasn’t attracted to any other woman but his gorgeous mate.

“Hello handsome,” the woman purred, standing in front of him with a champagne glass in her right hand and a familiar come hither look in her sapphire eyes. “I’ve been admiring you from the across of the room for a while now and I finally worked up enough courage to make my move. What’s your name?”

“Why don’t you go back over there and keep admiring me?” Zander tossed back, wanting the conversation over before it even began. He was already taken and now he had made sure she knew it.

The smell of her cheap perfume was driving him crazy.  She was more definitely the type of female Thorsten would be drawn to if he was here instead of out on another meaningless date.  Zander wasn’t going to bother giving his admirer any glimmer of hope.

Why should he?  There was no chance in hell she would ever step foot inside his bedroom. If he wasn’t already totally madly in love with Sabrina, someone like her wouldn’t have caught his eye because he liked to be the hunter not the hunted.

“You’re an asshole,” she shouted before storming off pushing her way back through the crowd in the direction she came from.

After her outburst, several of the partygoers’ heads turned in his direction, but he didn’t give a damn about what these people thought of him. It wasn’t like any of them would see him again after tonight away.

He was still dying to get out of here, but Zander knew if he left early it wouldn’t sit well with Jax. He was a man of his word, so as much as he hated it, he would stay until the party was over.

Of course as usual, Thorsten cancelled on them at the last minute because he had a date with some random woman he had met on the elevator at Alpha Male Incorporated. God, he wished his cousin would finally grow up and stop dating every available woman with a pulse that fit his type. He wasn’t going to be able to pursue his own Unique woman when she finally came into his life. She wouldn’t want him after he had been with half the town.

Zander, what in the hell is wrong with you? Jax’s thoughts brushed his mind.

Nothing, Zander answered back.

The hell there isn’t. You have been sporting a frown since you arrived at the party hours ago. This is supposed to be a celebration for my wife and you haven’t even spoken two words to Sahara since you got here.

Setting the glass down on the table behind him, Zander glanced around the buzzing party until he finally spotted Jax near the fireplace with his arm wrapped around Sahara’s waist. For once in his life, Zander wished Jax wouldn’t always be in his head poking into his private thoughts.

Wasn’t it enough that he showed up for the launch party?

Zander, are you going to answer me? Jax demanded.

I’m fine. I’m just thinking about Sabrina. You know how I’m trying my best to get her to notice me as more than her brother’s best friend and business partner.

Jax’s rich laughter echoed through his head, making Zander regret his decision even more about not skipping this party altogether. Here he was having a real problem and his big brother was laughing at him.

What kind of brotherly love was that?

Little brother, you have it so bad for Sabrina. Why don’t you leave? I’ll let Sahara know you had something to take care of. She will just be happy you showed up tonight.

Instantly, Zander’s spirits picked up at Jax’s suggestion. He really loved his talented and spunky sister-in-law, but he wasn’t about to spend another second here if he wasn’t wanted. Not when Sabrina was probably at home alone and needing him to keep her company.

Tel, Sahara I said congratulations again.

I’ll tell her, Jax tossed back. Have fun with Sabrina and remember not to push her too fast. She’s been through a lot.

Zander brushed off his brother’s last comment as he hurried away from the table and made a quick dash for the front door. He had to get out of here as quickly as possible before some other random woman tried to spark up an unnecessary conversation with him.