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C-A-I-N and A-B-E-L

By Bridget Midway


Dr. Sonjie Tuumlar has the world in her hands, literally. She has to make sure two cyborgs, C-A-I-N and A-B-E-L, are fit enough to fight against Earth's attackers. Her focus shifts when both men desire her. Determined not to be like her former lover, Dr. Lars Urlean, she fights to not have a sexual relationship with her creations. However, with a man as obliging as A-B-E-L and as seductively dangerous as C-A-I-N, will she be able to hold out, or will she succumb to one of the two men...or both?



Hearing A-B-E-L say her name released a flood from the apex of her thighs, an area that begged her to accept him in her bed just one last time. Her overwhelming need consumed her like a raging fire, unable to be extinguished.

She'd known the very moment she'd crossed the line with A-B-E-L that she'd made a mistake. Unlike with C-A-I-N, she had initiated the relationship. She had at first claimed their coupling was in the name of science.

"We'd made a mistake with E-V-E when we trained her, Dr. Urlean and I," Sonjie had explained to the cyborg with ropy muscles and an intense stare with dark, chocolate eyes. "We showed her how to make love but she never experienced it until it was almost too late."

Standing alone with her, A-B-E-L's face remained stoic, still. In a rigid military stance, he crossed his hands in front of his body, his feet were planted shoulder-length apart. Thinking about him now, Sonjie rubbed her legs together remembering how his black pants hugged his powerful thighs and firm backside.

"Will sex make me a better soldier?" he'd asked.

His voice hadn't sounded flat, not like E-V-E's voice whenever she had asked about sex before encountering Adam. When A-B-E-L asked, a seductive lilt came at the tail end, which with his deep, rolling voice sounded more like a dare than an inquiry.

"I don't want the same mistake that almost happened to E-V-E to happen to you ... or C-A-I-N," she'd quickly followed.

"Have you requisitioned a sexbot for me?"

Keeping her back to him, she set her recorder on her desk. "No." Suddenly feeling too hot, she slid her jacket down her arms and laid it across her desk. "The inanimate touch will not suffice."

"No offense, Dr. Tuumlar, but with the advances made in technology, the sexbots are more lifelike than the ones from ten years ago."

A-B-E-L. He was the logical one of the two. Some days he sounded like a TV ad than someone all-human.

Sonjie took the clip from her hair, freeing it from its bun prison. "None taken, A-B-E-L. And you're right about the sexbots. They are more lifelike than earlier models." She turned to him. "But they can't give you the emotional and physiological responses that you need."

"Like a real woman?"


"Like you?"