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Cold Hands, Warm...

By Jade Falconer


Secluded together in the dorms over a long, holiday weekend, Billy and Paul have the opportunity to become better acquainted as roommates and friends. As the night wears on, both soon find they have more in common than they realize, including a strong mutual attraction guaranteed to keep them warm all winter long.



Billy felt a little self conscious to suddenly be the object of Paul's full attention. The small talk was a little awkward, but he hoped he could learn more about Paul this way. "Oh," he said softly. "Um, I study mostly lately. I like to go out dancing sometimes. I like movies and music and reading. Not Although I used to skateboard when I was a kid." He felt like he was babbling and promptly shut up.

Paul brightened. "Oh man, I miss skating," he said with feeling. "I bet I'd kill myself if I tried anything right now." He snickered. "Were you any good?"

Billy's eyes lit up. "No," he said, laughing. "I guess I wasn't that bad. But I wasn't good. Were you?" he asked.

Paul smiled a little shyly. "I wasn't bad," he admitted. "It was about the only thing there was to do in my little town."

They chatted for a little while about mutual interests until the pizza arrived. Billy went to the main dorm door in his coat when the delivery guy called his cell phone, and slipped back into the room, holding the large flat box. "Mm, it's really warm," he said as he cleared a space on his small desk .

"Smells great," Paul said, breathing it in. He went to the small fridge. "You want a Coke?" he asked, looking over his shoulder.

"Sure," Billy said amiably as he took a slice and a paper napkin, and sat on the edge of his narrow bed. He glanced out the window, but all he could see was white. "Maybe we should see if there's anything on the news about the storm,” he suggested as he accepted the cold can of soda from Paul.

"Good idea," he nodded, and got up to turn on the small TV. He flipped through the channels until he found the news. "Can you see from over there?" he asked.

"Um...not really." He got up and perched on the edge of Paul's mattress. The television glowed softly in the fading light.

"...all residents are advised to stay inside, stay off the roads tonight," the anchor reported . "Many parts of the county are reporting record snowfalls of eight and nine inches already on the ground, and an additional six inches is expected before morning..."

"I guess we're definitely stuck here," Billy said, taking a bite of pizza.
Paul nodded. "Good thing we got this pizza when we did," he said thoughtfully, chewing. He looked over at Billy and blushed a little when he realized Billy was so close. On his bed. He wasn't quite sure why it made him feel so warm. "You wanna watch a movie?" he asked softly.

Billy smiled at Paul. He realized that it was probably just as well that his roommate was never around. He could have a extremely pathetic crush on him so very easily. "Sure. My mom just sent me some Netflix bootlegs." He got up and rummaged through his desk drawer. "I have Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe, Kung Fu Hustle, and The Ring," he suggested.

"I've never actually seen The Ring," Paul said. "I love scary movies." They'd been living together for months but he didn't really know him. He wanted to, though. He was the perfect roommate. He was neat and quiet and smelled good, even. Paul realized that was an odd thing to think, but he couldn’t help it. It was true.

"Me, too." Billy popped the DVD in and took another piece of pizza. He sat near the head of the bed, beside Paul, and kicked off his sneakers so he could put his feet up. "This movie is super scary. It's one of my favorites," he said softly. He reached for the remote control and handed it to Paul, brushing shoulder to shoulder against him for a moment. He couldn’t help but glance at Paul afterwards, wondering if he minded the contact. He didn’t seem to notice.

"I've heard so much about it," Paul said. He suddenly realized how alone they were, and how close. He was sure that most, if not all, of the people who lived on the floor were gone. He felt so isolated, but that didn't bother him. Billy being so close, though...that bothered him in a different way. He just couldn't define it. "I can't wait."

The movie began and right from the start it was scary. Even though he'd seen it, Billy still gasped and tensed up. He pulled his knees up to his chest, watching the screen avidly. When the action died down a little, he pulled the sleeves of his hoodie down over his knuckles. "Is it cold in here?" he asked softly.

Paul had been so caught up in the movie that he hadn't noticed. He paused the movie and considered. "Maybe a little," he agreed. "It must be really cold outside." He got up and pulled out a big quilt from the closet. "Here, you can use this if you're cold," he offered, bringing it back to the bed and unfolding it. He spread it across the bed and sat back down. "Now that you mention it, it is a little chilly." They had no control over the temperature in the rooms. It was an old building, and controlled in the basement.

Billy wriggled under the quilt, pulling it up to his shoulders. "Thanks, Paul," he said, smiling. As the movie was started up again, Billy leaned a little closer to him. "If you're cold you can get under the blanket, too, you know," he said, just above a whisper.

Paul blushed a little. What was he embarrassed about? There was no one around but the two of them. No one to see. "Okay," he said faintly. He was cold, after all. He pulled the cover over him, and sighed happily. It was much better. Except now Billy's warm firm thigh was pressed against his.

Billy was feeling more than content. Paul was even sweeter than he'd thought he was. He wished he knew if Paul liked guys at all. He let out a quiet sigh, and tucked a long strand of jet black hair behind his ear.

As scary as the movie was, Paul was having difficulty concentrating on it. It wasn't the cold; it was the fact that he was too warm. Not unpleasantly so, but Billy was very close, and that proximity was doing things to his body that he wasn't sure he should accept right now. The man next to him smelled good, and felt better, and Paul had an uncontrollable urge to put his arm around him.

At a particularly scary part, Billy choked back a squeal and grabbed Paul's arm, turning his face into the other boy's shoulder. "Tell me when it's over," he whispered.

Paul whimpered a little at the abrupt contact. Billy's hot breath was right on his neck, which was very sensitive. Billy's soft hands gripped his bicep, and God help him, it felt good. He felt a suspicious tightening in his lower belly that usually signaled arousal, and he gasped softly. "'s over. Sort of," he said.

Billy looked up at the screen hesitantly, but didn't immediately pull away. "I hate that part," he whispered, still clinging to Paul, although he loosened his grip on his arm a little. "Sorry," he whispered, leaning back a little. Paul was warm and his presence was comforting.

"It's fine," Paul murmured. In fact, it was more than fine, if a little frightening.

" can do that any time you want." He wasn't really thinking coherently. He swallowed hard, still looking at Billy. The room was most definitely getting colder.
Billy's eyes met Paul's and he swallowed hard. He unconsciously licked his lips. "Thanks," he whispered. "Anyway, it's warmer this way." He rested his head on Paul's shoulder, readjusting the quilt. "Is this okay?" he asked.

Paul suppressed a moan, and he felt his arousal increase. He just hoped Billy didn't feel it. It wasn't possible that he was actually hard because a boy was pressed against him, was it? He was confused. "Yes," he whispered, eyes a little too wide.

Surely Billy was just being friendly, and meant nothing by this.

Billy was a little confused, too. He would never treat another guy like this, normally, unless he knew for sure that he liked guys. But Paul didn't seem to mind. Other guys would. He started to feel a little hopeful about it. Besides, it was legitimately freezing in their room. "It's not...too weird?" he ventured hesitantly.
"I don't think it's weird at all," Paul said. "I mean, it's just the two of us, right? If we're okay with it..." Paul trailed off, lost in Billy's gaze. He'd never been this close to another guy. Billy was so pretty, though, that he didn't seem like a regular guy.

Billy nodded a little. "It doesn't bother me, obviously." Quite the contrary. Billy couldn't think of anywhere he would rather be at the moment, even sunny California.
"Doesn't bother me," Paul whispered. "It's nice...and warm." He just hoped he didn't have to get up, because the problem currently aching inside his boxers would be obvious then.

Billy nibbled on his full lower lip. "Can I ask you a personal question, Paul?" He was feeling a little light-headed, considering how close they were. His body was starting to take notice, despite the room temperature.