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College Grind / Ouch

By Courtney Bee


Why settle for two feisty women when you can have four? In this spicy lesbian two-fer, dominant Yuna is determined to teach her demure girlfriend the meaning of obedience (Ouch), while Violet and Anne find themselves forced to perform some very intimate acts for an annoying voyeur·or get kicked out of college (College Grind). These assertive women know exactly how to get what they want, and they're causing pulses to race along the way!



"Wait a minute," Yuna said, her eyes narrowing into slits. "Did you just say what I think you said?"

"No--no, you misunderstood me. I didn't mean that I actually wished you were--"

"A man."

Allie couldn't tell whether she was seething or wounded; Yuna's almond-colored eyes were flickering with silent emotion, her lips pursed slightly.

"That isn't what I meant," Allie said softly.

Yuna looked away. Her long black hair fell like a curtain down her shoulders, catching the light as her head turned. A long tendril fell across her face, obscuring her eyes.

"Are you ... crying?" Allie said gently.

Yuna's head whipped toward her, eyes blazing. "Hell, no! What do you take me for--some kind of priss? You think I'd suddenly turn weepy on a dime?"

Allie smiled. Of course, she wasn't crying. On their first date, Yuna told Allie that one of her life goals was to blow up the Lifetime Network headquarters. "For turning girls into sobbing ninnies," she had said.

It had been this very brashness that originally attracted her to Yuna, a petite Asian with delicate features and glowing, ethereal skin. Upon first glance one expected her voice to be light and demure, like bells, and her persona to be nothing short of sunshine. Ha! Yuna was a pit bull in a poodle's body, her voice strong and certain, always giving her two cents whether you wanted it or not. It was one of the things Allie had always admired about her--her self-assurance. And now, Allie had just administered a verbal slap in the face, confessing to her girlfriend that she sometimes wished her a little more masculine in the bedroom.

Yuna's expression of hurt turned to abrasiveness. "You said masculine," she accused.

"It ... it was the wrong word," Allie said quickly. "I just meant that sometimes I wish you were a little more take-charge when it comes to sex."

"Uh huh."

"Please don't get me wrong. The physical aspect of our relationship is very fulfilling. But the one aspect of sex I did enjoy when I was with guys was their aggressiveness."

"I'm feeling quite a bit of aggression at the moment."

"Don't be like that!" Allie implored. "You're misunderstanding. I'm only saying that sometimes I'd like it if you were a little ... rougher."

"How the hell can you say that? I'm the biggest dyke in this freakin' town. No one's ever accused me of being too feminine!"

"I know, and I love that about you--"

"I didn't come out recently to my traditional Japanese parents just to have you say I wasn't being up to snuff," Yuna snapped. "Do you know what that was like? Do you? My mom was still hoping I'd agree to an arranged marriage! I had to tell her that the only way it would work was if my fiancé had tits!"

Allie felt herself growing equally defensive. "Yeah, and how do you think it was for me? I told my family, and my dad went online and started looking up exorcists!"

There was a moment of silence before laughter erupted from their lips. Yuna's eyes became soft, and her lips curved into lopsided smile.

"Sorry, Al. I was overreacting," she said.

"I didn't mean to ... I don't actually wish you were a..."

Yuna nodded. "I know."

"It's just that--"

"I get it. I'm the alpha in our little dynamic, and you want that to pertain to the bedroom more."

Allie nodded. "Exactly! That's what I meant. I'm so glad you understand! Hey, where are you going? Yuna"