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Demon Love

By Jack Greene


Lucas just wants to get through the college semester with decent grades.

When his best friend Trevor first shows him a book of spells, he doesn't believe in demons.

But when the two decide to try out a summoning spell for fun, Lucas gets much more than he bargained for in the form of a sexy, powerful demon who must do his bidding.



“Dude. That is some fucked up shit right there.” Lucas shook his head at his best friend, Trevor, as he looked at the dusty book.

“I know, right?” Trevor chuckled. “What part of a frog are the entrails?”

“The guts, fool. Don’t you ever read?” Lucas snorted, turning another yellowed page. “Look. This one says you can legit call up a demon. Rad.”

“Freals? Lemme see.” Trevor grabbed the tome from Lucas and peered at it. “Sweet. Says the demon has to do your bidding and shit. That would be intense.”

Lucas laughed. “I’d have him terrorize Dr. Owen. That asshole hates me, man.”

“Just ‘cause you won’t suck his cock,” Trevor teased.

“Ew! Don’t even say shit like that. I totally got a mental image.” Lucas wrinkled his nose and shook his head. “Nasty.” He did like to suck cock, but not the one attached to his sixty-year-old, fat and bald Chemistry teacher.

“You’d get an A,” Trevor offered, shrugging his shoulders.

“You suck him off then,” Lucas responded, still grossed out.

“Not.” Trevor shuddered. Trevor was straight and Lucas was not, but they’d been best friends since sixth grade and they were both cool with it. It wasn’t a big issue. They were both nineteen now and hung out most of the time. They both went to UC Irvine, though they only had one class together, the dreaded Chemistry.

Tonight, Trevor had showed up at Lucas’s dorm room with a dusty old book he’d picked up in some weird old bookstore in Little Korea. He’d said the proprietor, an ancient lady who was barely four feet tall, insisted he take it. Hadn’t charged him for it. Said something about destiny, he hadn’t been sure because of her accent. “Just like that one movie,” Trevor had said.

“Which one?”

“The one with those furry monster things.”

Gremlins?” Lucas had laughed.

They’d spent the evening poring over the book, trying to make out the florid writing and yellowing diagrams. It was more interesting than watching TV, anyway.

They usually hung out at Lucas’s room because he had a single, and Trevor had moved off campus to an apartment shared with three other guys. It always smelled like ass in the apartment and girls came and went at all hours, and Lucas didn’t like it there.

Finally, Lucas decided he needed to get to sleep so he could try to make his eight o’clock History lecture. He’d missed too many.

Trevor bid him goodnight and headed back to his apartment.

Lucas was about to turn off the light when he realized Trevor had forgotten the book. He shrugged. He’d give it to his friend tomorrow.