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By Marie Rochelle


Desire is when you close your eyes, think of what you want...then you can smell it, taste it, and feel it stroking your skin. It's almost better than sex...almost.

Communications Specialist Nick Lavery never thought he would be the recipient of a Dear John letter. When his girlfriend ran off with another man, she left it taped to the refrigerator door. He wasn't thinking about meeting anyone new when he decided to stop for a cup of coffee to drown his sorrows.

Tasha Kelly was taking a much needed break from her job as a supply store chain manager at the local coffee shop when she noticed him at the counter ordering something to drink. It was then that she started craving more than caffeine...



Chapter One

“Love is for fools. I don’t know why you even bother dealing with the way she treats you,” Nick Lavery complained, glaring at his best friend across the room. “Just dump her bossy ass and move on with your life.”

“Man, you shouldn’t let what Carrie did to you make you hate being in love,” Richie, his best friend of twelve years, told him. “Carrie was a gold-digger. You deserve better than that. Maybe if you leave this damn apartment more, you might find someone new. Anyways, Kristy doesn’t treat me badly. We are in a relationship. People in love fight, but it passes. It always does.”

“You keep that notion, and you will come home to find a note taped to your fridge saying ‘I didn’t mean for this to happen, but I’ve fallen in love with someone else,’ ” Nick bit out.

“Carrie left you for a personal trainer who owns a chain of workout gyms. How long do you think their relationship will last?”

“It will last as long as Kurt has the money to support Carrie. She loves to be pampered and taken care of. She’ll stay with him providing he has dollar signs around him,” Nick exclaimed then tossed back his shot of whiskery.

“Nick, you need to get over this. It happened eight months ago. Don’t waste anymore of your life on her.  Move on and find someone else.”

Nick knew that Richie was giving him good advice, but he wasn’t ready to listen. He had given Carrie his heart, and she stomped on it. No, he wasn’t about to fall for another lying, cheating worthless woman. One was enough in his life time.

“Are you listening to me? Every time I talk to you about this, you blow me off. I miss us going out together on double dates,” Richie told him.

Nick placed his glass down on the table. He hated how Carrie had turned him into such a bitter person, but he couldn’t help it. It was hard when he found out the person he had been in love with hadn’t returned his feelings. It was a bitter pill to swallow.

“I understand what you’re telling me. I’m working on getting Carrie out of my mind and heart, but I can’t do it. Damn it, I was going to propose to her. I was such a fool,” Nick growled. “I swear I’m not going to allow myself to be made a fool of again.”

“Don’t let your anger keep you from missing out on finding love again. It’s out there for you. All you have to do is open up your heart again.”

“Okay, Dr. Drew. I’ll open up my heart again when the right woman comes along. Until then, I’m just going to have fun with women. No more trying to find ‘the one’. I’m too old for that shit now.”

“Are you sure about this? Do you really want to break some woman’s heart the way Carrie did yours?’ Richie asked, trying to reason with him. “It wouldn’t be fair to her. You don’t want her to feel the same pain as you are experiencing at the moment.”

“Well, I guess it would be best for her if she didn’t fall in love with me, because I’m not going to fall in love with her. I’m done with all of that love crap. It’s a waste of time and energy.”

“Don’t date an oblivious woman so you can only break her heart. That would be so wrong, and you know it.”

“Calm down,” Nick grumbled. “I’m not planning to do that. God, you really get on my nerves sometimes. I’m only saying I won’t fall in love with another woman as deeply as I did in my past relationship.”

“Are you sure? You never know how you will react when real love hits you right between the eyes.”

“I’m positive. I’m not looking for love, so it won’t find me and that suits me just fine,” Nick said, hoping Richie would just drop it.”

“Whatever you say,” Richie told him.