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Down And Dirty

By Melissa G Jackson


He is back. A brief glimpse of his naked body and Rebecca Eastman is reduced to peeping through his window. She knows it is wrong but she can not resist Justin Connelly, her friend and ex-lover. He tempts her wicked nature, stirring up a thirst that no others have been to quench.

How can he affect her so much after many years of cold silence?

Now, he is back in town and back into her life, unwittingly throwing her into turmoil. The time has come to face her past. Was this a second chance at love…or lust?



I peered through curtains and sighed heavily. The view from my window into the bathroom window next door was…well…nothing short of sexy as all hell! A movement and flash of skin halted me in my tracks. Justin Connelly had stepped out of the shower and stood before the window in all of his luscious, naked glory. Unable to resist the temptation to take full advantage of his exhibitionism, I hid within the darkness of my room to gawk at him.

Water glistened and rolled down his body as he vigorously scrubbed his dripping black hair. Even though he was turned away from me, I could clearly see the hard planes of his back and firmly rounded buttocks. Unconsciously, I licked my dry lips. I ached to lap the liquid from every inch of his delectable body to quench the thirst raging deep in my groin.

He turned towards me and rubbed the white towel over his glistening, muscular chest and abs. From my vantage point, I could tell there was not an ounce of flab on him anywhere. Damn, how was that possible? While everyone else I had known had aged and filled out, he had managed to grow even more attractive. Unbelievable! His body appeared more toned, broader, and sexier than I had remembered. And, oh, how I remembered his body and every sweet moment of our last time together. The long ago memories have haunted my days and nights for twenty years. No, I had not forgotten Justin Connelly. We had been neighbors, childhood playmates, and had grown up to be best friends. More than friends actually.

Suddenly, long ago memories flooded my mind, hurtling me back to a time of innocence. The innocence of childhood and the great fantastical times only children can imagine. Brief glimpses of us frolicking through the forest, playing in the pond, and giggling at something the other had said. We were close. Very close. My grandmother had even proclaimed we were “two peas in a pod.”

Our bond had been strong and unbreakable, tightening more even as we had grown older.

The memories swiftly changed to ones of me as a love struck teenager. My love for him had grown and changed in ways I had not expected. I had fallen madly in love with my best friend.

But it had never meant to be more, despite my wishes to have been otherwise. We had avoided any intimacy beyond that of friends. That was, until the night before he had left for college.

Images of that fateful night flashed before my mind’s eye transporting me back to a time of innocence twenty years ago...

The graduation ceremony and celebrations were over, and after seeing my grandmother off to bed, I returned to the kitchen to clean up. As I had rinsed the last glass and set it in the dish drain, I looked up and out the kitchen window just in time to see Justin slip from his house and head into the dense woods surrounding our homes.

Intrigued, I wiped my hands on the dishtowel and opened the back door. With one hand on the knob, I paused. If I follow him, then what? Would we talk as old friends or would the encounter lead to something more? I truly wished for the latter, but it could very well lead down a road that I would not be able to turn back on.

Throwing caution into the wind, I stepped out and closed the door firmly behind me. Discreetly, I followed Justin deeper into the forest. He finally halted at the place where our long ago playhouse stood, shrouded in the overgrowth of the shrubs, trees, and kudzu. I huddled within the dense shadows of the oak and maple trees, spying on him as he yanked the vegetation from the tiny porch. My heart pounded hard against my chest as I admired his lean, youthful body, honed from years of playing high school sports, straining from his physical exertions. I flushed, lust consuming my ripe, young body.

At that moment, I made a decision that would change my life forever. I loved him and I wanted him as a woman would a man.

Casting aside my doubts and fears, I stepped into the small clearing and approached him. “Justin…” I called softly.

He turned, startled.

Our eyes locked and held steady as I moved closer to him. Tonight, I was not his friend but a young woman in love. This was my last chance to see him before he left for college. Before he left me behind, alone, to take care of my ailing grandmother. I yearned for something beautiful to remember him by. I ached to make love with him. An erotic memory of a time spent with the only man I had or would ever love.

Stopping within inches of him and not breaking eye contact, I reached out and laid my palm on his chest. His heart beat fiercely beneath my hand. I could see the warring of emotions within him. I knew him and knew what he was feeling. I could guess he felt excitement and fear of the unknown future, and the sadness for the youth that was behind him now. I had to comfort him, and myself.

Wrapping my arms around his lean waist, I drew near him. Our bodies melted into one another. My body tingled where we touched. I had to feel more. I had to taste him. I lifted my head and captured his mouth in a searing kiss.

He groaned and tightened his arms around me, pressing my breasts tight against his chest. So close, I could feel the pulsing, bulge of his cock against my belly.

I had to have him. All of him.

With an innocent kiss and caress, I had seduced him thoroughly and completely that night. Making love with him was everything I had expected and more. He was a sweet, considerate lover and brought me to orgasm several times that night. Long before the sun crested the horizon, though, I whispered my farewell, slipped from his slumbering arms, and returned home to mourn the loss of my youth, innocence, and heart.

That next morning, Justin had called upon me a couple times wanting to talk, but I had lied to Gram and pleaded illness. I could not face him. I could not face the truth that he was about to leave me forever and I would never see him again. If I was completely honest, I feared I would confess my true feelings and beg him to stay with me. I refused to demean myself or place such a burden on him. It was best to let him go. He was destined for many great things in life and I would not deny the world his gift.

By noon the next day, he had loaded his car and left without another attempt to say goodbye. The pain of the heartache of watching him drive out of my life clutched my chest, jolting me from the intense memory. I had never seen or heard from him again. All that had remained after that fateful day were memories of my first time with my first and only love.

For years afterwards, though, I had not been able to resist the urge to keep track of him. I had eavesdropped on the townspeople’s conversations about him, and in recent years, I had researched the internet occasionally for any bit of news. I had celebrated his successes and had ached over his failures. Justin had never known that I had been with him always. Beside him in spirit. Supporting and cheering him.

As for myself, I had moved on too. When my grandmother had passed away, I had inherited her landscaping and nursery business. I have led a pretty stable and comfortable life. All had been good and rewarding. Well, all except for my love life. That was truly pathetic.

Even though, I had dated and slept with my fair share of nice men, my heart had still yearned for Justin. Not one of them had come close to replacing him in my heart or bed. I hungered only for him. For his touch, his kiss, his love, his friendship.

Now, he was so close I could taste him. He was back. Back home. Back to me.

Pushing the curtain aside a little wider, I watched, hypnotized, as he wrapped the towel around his lean hips and raked a hand through his hair, combing the thick, wavy wet strands away from his ruggedly handsome face. My gaze dropped to the bulge rising beneath the towel. My body tingled, my hear pounded. My nipples tightened to hard buds and my clit swelled painfully.

“Damn, Justin, you’re making me hot,” I whispered, running a hand down my throat to touch my aching breast, wishing it were his hands on me instead.

Then as if he felt my eyes on him, he turned his head toward me.

Hastily, I jumped behind the curtain. Had he seen me spying on him? Shit! I hoped not.

Heart pounding, I pulled back the curtain an inch. He flashed a roguish smile in my direction as he reached up and slowly closed the blinds.

Damn it! He had seen me. I groaned. Great. How would I be able to face him now?