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Dreams Delivered

By Jaxx Steele


First in a series!

Mitchell Donavan has a fantasy, one he doesn't think he can bring to life. When a night of Truth or Dare reveals his innermost secrets and the possibility of a new relationship, Mitchell doubts his dream will ever come true. However, dreams have a way of being delivered...



Mitch hardly ever worked on Saturdays, but he had leftover business because he left early on Friday to get to Luke’s house for the card game on time. He quit just after lunch, wanting to use the rest of the day to catch a nap and do some things around the house. He had plans to meet up with Barry tonight. It would be their fourth date. He had a good time with Barry and they had a lot in common. They had spoken every day since their first date. Barry’s adventurous spirit called to him and so did those sweet little bow lips.

Pulling into his parking lot, he took his keys out and walked inside of his building just as someone came up from behind him. Caught off guard, he stumbled forward and his dropped keys made a loud clank on the floor. He turned to fight and opened his mouth to scream, but the scream never left his lips. A large hand covered his mouth and nose with a damp handkerchief. Mitch’s arm was wrenched up behind him and his face pressed into the wall.

What the fuck!

Mitch struggled against his assailant’s arm with his free hand trying to breathe, but he was losing and fear started to creep into his consciousness. Mitch was not a small man. He stood six-foot-two-inches tall and weighed close to two hundred and twenty pounds. For this man to manhandle him with such ease, he had to be just as big or bigger. Mitch could tell the man was his height when his back pressed against the man’s shoulders during the struggle. Mitch reeled back, knocking his head into his attacker’s face in an effort to dislodge him. He heard the man grunt in pain, but he didn’t release him as they stumbled against the far wall. The man was unyielding and would not go down.

He forced Mitch back across the hall against the wall near his door and wrenched his arm behind him, smashing Mitch’s other arm between him and the wall. When Mitch tried to reel back again the man forcibly held him flat to the wall as the handkerchief slipped away from Mitch’s face. Pressing his body against Mitch’s and giving his arm a jerk, the man held Mitch in place against the wall again. The man let out a pleasing sound against Mitch’s neck and his cock was hard against Mitch’s ass.

Is he rubbing his cock on me?

Mitch was breathing hard and the handkerchief was still close to his face. His strength was weakening. The mugger didn’t have to work as hard to hold him against the wall and he readjusted the handkerchief on Mitch’s face. Mitch could feel the man’s face press against his neck as he ground on his ass again.

Is this guy enjoying this?

Suddenly Mitch’s world started to spin. His heartbeat was thumping hard in his chest, his head was banging and his knees started to buckle. Instead of releasing his captive, the man tightened his grip to assist Mitch as he slid down the wall to the floor. As Mitch’s struggles ceased he heard a soft soothing voice whispered in his ear before the darkness claimed him.

“Yes, that’s it, Mitch, it will be all right. In fact, it will be better than all right. This just may be the start of the best night of your life.”