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Dude Looks Like a Lady

By Jack Greene


Male model Darien is offered a dream gig: a photo spread with famous rapper Orion. When he arrives at the studio and discovers Orion has mistaken him for a woman, Darien worries how the rapper will react.

To Darien's surprise, and pleasure, Orion is interested in more than taking pictures.



Darien stared up at Orion and his body began to react despite the situation. The older man was blindingly sexy, and he was really laying it on. He was sure that any girl would have dropped her knickers for him by now, but if he did so, there would be serious repercussions. Darien wished with all his heart that he could, though. He imagined being under the big, strong man, pinned to a bed, spreading his legs for him, filled by his big cock. Darien swallowed hard and tried to push that fantasy out of his mind. It wasn’t going to happen, and he had to get out of here before he got the shit beat out of him.

“Orion, I, I’m really flattered, but…”

“Please. Call me Ryan. It’s my real name.”

Darien smiled. “Ryan. I…”

“Do you think I’m sexy, baby?” the rapper interrupted.

“Fuck yes,” Darien blurted, feeling himself blush. What a stupid question!

“And are you married? Have a boyfriend?” Ryan continued patiently.

“No,” Darien answered honestly.

The rapper’s brow furrowed and he moved back a little. “Um, girlfriend?”

Darien couldn’t help but giggle at the idea. “No, of course not, silly.” He was touched that Ryan had asked, actually.

The rapper spread his hands out, palms up. “So what’s the problem, Darien? I can make you feel good, I promise…” His tone was gentle, beseeching now.

Darien felt his heart melt. He’d expected the big man to be pushy, insistent. He wasn’t prepared for this. He wanted to give Ryan what he wanted, so badly. But he wasn’t what Ryan really wanted. He turned away, hugging his upper body. “I, I can’t, Ryan, please, just understand…” He felt the heat of the other man’s body behind him, not quite touching, and he looked up to catch their reflection in the mirror. God, they looked good together. Ryan was twice his size and so masculine it made Darien’s knees weak. For the first time in his life, he really wished he was the girl he seemed to look like. Just so this could be real.