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Fascination Street

By Bridget Midway


The Good Neighbor Policy just got a whole lot better!

When interracial couple Grant Valente, an accountant, and his girlfriend Zora Hall, a dog groomer, move to a quiet suburban cul-de-sac, little did they know that the neighbors there exchange more than gardening tools and recipes. They swap partners. And now that Grant and Zora have moved to Fascination Street, the residents there expect them to participate. Between the two BDSM couples and a third couple where anything goes, dull moments would be few and far in between.

Excited to explore this new venture, Grant and Zora agree to be a part of this sexually daring arrangement. But what seems like Utopia quickly turns into an excercise that tests their trust, honesty and love. Can Grant and Zora make this unusual lifestyle work? Or is too much of a good thing not a good thing?

Elements: Interracial (BW/WM & WW/BM), toys



"Oh, my God! I think she's giving him a blow job right in their driveway," Zora Hall gasped as she braced her hands on the windowpane in the living room.

Grant Valente released a heavy breath as he stepped over packing boxes and balled newspapers to the front windows, devoid of curtains. He knew moving in together would be hard for his girlfriend. Grant never thought Zora would let her imagination get the best of her, becoming one of those people who relish in peeping at the antics of the neighbors.

Placing a hand on Zora's back as he stood next to her, he peered through the filthy glass.

"Looks like a guy getting into his car." He released an exasperated sigh.

It would be a long night if Zora stopped every five minutes to do a play-by-play on the strangers living next to them.

"Why is he taking so long to get inside of his car, then? There was a woman standing with him a second ago and now she's gone. I know she didn't run in the house that fast."

Although Grant hadn't met any of the neighbors yet in the nearly vacant cul-de-sac, he did recognize this guy. Too cool for words, the man looked like he could walk into any room and be the center of all activity.

Grant even noticed how Zora had looked at his slick, new neighbor, smiling more than usual and smoothing back her long, chocolate brown hair. He would have been jealous if he didn't trust her. As far as neighbors went, Grant couldn't trust them if his life depended on it. Thank God it didn't.

The day Grant and Zora pulled up to their rented new home in their friend's van, his established neighbor looked at him like he was Mr. Softee and had a ton of ice cream in the back. Must turn the guy on to see how real working folks live, Grant thought.

The house Grant and Zora now occupied in the secluded cul-de-sac couldn't compare to the enormous homes around them. Pillars graced the front of one home. Another had a running fountain with a stone, pot-bellied cherub pissing water into a basin. How lovely. The last house had a Victorian look to it. A wrap-around porch surrounded the downstairs portion of the house. Then there was Grant's new digs. He shook his head.

Looking at Mr. Cool across the street, his neighbor's head visible above the roof of his Lexus, he did look a little too satisfied about getting in his ride. Why was he taking so long to open the door?

Grant noticed how the man's head tilted back and his eyes were closed. Lowering his head, Grant tried hard to peer through the window of his neighbor's expensive vehicle to see if there was a woman on her knees in front of him. The tinted windows clouded his vision.

Then Grant recognized the international guy sign of receiving oral sex. His neighbor brought his hand down in front of him, probably to put it to the back of the woman's head, and his head swayed back and forth like he was thrusting in and out of her mouth.

Just the idea that someone could be that brazen stirred Grant's cock. His pulse raced. The sweat that covered his body from all of the heavy lifting he'd done that morning couldn't cool him down.

"Honey?" Zora asked with a suspicious lilt to her voice.

He broke his gaze for a moment and noticed how his hand stroked her back, making small circles, as though of its own volition. He stopped the motion to lessen her suspicions.

With the move and the new job, it had been a while since the two of them had had sex ... well, risky sex like they used to when they first started dating. Even his happy hand realized that.

"Does that turn you on?" she asked, as though she dared him to say yes.