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Fearfully Delicious

By Adrianna Dane


Sevra enjoys her lovemaking served up with a healthy dose of fear on the side. Robert likes to give her what she wants. Tonight it's Halloween and Sevra's about to enjoy an evening of fearfully delicious entertainment. And Robert? He's going to provide her with some tasty surprises...



"What do you think?"

The house in Kearney Hollow was a find. It was exactly the kind of place Sevra would love. An old farmhouse, abandoned long ago, located on a lonely, dirt road--dense woods on one side and the family cemetery on the other. Robert had searched a long time to find the perfect spot.

He watched her out of the corner of his eye as she gazed out the passenger-side window at the passing desolate countryside. It was almost midnight. He reached out and lifted her hand from her lap and brought it to his lips, felt the accelerated beat of her pulse against his mouth. It told him what he wanted to know.

"How did you find out about this place?"

He smiled. "That would be telling. You trust me, right?"

Glancing at her, he saw her lips tremble, the muscles in her throat tightened as she swallowed. His cock hardened in anticipation at the thought of her lovely red lips wrapped around his stiff prick, taking him deep, swallowing his seed. Damn, she was so good at that, her mouth so warm and moist.

And her silky, shoulder-length blonde hair. He enjoyed feeling it whisk across his skin, stroking his balls. He glanced quickly out at the landscape, thankful they were close to their destination, because he was ready to have her go down on him right here, as they passed through the shadowy twilight.

She turned her large, liquid brown gaze on him. He loved her eyes, the color of aged whiskey rimmed in velvet night, expressive echoes of her intense emotions. "Of course, I trust you. I was just curious."

He could smell her arousal. And her fear. Sevra loved the edge. And it was Robert's job to find that edge, keep her there, poised at the precipice, begging for release, yet protecting her from harm. In the year and a half they'd dated, and the last six months of living together, he'd come to understand Sevra very well. It gave him as much pleasure to be able to give her what she wanted--no, needed--to set the stage so to speak, as in the actual act of making love.