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Final Delivery

By Marie Rochelle


Special Delivery 2: Second Chances

Stamford King built his reputation on being a hard ass business man. He was used to closing a deal without breaking a sweat. There wasn’t anything or anyone who could bring him down until he heard a soft feminine voice yell. “Hold the elevator.”

Nothing prepared him for the African American beauty that stepped into the tiny space with him. Syeshia Jones was absolutely the most striking woman that he had ever laid eyes on and he vowed to make her his before Christmas.

Syeshia Jones was working hard in the mail room at Director Enterprises to support herself. She was running late for work when she begged the handsome stranger to stop the elevator for her. The second she walked on and locked eyes with Stamford, she sensed her life would be changed forever; but would she be able to get over his secret once it came out?

Or would they both be spending Christmas morning alone instead of with each other?

Special Delivery 3: Kendra’s Love

Why did he ever sign those papers?

Grayson Rane pondered those words over and over after he gave up on his dream and started working for his competition. He used to be the CEO of his own lucrative company Rane Technology until he mistakenly sold it to Director Enterprises. Now, he regretted his rash decision each and every day. Most of his time was spent trying to find a way to get back on top until he got sidetrack by the beautiful Kendra Winstead.

Work was the first thing on Kendra’s mind when she woke up in the morning. She wasn’t looking for a relationship, but when her handsome Native American neighbor introduced himself, she thought twice about working late so much.

Grayson is torn between going back to his old life or staying with his new one. Will he be able to come to a decision before Santa makes a visit?




“What happened, did you forget about me? You promised that you would be home over an hour ago. Did you decide work was more exciting than your wife?”

Preston looked up from the paperwork scattered across his massive desk. He smiled at the gorgeous woman watching him. How could he forget about going home to her? “Honey, I’m sorry. I was getting all of the formalities ready for Stamford. I wanted to have everything in order. You know that he’s coming next week.”

“Are you really happy that you sold half of Director Enterprises?” Layla asked, concerned. “I realize how hard you worked to get your music downloading company where it is. You know that I wasn’t unhappy with the long hours you worked. You didn’t have to sell.”

“Come here. I want to talk to you.” Preston waited while Layla came to him, then tugged her down into his lap. “Director Enterprises is just a place of business. You and our baby mean more to me than this building.”

He placed his hand on her slightly rounded stomach. He couldn’t stop the warm feeling that spread through his body. He was going to be a father pretty soon and he couldn’t wait until he saw his son for the first time.

“Preston, do you know how much I love you?” his wife asked, placing her hand on top of his.

“I know that it can’t be more than I love you,” Preston whispered as he drew Layla closer to his chest. “My life changed so much when you came into it.”

“For the better, I hope.” Layla grinned. “I almost gave up on you.”

“You better believe it was for the better. I was all about work and making money until I looked into those big brown eyes of yours. I wanted you instantly and nothing was going to stand in the way of me winning your heart.”

“Is that how you remember our relationship?” Layla laughed, tapping him in the middle of his chest. “I think your memory needs some refreshing.”

“Okay. How about we settle this at home in front of the fireplace?” Preston suggested. He lifted Layla off his lap and stood her up next to him. “I will let you have anything you want to eat.”

“Oh. Can we have some popcorn and hot chocolate?” The words practically purred from his wife’s mouth and he couldn’t keep the smile off his face.

“Your wish is my command, Mrs. Scott.” Grabbing Layla by the hand, he escorted her from the room.

“What about all of that paperwork? Don’t you need to take it home with you?”

“No, it can stay there until tomorrow. I’ve more pressing things to do.” Preston closed the office door behind them.

“Like what?” Layla asked as she walked next to him.

“I need to take my beautiful wife home and make sure she understands how much she means to me.” Stopping in the middle of the empty office, Preston brought Layla into his arms and planted a soft kiss on her mouth.