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Girls on Film

By Jade Falconer


Leather and whips and candle wax and cameras. It was all business to Chris. As a professional photographer, he occasionally took jobs shooting fetish models because the money was good and the subject matter was near and dear to his heart. But when Jenny walked in, it soon became clear that she was more than your average, well-endowed blonde. See what fun they get up to when they discover the tastes they have in common.



Chris checked his appointments for the afternoon. It was a slow day, and he had only one session scheduled. That was unusual. His photography services had been in high demand lately, and he was generally fully booked. But he'd had a cancellation at the last minute, and that left him with just one shoot: a fetish model, according to the description. He usually did commercial shoots, but fetish shoots were his favorite. He had his proclivities.

He went about getting ready. The details were laid out in the instructions that had been faxed to him, and it was a fairly simple scenario. He had all the kinky props that were required, some his own and some sent along by the agency. He was just setting up the lights when there was a knock at the door.

Jenny adjusted the garment bag on her shoulder as she waited for the photographer to answer the door. There were several costume changes involved in the shoot, and she wasn't going to walk down city streets dressed like a dominatrix. At least, not until after dark. She wore snug-fitting faded jeans and a hot pink, cut-off T-shirt that accentuated her ample cleavage. She pushed her sunglasses up on her head, holding back her long, platinum hair.

Chris walked over to the door, and pulled it open, eyes widening a little at the sight that greeted him. "Hello," he said, smiling. She wasn't his typical type of model, but then again this wasn't a typical shoot. "Please come in." He stepped back, allowing her to enter, surreptitiously checking her out. She was curvy but slender, slim hips and long legs. "I assume you're my model for today. I'm Chris," he said as he closed the door, extending his hand as he gazed into her grey eyes.

She took his hand with a breezy smile. "I'm Jenny. Nice to meet you. Did they send over directions for the shoot?" she asked briskly. As a model, she tried to keep relationships on a professional level, but she couldn't deny that there was something incredibly appealing about the photographer. He had that look of wiry strength, slender but defined. Close-cropped, reddish brown hair accentuated his high cheekbones and piercing blue-green eyes. For these kinds of shoots she usually preferred a woman or someone ugly, but Chris was supposedly the best. She didn't mind.

"They did. A fetish shoot. You have your own outfits, I assume?" he asked, leading her into the studio. He thought he could feel a little tension between the two of them, but he couldn't be sure. If so, he hoped it would translate well to film. She was certainly gorgeous, and would be more so in the fetish clothing.

She nodded. "Yeah. Do you have a dressing room? I can go get changed into the first one." She knew there would be more to this shoot than clothes, but the clothes were the only things she provided. "I have makeup, too, although I'm open to advice on that if you don't like it." She had done these sorts of shoots before and she knew what they usually liked. Cold, ice queen. She could do that.

Chris pointed down the hall. "First door on your right. Just do whatever makes you feel comfortable, and I can adjust for it." He liked to make his models feel at ease as much as possible. It was hard enough for them to be half naked, posed provocatively in front of a camera. Nervousness showed on film.

Jenny smirked at that. "I don't think you could adjust for pajama bottoms and a T-shirt," she quipped as she sauntered down the hallway to the dressing room. It took her twenty minutes to carefully squeeze herself into the black PVC corset, thong, and thigh high spike-heeled boots. Another ten to spackle on enough makeup to make her look like a cool dominatrix. She brushed out her hair so it hung loose down her back.

She strolled slowly back out to the studio area. Chris was adjusting the lens on a camera mounted on a tripod, and she waited for him to notice her.

Chris looked up and just barely managed not to gape. Her body looked even better in the PVC clothing. It was as if the outfit was made for her. The shiny fabric clung to every curve. "You look great," he said smoothly, trying not to ogle her too obviously. He was constantly surrounded by beauty, and he was usually immune to it. But something about Jenny was incredibly appealing. "I'll be ready in a moment, if you just want to sit over there." He nodded toward the shoot area, where the lights and backdrop were already set up.

One of the many props was a high-backed, throne-like chair covered in black velvet. Jenny took a seat and crossed her legs, the tall, stiff boots creaking a little in protest.

Chris readied the first camera, glancing surreptitiously up at the model as he did so. "That's perfect, actually," he said. "Shall we start there?" Her pale skin and blond hair contrasted perfectly with the black velvet. He knew this was going to be good.