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Hunks: Pulled Over

By Marie Rochelle


Chance Cutter didn’t know what to do. He was at a loss. For years, he used his winning smile and charm to win over women who crossed his path, but when he wanted those traits to work the most, they didn’t. He had done something he never thought he would ever in his life….he had fallen in love. Unfortunately, the woman who made him want to turn in his bachelor card hated him.

Emerald Stone wouldn’t believe a word that came out of Chance’s mouth. He had gotten his way for too long and he wasn’t used to hearing the word "no." However, she was here to give him a crash course in leaning what the word meant. There was just one teeny tiny problem. Chance didn’t know it, but she was falling for his dimpled smile and carefree ways.

What in the hell was she going to do? She wanted a hunk of her own, but how in the world did Chance end being the man who wanted to fill those shoes?



Chapter One

“The two of you are making me so sick,” Chance Cutter complained. With growing distaste, he watched as his former sensible buddies, Nash and Brian shoved their cell phones back into their jean pockets. “I might have to go and make an appointment to see my doctor after I leave.”

“What are you whining about now?” Nash asked reaching for the cold glass of beer in front of him. “I did make it a point of coming all the way out here to see what you wanted. However, you aren’t appreciative of it at all. Do you know how long you’ve been complaining about nothing?”

Chance’s light blue eyes glared at Nash as he took a sip of his drink. “I’m not fucking whining about anything, but you and Brian are making it hard for me to tell either one of you about my day. Do you have to constantly check in with Shauntie?” he questioned. “I’m pretty sure she can handle being without you for a few hours unless she’s more desperate for attention than I thought she was.”

Slowly, lowering his glass, Nash’s green eyes clashed with his across the table making Chance lean back on the bar stool. Maybe he should have kept his mouth shut instead of saying anything about Shauntie. For a moment he forgot how crazy in love Nash was with her.

“Don’t talk about my fiancée like you have the right. I can’t help it if you’re still pissed off because you’re the single one in the group now. You might have better luck with the opposite sex if you stopped sleeping with every woman who drools over you in uniform. You could get lucky enough to end up with a good woman instead of a one night stand. Aren’t you ready to settle down?” Nash placed his beer back down on the circular table.

Shivers raced down Chance’s spine at the mere thought of acting like a love sick idiot the way Nash was doing. It made his stomach knot up.

Hell no!

He wasn’t concerned about settling down with one woman. Why should he be? He was only thirty-two years old. Damn, he still had another four to five years to play around before he gave any thoughts to placing a ring on any woman’s finger.

“Nope, I haven’t given any serious thought to becoming a family man. Honestly, why should I?” Chance asked. “What good is it going to do for me? What would I get out of seeing the same female every day for the rest of my life until I die? Sounds like a horrible jail sentence to me.”

Nash shook his head sadly. “You might change your mind when the right woman comes along. A man usually does when he meets the woman of his dreams.”

Smirking, Chance arched his eyebrow at his friend. “I think I was with the woman of my dreams last night. She was a yoga instructor. I mean she could move her body in ways I could have only dreamt about. See, why should I give up that fantasy for a marriage license?”

“Nash, you know Chance is the ultimate playboy. What was his name in college?” Brian interrupted, looking at him. He snapped his fingers as it came back to him. “Oh, I remember it now, ‘The Touchdown King.’ I heard some guys talking about him at work one day. I bet you don’t even remember half the girls you slept with back during your college days,” Brian teased as a waitress placed a beer along with a shot of Jack in front of him.

Chance noticed how her robin’s egg blue eyes lingered on him, but he didn’t show her any attention. He was more focused on finishing up his conversation with his big-mouthed friend Brian. If he was still enthralled later in getting to know her better than he would go and find her, but right now Chance had better things to do with his time.

The waitress finally caught on that he wasn’t giving her any extra attention and she stomped off back towards the bar with her long, red ponytail swinging behind her.

“What do you mean by your comment?” Chance demanded, fixing his stare at Brian. He didn’t sleep with every woman that he went out on a date with. Honestly, he would guess about ninety percent of the time he actually went home alone from the night clubs.

He wasn’t pleased with Brian implying he was sleeping around with anyone and everyone that crossed his path. However, if he was living his life like that what was wrong with two consenting adults enjoying each other’s company?

Now, it wasn’t too long ago that his old buddy Brian was the same exact way until he spent all that time alone with Sapphire up at Shauntie’s cabin over the New Year’s Eve weekend. After that one experience, Brian acted like all of his past sexual experiences had just gotten wiped away and he was on a new slate with his woman.

Who ever heard of falling in love that damn fast?

Well, certainly not him. Right at that very second, Chance secretly made a bet with himself. Nash and certainly not Brian were going to walk down the aisle anytime soon. They were all talk and only telling Shauntie and Sapphire what they wanted to hear. So, both women would stay their girlfriends until they could dump them for better women later on. It was a very good thing Chance knew how his buddies’ minds worked. Luckily, he was smart enough not to take them too seriously.

“Come on man. Stop getting upset with Brian,” Nash said, getting back into the conversation. “All of us were never without female companionship for a long period of time. You know I’m telling the truth.”

“However, Brian and me changed our ways when Shauntie and Sapphire came into our lives. Chance is the sole bachelor, but he’ll fall in love too. He’s just too caught up in being unattached to realize it.”

Several thoughts raced through Chance’s mind as he listened to Nash talking about them and he wanted to disagree, but he couldn’t. Nash was right about certain things yet wrong about others. All three of them had a good time dating until they decided to leave him behind for a false sense of falling ‘in love’.

Whatever possessed them to fall in love anyway? All right, Chance would be nice and give a pass to Nash. When it came to Shauntie, Nash had been captivated by her for a very, very long time.

But Brian wasn’t supposed to just leave him hanging out alone in the cold. Yet he tossed him to the side of Sapphire without a second thought. Now, here he was shoved into being the old hated ‘third wheel’ while his buddies bragged about how good their lives were now.

“Fine, I guess I can agree with a little of your comment.” Chance sighed, finally giving in. “We did have a good time dating a lot of hot chicks, but I still think the two of you are blinded by lust. Do you really understand all of the fun and excitement you’ll lose by getting married?”

“I know there isn’t any hope for Nash now,” Chance admitted, pointing at his oldest friend. “He doesn’t understand the life of boredom he’ll actually have until he’s married to Shauntie for a few years and doesn’t have a way out. He’s too far gone with her now and that makes him a lost cause.

“Brian, I believe you’re a different story.” Leaning across the table, he got closer into his friend’s face watching how Brian looked at Nash from the corner of his eye then back at him. “I can still help you see the light. Make you miss what you are willing to give up so freely.”

“Chance, I don’t need you to offer me any kind of help. God, I don’t know where you get these crazy ideas of yours from, but I’m crazy in love with Sapphire. I have no plans to ever leave her. She is truly a part of me. I love her and no words coming out of your mouth will make me think any different about her.”

Moving back from Brian, Chance picked up his shot and tossed it back coughing a little as it burned his throat. He crossed his arms over his chest. He couldn’t believe what his ears were hearing. There had to be some mistake.

For a while now; Chance thought Nash was the one being dragged around behind his woman on a leash like a love sick puppy but Brian was actually worse when it came to Sapphire.

“How can you even think about being with Sapphire after the way she plastered your business all over the internet,” he questioned, harshly. “I thought you were the Mr. Privacy guy. Did you actually forgive her without any thought to ever leaving her?”

Shaking his head, Brian pushed his empty glass away and folded his hands on the table. Chance waited for the reaction that he knew was coming. Brian was too far gone with his new woman not to blow his comment out of portion.

“I think you need to stop talking about Sapphire before you go too far,” Brian warned in a low voice.

His anger hung over the table like a thick cloud of fog. “What goes on in my relationship with my girlfriend is our business not yours. I trust Sapphire, not that I need to tell you a damn thing about it.”

“Really,” Chance taunted, a cocky grin spread across his face as he unfolded his arms. “If your trust in her is so great, why is she still your girlfriend and not your fiancée? Let me tell you why. You don’t trust her as much as you tell everyone you do. In addition, no man in his right mind would ever marry a woman who’s a liar. He wouldn’t be able to trust her.

“No matter how hot she is and how out of the world the bedroom sex might be each and every night, deep down you know that I’m telling you the truth. Yet, you’re just too caught up in the newness of the relationship to admit it to yourself or even us for that matter.”

“You son of a bitch,” Brian shouted as he lunged out of his seat reaching for Chance’s shirt.

Chance jumped up from his bar stool smirking as Nash stepped between him and Brian. He never doubted for a moment that Nash wouldn’t stop any physical contact from happening between him and Brian. Nash was a good guy which meant he constantly stepped in at the last minute to smooth things over when situations got out of hand with people.

“Brian, don’t let Chance push your buttons. We both know what an arrogant asshole he can be sometimes. He loves getting under people’s skin and tonight was your night.”

“Hey! Don’t forget that I’m right here and I can hear you,” Chance snapped behind Nash. “I was only speaking the truth. Shauntie isn’t as untrustworthy as Sapphire and all of us know it. What other reason would be keeping Brian here from popping the question?”

Turning away from Brian, Nash glared at him, his green eyes turning hard as jade. The intensity of the look on Nash’s face almost made Chance take a step back but he held his ground.

“I love Shauntie. I couldn’t imagine another woman making me as happy as she does. She’s the female I want at my side when I go to bed at night and wake up in the morning. From the second I laid eyes on Shauntie, I knew she was meant to be with me. Unlike you, Brian and I want a family with a house full of kids. We like the silly idea of coming home to the same woman every night asking about how her day went at work. So, why don’t you take your smart ass opinions and leave, before I forget you’re my friend as well as a cop and punch the hell out of you.” Nash’s threat was very loud and clear.

Fuck! This isn’t how he thought the night would turn out.

Chance knew he’d gone too far. He would have to give Nash and Brian both some breathing room to cool off before he gave them apology. If he did it right now, neither one of his buddies would think it was sincere.

Holding up his hands, Chance took a step back to defuse the situation before it blew up any more than it already was. “Fine, I’m leaving. I’m due at work in a couple of hours anyway. I need to go home and change clothes. Don’t have too much fun without me.”

“I’m positive we’re going to have a damn good time once your ass is gone,” Brian shouted at him.

Spinning around, Chance walked through the crowd making his way towards the exit sign at the front of the bar. He felt Nash’s as well as Brian’s eyes following him as he left for the night. He knew both of them were in all probability wondering what his fucking problem was and it would help if he actually knew himself.

It might make his nasty attitude a lot easier to fix, but for now Chance would keep his anger at his best friends’ happiness to himself.