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I Can't Drive 55

By Jade Falconer


What would you do to get out of a speeding ticket? When Kyle is pulled over for speeding, he discovers how willing the officer is to settle out of court!



The cop leaned down, one hand on the car, peering into the interior. He had a small flashlight in his hand and he pointed it at Kyle’s face. “Hello, sir. Do you know why I stopped you tonight?”

Kyle blinked into the light, his hand coming up to shield his eyes. “I suppose I was going a bit fast? Inspired as I was by the beautiful night, some sweet rock and roll, and this amazing stretch of unpopulated road.” He let his hand drop, trying to look up innocently at the officer. He licked his lips. “Was it really doing anyone any harm?” he asked.

The cop’s mouth quirked. “A bit fast? I clocked you at one-ten. That’s reckless driving territory, you know that?” He held out his hand. “License and registration, please.”

Kyle handed over the two cards, relieved when the flashlight diverted away from his eyes. “It can’t be very exciting watching this lonely stretch of road at two in the morning,” he said conversationally. “I suppose you’re almost relieved to catch someone, just to break things up.” He tilted his head to the side and rubbed his damp hands on his jeans. He shifted his hips forward on the seat just slightly, more to draw the officer’s attention to his obscenely tight jeans than anything else. If he looked at him, Kyle would be able to tell. He’d know if he had any hope.

The cop examined the two cards, gaze flicking from them to Kyle. “Mr. Edwards,” he said. “Is this your current address?”

Kyle smiled. “Yes, sir,” he said breathily. He had noticed the glance, but the cop’s manner was still brusque. “You know...I could make your evening even more...interesting.” He looked up at him wide-eyed. The more he studied the cop, the more he thought he might want to do him even if he wasn’t trying to get out of a ticket.

The cop stared into Kyle’s eyes for a moment. “It’s already gotten more interesting,” he said finally, his voice deeper. He leaned closer. “What exactly did you have in mind?”

Kyle could hardly keep still. His mind latched onto how dirty it would be to offer to suck off a cop to get out of a ticket, and it caused his cock to stir. “Maybe I could do something for you, could do something for me,” he suggested. He wet his lips again.