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I Had a Good Time

By Diane Merlin


Just how far will a man go for ultimate sex? Country boy Tres Roberts discovers the answer when he meets a sexy vampiress on the make. But he's not the only one captivated in a night of dark passion.

Length: HeatSheet (5750 words)



Tres Roberts tuned his guitar, more than ready to finish the last set. What a dead crowd. If he didn't owe Harvey, he'd never play at Country Time again. But he did, so he signaled the other members of the band and stepped up to the microphone. He usually interspersed his original stuff with songs from the radio, but this group had not seemed to appreciate good music no matter who wrote it. He'd stick to the old crap everyone knew. They played a Keith Urban ballad and followed up with a lively Big and Rich song. No one danced. Even George Straight's classic The Chill Of An Early Fall didn't move them. Yep. Dead, all right.

Half way through Toby Keith's As Good As I Once Was, Tres saw her slip in the door. He nearly forgot the words. She was that beautiful. Tall and lean, she moved with grace stepping around the patrons without touching a single one. Dressed completely in black, she stood out among the gaudy western attire. The black jeans hugged her like a second skin and the tiny ebon tank top revealed as much as it concealed, including a small yellow rose tattoo on the back of her left shoulder. Stepping right up to the stage she yelled, "Do you know Here For The Party?"

He sure didn't sound like Gretchen Wilson, but he knew the song. Glancing over his shoulder he nodded at the guys and struck the opening chords. To his delight she stepped back to the center of the dance floor and began to move to the music. Oh, my God, did she move. Rolling her hips and raising her hands high she spun around, engrossed in the music. Her breasts bobbed, drawing the attention of every man in the place. Tres felt his britches tighten, broadsided by the full brunt of her sex appeal.

Now there's a woman. Groaning inwardly he watched as Todd Mills sauntered out to join her, accompanied by catcalls from the audience. Same old story, he was stuck behind his guitar while Todd moved in on the best women.

The song ended and old Todd called out, "Hey, Tres, how about a slow one?" He stepped closer to the mystery woman.

She met his chest with the flat of her palm. "Make that another fast one, Tres."