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Jackie's Red Mustang

By Marina Cross


Jackie Chase likes her ordered, well-managed life. She’s got everything a woman could want and works hard to keep it that way. However, her desire for control is driving her lover away from her.

Stuart Marshall loves Jackie’s quest for excellence in everything she does. Even so, the Las Vegas city planner has begun to feel like he’s on the outside of her life looking in.  

After a painful time apart, Stuart reaches out to Jackie requesting she meet with him leading Jackie into a night of high speed passion, he pushes her to the boundaries of desire in a quest to keep the love he can’t live without.

Erotic Romance
Interracial - BW/WM

30 pages, 9.700 words
ISBN: 978-1-60659-793-4



Chapter One

Jackie Chase’s sometimes reserved personality served her like a blessing and a bit of a curse.

Controlled and occasionally ruthless, she forever held herself in check. She conducted her life well-behaved, living life—and more recently, her love life—like a procurement business model of efficiency and management skill.

Her one-two-three combo of looks, brains, and focused nature provided her with most of the trappings, such as a new car, house, and money. However, this efficiency plus hard placed reserve, which had been of endless use to her, appeared to be pushing love out of her life.

Standing on the balcony outside her second story Corn Creek, Nevada home, Jackie's musings couldn’t help but dwell on Stuart Marshall, her boyfriend, and what he’d said to her three weeks ago when he’d tried ending their two year relationship.

Damn it, Jackie,”he’d groaned in frustration, “why can’t you be with me? Here and now!” He’d raked his long, tan fingers through his slightly long, dark brown hair while gazing at her ruefully.

They were quite a pair. Where she curved, his body angled and pointed. She loved his strange angles, hollows and points.

When last she’d seen him, he’d been madder at her than a bee’s nest robbed of honey. They had been twisting, tinkering, and tickling each other on the living room rug when Stuart tickled her across her rib cage. He had carefully let his head and fingers start to drift lower down.

Jackie stopped him, flipping him onto his back playfully, climbing atop his lap and seeking to touch away the growing upset on his handsome face.

“Don’t be silly. I have let go.”

She tried to kiss him, but he simply twisted his head away, looking out toward the Las Vegas city skyline spread out in every direction to the west of them.

“I want to learn about all of you, Jack.” His voice sounded quieter, sadder than she’d ever heard it during their two years together. “Touch all of you. You just can’t seem to let me fully into your life.”

“What do you mean?” She gave his lips one single, teasing peck while she tried again to tease a smile from his tightly pursed lips.

He sat up, pushing her off him slightly, staring deeply into her hazel eyes with his green-eyed gaze seriously grave. “How do I reach the heart of you these days? You used to light up in my arms, give me the best part of you, your clear and focused love. Where is it now? How can I get your attention back?”

Jackie had not liked the expression in his shuttered gaze as he focused directly on her. “Stuart, I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re still in my heart.”

“No. No, I’m not.”

He’d stood over her, running his fingers through his hair, which she knew he generally did when he might lose his cool. “You’re here, but you’re not here.”

Quietly, he dressed as she climbed to her feet and tried to calm his hurt feelings. “I’m always here for you, Stu.”

He’d pushed her away firmly. “I don’t know if you want to be with me anymore, Jackie. Maybe we need to cool things down a bit. Give you a chance to focus on a few things.”

“Don’t go,” she pleaded, but he merely turned and left her house while she’d called, “Stuart, please don’t go. Come on now, don’t go!”

She hated admitting to herself she’d been focusing more on getting ahead in her career, working longer and longer hours. Even on nights they spent together she continued to bring her work home.

Jackie lived in a hazy, painful half-life since he’d been gone. She’d walked through life in a daze, constantly feeling like tears would come to her eyes.

Her heart leapt to her chest when Stuart called her last night to say, “I miss you, Jackie.”

“I miss you too.” Tears threatened to spill from her eyes while she struggled to catch every sigh, every sound of his husky speech through the phone.

They talked for an hour and came to an understanding. Tonight she agreed to experience life from his eyes.

Tonight, she would live their relationship through his desire. He’d said he would give no quarter and would allow no limits between them.

She was nervous, yet excited to see where this night would lead.

Returning home earlier that day, Jackie discovered three beautifully wrapped boxes by her front door. Leaving her briefcase in the hallway, she detached a note on the top box. It was from Stuart.

Carelessly dropping her house keys in the holder by her front door, she carried the boxes upstairs, gently setting them down at the edge of her bed.

She opened Stuart’s note.

It read, “For you tonight. Wear this. Pin up your hair.”

Opening the box, lightly fingering thin crepe paper and pulling open the edges, she gave a bemused smile as she carefully pulled up the soft, silky, red dress lying inside. It was long, liquor smooth with a criss-cross back and one deep slit on its right-hand side. She laid it to one side as she dug into the box again, noting a smooth, red satin thong, cocoa brown thigh high stockings with black bows seamed on the sides, and no bra. Her eyes raked down to her ample breasts, wondering if they would pop out of the top.

She turned to the bigger, square box and carefully lifted the lid. Tucked inside the box lay a pair of outrageous, bright red, platform, and strappy sandals with a whisper-thin heel. Hooking one long finger around a strap, Jackie pulled it from its hiding place, holding it up to the light. They were beautiful, yet totally unlike anything she’d ever worn before. She laid it back into the box, picking up her new dress, holding it to her and walking over to her dresser mirror. She stared at herself with a critical eye.

Should she really do this?

He’d asked her to trust him. She was more nervous than ever.

Squaring her shoulders, she resolved to see the night to wherever it might lead. Stuart said he wanted to light her grand passion or they would have to go their own ways.

She could not let him go without telling him how much she loved him.

She showered, then perfumed herself in light ylang ylang, dressing with a slowness she generally did not indulge in. Drying her long, black hair until it shone, she gently pulled the red satin thong over her clean, bare skin.

Tugging on the smooth, light stockings and liking how they moved against her slightly heated skin, she noted how achy and full her bare breasts seemed. She looked at her image in the mirror, noting the open shoebox still on her bed.

She turned on stocking feet towards its open contents. Standing by her bed’s edge, she slowly pulled on the red dress and slid the high heels onto her feet.

This dress fit her like a second skin. Its soft smoothness moved over her skin like human hands. He’d taken his time to find this dress, because it glided like a real hand everywhere it touched her. Walking around the room slowly, Jackie felt a silken caress against her shoulders, her breasts, and her lower back. She carefully worked on her hair, pinning up its long length the way Stuart had asked, looking in the mirror at her finished self with a bemused smile.

She honestly wanted to behave like a completely different person now and admitted to herself she liked the thought of becoming someone new, totally unlike her careful, ever thinking self.

What would Stuart say if he saw her now? She honestly liked how her body appeared sexpot hot.

Leaving her bedroom, she made her way toward a rap on the door of her house.

Opening it, she stared in momentary open-mouthed surprise to see a delivery driver, who silently handed her one long-stemmed, scarlet red rose with a white ribbon tied to it holding a key and yet another mystery card, which simply said, “Come to me.”

“What’s this?”

“It’s outside, Miss. Please follow me.”

Grabbing her evening bag and shawl, Jackie strolled behind the delivery man, who started whistling a happy tune without saying another word as they walked outside. “Here’s your vehicle, miss.”

“Oh, my God!”

She knew her mouth opened in shock. Nevertheless, she could not help it.

Words did no justice or began to describe the red Mustang sports car parked in her driveway. “I don’t understand. Whose car is that?”

“The gentleman who gave me these instructions said you will find directions to your destination on the dashboard of your vehicle. You’re holding the engine key.”

Excitement poured throughout Jackie’s body while she pictured herself sitting behind the wheel of that car.

Jackie had always wanted a sports car. She had cautioned herself they were not practical. She had chosen a two-door Toyota instead.

Luckily for her and for Stuart, she recently learned how to drive a stick shift.

If she had not, her evening with Stuart would have come to an abrupt end.

Jackie climbed behind the wheel, noting she’d have to hike up the skirt of her dress a bit. She did. The sensation was wild, and strangely liberating to look down and see the exposed skin of her thighs against the Mustang’s slick leather seat.

Carefully, she switched the ignition on.

It started with a deep-throated purr.

Checking her side mirror for any oncoming traffic, Jackie’s hands were sweaty, moist as she pulled away from the curb.

The big machine maneuvered like a dream. Her heart was beating faster than normal as she eased into late evening traffic, moving toward the distant lights of Las Vegas. Traffic around her quickly disappeared until hers was the single car moving through the newly darkened night.

Jackie had been cruising fifteen minutes, leaving the lights of her suburban community behind, when through her rearview mirror, she spotted another car speedily approaching.

From the looks of it, it was accelerating toward her like a bat flying out of Hades.

“Damn,” she whispered aloud, “that fool is driving fast.”

She looked down at her speedometer. It read sixty-five. In order to continue closing the distance between them so fast, he or she had to be doing at least eighty-five.

“What a nut.”

She refocused on her driving while carefully keeping her companion’s car in sight.

A full Nevada moon poured down silver light on black tarmac and yellow lines, giving off a golden hued glow. Flat brush and scrub, paired with cacti, flew by while the wheels of her Mustang took her closer to Stuart.

Jackie liked how the wheel of the car rolled around under her hands and how its steady purr gave her a rush of excitement she had not experienced in a long time.

The companion vehicle continued closing the gap between them until she spotted a glint and glimmer of its four-ring logo in the front. It was black blending into night, blending with the tarmac under its wheels as if both were motorized phantoms combined into one.

The car slowed in the opposite lane until it was almost behind her. The occupant’s silhouette became highlighted behind tinted windows under desert moon. From the size and shape of the shoulders, plus the jutting, angular profile, the car’s occupant appeared to be a man.

She kept her steady pace, focusing on asphalt ground in front of her and trying to tune out the second car following closely behind.

She mused worriedly at his motive for following so near. His black Audi sped up, pulling abreast of her.

Straining her eyes under dim nighttime light, she clearly saw under the moonlight what a gorgeous car it was.

She noted its black carbon fiber body shone like a coal diamond with sliver hubcaps that glinted as its ebony black tires gripped the ground.

She refocused her attention on the road in front of her while the car next to her seemed to be keeping pace.

Out of the corner of her eyes she thought she saw the driver glance over to her.

With a suddenness which surprised her, he pulled ahead only to slow again until he was again abreast.

“What a damn fool,” Jackie said to herself.

His raven, diamond bright automobile pulled next to her again and this time she was certain she saw the driver within glance her way. She became aware of how empty the highway was.

Fuck, was this some nutter trying to make trouble?

She sped up a bit.

Her speed meter climbed to seventy. He sped up again, keeping pace, and still no other car graced this shadowy highway, except for hers and his. Jackie inwardly fumed. It was only forty miles to Las Vegas, yet theirs were the only two cars on the road.

Shifting in her seat, she pulled her skirt slightly higher, trying not to step on it, and felt her thong move against the inside of her legs just a bit when she stepped on the gas.

It was a pleasant sensation.

Seventy-five and the Audi again fell behind.

He sped up again, this time pulling just ahead, then falling back just a moment to, pull up beside her.

Tense only lightly began to describe her nerves at this point. Did this nut think they were in a race?

She was growing alarmed and even more so when she noted the first of two stoplights for miles just a head.

Jackie knew she would have to stop soon; the knowledge really scared her.

Shifting nervously in her seat as she slowed, Jackie wanted nothing more than for Stuart to be standing in front of her so she could tell him off for getting her into a possible mess.

Both cars slowed, then came to a stop.

Jackie listened to their twin engines purring softly on the evening breeze. Her heart beat hard in her chest. She stared ahead, stone-faced, before turning to look over at the other car. For a moment, she stared at her own worried, uncertain reflection in its passenger side window. Then, it slowly slid down for agonizing seconds to reveal Stuart’s smiling face.

Jackie groped crazily for her driver’s side window release. “Stuart! Damn it! You scared the hell out of me!”

His reddish-brown hair glinted a chestnut gold under the neon light. “Hello, sweetheart.”

“What the heck are you doing?”

Inside she wanted to sing more than a bit from relief.

The light flashed red to green. He shouted out over the drone of their car engines, “Pull over, and I will tell you.”

She maneuvered past the light, pulling over to a rest stop a short distance away as Stuart pulled up, parking the Audi behind her.

He left his headlights on.

She climbed from the car, about to launch into conversation, but stopped as she watched him come near.

He wore a white, long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up. However, it was not the width of his broad shoulders or how good he looked that had taken her breath away. No, Jackie felt a flush creep from her chest up to her face when she noticed just how well the black leather pants he wore hugged his body.

“You’re wearing leather,” she said.

He merely walked toward her without a word, taking her into his arms to deliver a kiss, which astounded her. Their mouths dueled, parted, and dueled again.

She didn’t think she’d catch her breath because his lips moved nicely on hers.

He kissed her like a hungry man tasting a fine meal.

“I always wanted to wear leather,” he said with a rush as they came up for air. He sounded so boyishly innocent she gave him an indulgent, understanding smile from her now unworried lips.

“Thank you for coming,” he said.

“I thought we were meeting in the city.”

He moved his hands lightly over her, heating her skin while leaving slight goose pimples. “Yes, but I could not wait to see you.”

His eyes were dark with desire as he said softly, “Be dangerous for me tonight.”


Still no cars passed along the road as he said, “Stand in front of my car.” Beginning to feel caught up in a hazy, slow-burning desire, she complied with his request.

The headlights shone on her as she looked back at him. He stood in shadowed light as he said softly, “Baby, I can see the outline of your body.”

She looked down, realizing his eyes indeed drank in the shape of her through her silken dress. Her nipples tightened at the thought of it. “Tell me what you see.”

Was that her voice sounding so thin and high?

She watched his outline shift tensely under the night sky as he leaned against her chariot mustang. “I see the shape of your legs.” His voice sounded low timbered, deeply throaty. “They look long, strong.”

“Do they?”

“Yes.” His voice sounded like a snake’s hiss. “Turn around. Not so fast; I want to drink in the shape of your body in the light.”

Jackie complied with his request, turning carefully and without hurry for his perusal. It was quiet there except for lyrical crickets echoing against a backdrop of stone mountains, cactus and a starry night sky. Her heart beat so fast as she waited for him to tell her what he saw. She felt pleased that she did not have to wait long.

“You look like a night goddess,” he said huskily. “Let your hair down and bend over for me.”

A revelation of being unleashed settled over her. It made her experience a desire quite unlike herself and she hesitated, wondering if she should do as he’d asked. Heck, what if someone saw them?

Yet, even in her fear she wanted to please him. She raised her long shapely arms and hands toward her hair, giving it a careful slow twist, and her hair came tumbling down her back like black rain.

Her hearing heightened as she bent low at the waist, slightly spreading her legs. Her reward was his hastily indrawn breath.

She knew she should be embarrassed.

Here she was, a grown woman, teasing her lover by the side of a major highway, but Jackie really didn’t care anymore. Something about the night, about their situation, was releasing something inside her she had tried to suppress.

She dipped low.

She twisted slightly to the side, knowing it thrust and shaped her behind into a heart. She glanced over her shoulder with her hair creating a light curtain to one side as she looked at him.

Their eyes met, locked. Then Stuart was moving toward her across the gravely dirt under their feet.

“You don’t know what you do to me.” His voice dropped to a low, deep whisper as his hands gripped her hips, pulling her toward him.

He was rock hard.

He moved his hips forward and side to side, so she could feel him. No words were spoken between them when he carefully stoked her thigh, bunching the silky fabric of her dress into his hands, pulling it up and touching the edges of her stockings.

“Stand up.”

She did as he asked with slow, lingering purpose, leaning her butt snugly into his. Lifting her hair, she felt his lips like fire against the back of her neck.

“Are you hot?”

“Oh, yes,” she moaned softly.

He turned her to face him. His features were half shadowed, and he looked like a pagan spirit come to steal her into the night.

“Good.” He kissed her again deep, long, and hard. “I want you completely turned on before I take you.”

Her head swam with sensation as she tried kissing him again. “I want you now.”

He stilled her passionate embrace. “Someone’s coming.”

Indeed, there was.

A truck reading ‘Knight’ on the side slowed, passing them carefully. The trucker gestured to them enquiringly. They responded with a smile paired with a wave, which he quickly returned as he drove on.

He turned to her. “Are you ready for our evening to begin?”


“Did you know I’d like to challenge you to a drag race?”

“You’re kidding, right?”

A wicked, devilish look swept into his eyes. “No. Don’t you want to live a little?”

“Stuart, that’s crazy. We can’t…” Jackie trailed off lamely.

His frown drove right into her heart. “Why are you holding back, Jack? I’m trying to set you free.”

“What if we get in trouble?”

“We won’t.” An impish look re-entered his eyes. “Do you want to know the rules?”

She didn’t know if she should play along. Even so, she found herself responding, “Lay it on me.”

“There’s another rest spot about a mile from here. Whoever reaches it first wins and has to do whatever the other one says for the rest of the night.”

Jackie could tell by his cheeky look he’d given some thought to this freedom plan of his as he continued. “Please, Jack, leave your worries behind for tonight.”

His endearment for her name touched her.

Nevertheless, could she really leave worry behind?

She wanted to say no. However, his expression of eager, hopeful desire bought a surprising “Yes” to her mouth.

He expelled one rushed, excited breath. “Only push it to the max if you think you’ll be okay. If you’re getting nervous or scared to go faster, slow down.”

He kissed her again and they parted, sliding behind the wheels of each of their vehicles. Jackie started her scarlet beast with her palms feeling slightly moist.

Her heart skipped forward in surprising, pulse-pounding excitement when their race began.