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Kiss of the Sun

By Racheal Pierce


Prophesied to mate with the King of all Vampires, mortal Rosalind possesses unusual powers. Though her attraction to the king Darius is strong and reciprocated, the vampire is reluctant at first to fulfill his destiny with her. When outside forces threaten Rosalind and reveal her role in the vampire world, Darius realizes he must act before he loses his kingdom, and the woman he loves.



Darius' change had begun the turn for humanity. It had taken another two thousand years for humans to learn to live with each other, not against. Progress began slowly this time. Travel became easier as animals and technology were carefully blended. Nature allowed the skies to once again shine, and rain poured as the ground flourished with activity.

Not only did people travel on foot or with animals, they could move above the ground with crystal powered skimmers which was mainly used when long distances were required. Most surprising was that space travel had become possible. It had been a great milestone for Earth and her people, but not something Darius had planned on doing anytime soon. He kept the skies above his majestic city spaceship free. It was a no fly zone. He considered the mortals to be lucky that he allowed skimmers in the city.

As Roman droned on, Darius stood, aggravated by his need to look out the windows. His vision dimmed again, enclosing more of the room this time. He tried to make it to the window and almost fell to his knees with the depth of sadness and anger being indirectly thrown at him.

He made it to the couch and curled himself tight. "Get out, Roman!" he bellowed into the silence. No one has witnessed him in this condition since it began six years ago.

Roman, though never witnessing the actual ordeal, knew the toll it took on his friend. "Darius, you can cut the Link you created with her." He also knew the reason for it.

"I won't do that to her, Roman." Darius breathed deeply, then released throughout the pain. He knew from experience that Rosalind would cry herself into oblivion. Until then all he could do was help her with the pain.

Roman couldn't understand his friend's actions. "Your obligation to the woman was finished the day she left your home."

"Obligation is not why I help her."

"You aren't helping her, damn it! She is slowly killing you." Roman voiced his fear for the first time.

Darius didn't deny the accusation.

"Why, my King?" Roman stood straight. "Why do you let this human hurt you in this way?"

"Rosalind doesn't know about our Link. She doesn't know she is projecting her pain to me."

"This is what her pain does to you?" Roman was shocked. Never had he seen a connection like this, except with Chosen Mates during the beginning of the mating ritual. Voicing the question aloud, Roman knew, was crossing the line. Some things men still did not share. Their women were number one on that list.

"It is compassion for her that I help Rosalind through these episodes. I owe it to her." The first was a lie. The second, true. Just because Darius denied his Chosen did not mean she should suffer the consequences.

"As you wish, my King." Roman sighed with relief as Darius was able to bring himself up into a sitting position.

Darius smoothed his hair back in guilty frustration. "That wasn't right."

"What do you mean?"

"The link snapped, as if she was moving out of my immediate range."

"She is already living on the borders of Vampire City. Any further and she will be surrounded by mortals."

Memories of the last time Rosalind accidentally ventured near mortals flashed through his mind. The destruction of benches, trees, trash spread throughout a ten block radius. The mortals had fled the scene in terror while vampires tried to protect themselves within the elements.

It had taken Darius hours to calm Rosalind enough to bring her telekinesis under control. It hadn't helped Darius' peace of mind that he had to forcefully hold her body to the ground.

Rosalind had been out of her head with other's emotions and scenes of future deaths crashing through her mind. Her screams still echoed through Roman's mind. Finally Darius had had to reinforce their Link and send her into a deep sleep.

"Oh, shit." Roman could only imagine the consequences of Rosalind stumbling into a mortal borough.

"Damn it, baby." Darius spoke almost to himself as he rummaged through his desk drawer. "I gave you the meadows so that you could be at peace."

"Darius?" Roman was starting to piece together twenty years of puzzles. Anger the older she became. The protectiveness despite the sudden bouts of jealousy. Sudden trips outside Vampire City.

"You fed outside of V.C. to keep her from knowing."

"To keep her from hurting!" Darius spoke without thought.