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Love Lessons

By Kate Burns


When Jenn decides to heat up her ho-hum sex life with her boyfriend, hoping to give them both a Valentine's Day to remember, her best friend directs her to Bare Minimum, the erotic shop she's sure will be the answer to Jenn's problems. After making an appointment with Greg, the sexy owner of the shop, for private love lessons, Jenn and her boyfriend break up. Jenn decides to keep her appointment with Greg anyway. After all, a few lessons can only be agood thing, right?

Greg, with his sex toys and soft Italian rope, teaches Jenn much, much more than she ever expected to learn. For Jenn, this may turn out to be the hottest holiday she's ever had.



Bare Minimum. It doesn't look so terribly intimidating, does it? Nice storefront, nothing weird in the front window, no whips, chains or red lights hanging above the doorway. And right next to that cute little bookstore, too. Okay, so it's a book store with a section for erotica. Oh ... all right--it's a bookstore that only sells erotica. But so what? The flower boxes out in front are pretty--so really, how bad can it be? If they take such good care of the flower boxes they must be just plain, ordinary people, right? Right.

So why am I still standing here?

It took her an additional ten minutes of staring at Bare Minimum from behind a tall potted tree across the street before Jenn found the courage to walk toward the store. She found courage but forgot basic traffic etiquette and when a horn blared right beside her she jumped.

A red convertible, its driver scowling, was stopped in the middle of the street. Jenn's bare legs were a scant twelve inches from the chrome bumper.

"Sorry!" she called as she scanned for traffic before she crossed the other lane. Waving from the safety of the sidewalk she received a second scowl as the car drove off.

Shit. Not a great way to begin this shopping trip. Maybe this isn't such a good idea after all. Maybe I should just go home and think of some other way to get things hot with Ray. Maybe this isn't the way to turn him on, maybe--No. I nearly got run over getting here, and I'm going in. That's it.

When Jenn went inside the shop she didn't know what to expect. But what she found was so much more interesting than anything she could have imagined that she was glad she hadn't had any expectations. They could never have matched the reality of Bare Minimum.

She didn't find anything plain. She didn't find anything ordinary. But she did find a lot that made her very, very hot.

* * * *

"Hey there," said the muscular blond who was standing behind the counter. He had flashing blue eyes and a dazzling smile and looked like he spent all of his free time on a surfboard. "Anything I can help you find today?"

"Uh, no thanks," Jenn said, feeling her face warm but powerless to stop it. "I'm just looking."

With a grin, he nodded and said, "Great. Take your time and give a holler if you need any help, okay?"

Jenn swallowed. "Okay."

Help? That'll be the day--I think I'd die before I'd ask for any help. Or God forbid, any instructions on how to use any of this stuff. Besides, I'm just here to look around. Get ideas. That's all. Nothing more. So really, how hard can this be?

As she began to walk through the tidy, well-lit shop she realized that there was nothing seedy or smarmy about the store or its products. Everything was arranged attractively in displays that would do any New York boutique owner proud and there were even discreet little placards explaining the use of some of the less-obvious items.

After nearly an hour in the place Jenn knew that what she had assumed was a basic ramp-up-the-heat maneuver with her tepid-in-bed boyfriend was much more involved than she'd originally thought. And she realized that she wasn't nearly as well equipped in the art of making love as she'd thought.

With a smile, she paid for her purchases and headed for the door. Out on the sidewalk she stood in the warmth of the midday sun, contemplating her next move.

Time to break out the heavy-duty sex expert. It was time to talk to Glory.