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Love and War

By Jack Greene


Zachary's lover, Alex, is an actor playing Ares, the god of war, in a new movie.

But when Ares himself decides to interfere, Zachary's life gets complicated--and hot.

Ares feels wronged, and it's up to Zachary to make things right--in any way he can.



“Oh, look. Ares, they’re doing another film about you.”

Ares growled as the expected laughter rang out. His fellow gods loved to taunt him. He knew it was because he became so easily angered. He was the god of war, after all. It was part of his psyche. But the damn humans were so infuriating!

They mocked the gods constantly with no fear of reprisals. They’d grown bold since Zeus had proclaimed the gods were to no longer interfere in the human world and let them make their own way. He was one to talk. Zeus had been the worst of them, indiscriminatingly fucking whatever didn’t run away fast enough. Ares was pretty sure Zeus wasn’t practicing what he preached, but Ares had no way to prove it. Even if he did, there was little he could do about it.

Humans loved to make their little dramas, and often the gods were the subjects of their entertainment. Lately, though, gods had become more like caricatures to them. Ares, for some reason, was often a subject of their plays, and now films, and he was almost always portrayed as a one-dimensional, vengeful villain. Not that he wasn’t vengeful. He just didn’t like being mocked.

It wasn’t forbidden to walk among the humans, technically. He just wasn’t supposed to interfere. Perhaps he should investigate what lies humans were spreading about him this time...


Zachary always felt out of place on movie sets. His lover, Alex, was one of the stars, and it was perfectly all right for Zachary to visit the set from time to time. He knew Alex liked it when he was there, but he always felt in the way, as if his being there would prevent the cast and crew from doing their jobs. He had a fear he’d trip over something and break an expensive piece of equipment, and the director would be so furious he’d kick him off the set, maybe even fire Alex. Zachary sighed. He knew he worried too much. He couldn’t help it. He’d get something in his head and his imagination would run away with it. Alex said it was cute how Zachary fretted, but that made Zachary worry that his boyfriend would get tired of him eventually.

Zachary shook his head as if to clear it, and tried to focus on enjoying himself. He had no classes today, so he’d tagged along to the set of Alex’s new movie, an action-comedy about the Greek gods. His boyfriend, tall blond god that he was, had practically walked into the role of Ares. Zachary licked his lips as he thought about how lucky he was. Alex was six-four and built perfectly, in Zachary’s opinion. Not too heavily muscled, but cut and defined nevertheless. Alex was Zachary’s idea of the perfect man. They’d been together almost a year now, and Zachary’s knees still got weak when he watched Alex work out. When they made love... Zachary swallowed hard as he tried to will away his arousal at the thought of having sex with his lover. Maybe he’d ask him to “borrow” the Ares costume and bring it home some time. The armor and spandex hugged every inch of his spectacular body.

A crash on the other side of the set jolted Zachary back to the present. The director cursed a blue streak that would shame a sailor, and a number of the crew scrambled about in response. Zachary shrank back, thankful he was nowhere near the mayhem, thus couldn’t be blamed.

The director called a twenty-minute break, and within a moment Alex appeared, hurrying over to where Zachary stood.

“Sorry, babe. You okay?”

Zachary smiled. Alex was so solicitous, always worried about his comfort. “Yeah. What happened? The director seems really pissed.”

Alex shook his head. “Just another piece of equipment got broken. I swear, if I believed in things like that, I’d say the set was jinxed.”

“This isn’t the first time?”

“Nope. Things have been going wrong for weeks. Broken equipment, computer malfunctions, crew getting food poisoning, you name it. We’re trying to keep it on the down low, but I don’t know.” Alex glanced around him, as if someone might be eavesdropping. “It does seem kinda weird.”

Zachary frowned. “I’m sure it’s all coincidence.” He didn’t believe in luck, bad or otherwise.

Alex shrugged. “I’m sure. Anyway...” He looked down at himself and grinned sheepishly. “What do you think of the outfit? I feel ridiculous.”

“Oh, baby,” Zachary said. “You don’t even know, do you?” His boyfriend was so modest. He didn’t have a clue how hot he was, or how delicious he looked in the costume. “You’re going to gain about a million teenage girl fans.” And probably a good number of teenage boys.

Alex chuckled. “You think? I feel like a dork.”

Zachary stepped closer and rose up on his tiptoes to whisper in his boyfriend’s ear. “Alex. If we were alone right now I would show you how incredibly hot you are, in or out of this costume.” Discreetly, he ran his hand down Alex’s chest, breath catching at the feel of hard muscles underneath the fabric.

With a strangled groan, Alex caught Zachary’s hand before it could go lower than his belt. “Zachary. You’re going to give me a problem if you don’t stop that right now.”

Zachary glanced down Alex’s body and smirked. “Mmm, and in that getup it would be a very obvious problem.” He licked his lips. “A problem I would be more than happy to take care of.”

Alex whimpered. “God, baby. You turn me on so much. Wish I could just, mmm, bend you over right here...”

Zachary moaned, and now he had a similar problem. “I wish you could, too. I would let you take me any place, any time.” He meant it, too. Alex was so big and sexy.

They both groaned when they heard the director call the actors back to their places. “You’re gonna kill me,” Alex whispered, taking a deep breath.

Zachary grinned and pushed Alex toward the set, briefly groping his ass as he went by. “Get out there and be godlike.” He watched Alex walk as slowly as he could get away with to his place. Maybe he should tell Alex to keep the blond extensions in after the shoot. Zachary giggled to himself; he knew Alex was trying to will away his arousal before he got in front of the camera.

Suddenly he turned around. He could have sworn someone was behind him. There was no one there, however. He turned back around, shivering a little. He still felt like he was being watched.