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Make Him Beg

By Jalena Burke


Make him beg, or be the beggar? When Cameron Montgomery gives work more attention than he does his wife, Shannon is out for revenge. But will he enjoy it too much? Because her revenge is a man's ultimate fantasy.



Cameron Montgomery was working outside again and Shannon was sick of it. She came home every night alone while he labored in that damned garage of his. Tinkering with his toys, trying to get this to work, that fixed right. He slaved over everything but their relationship.

Well, she was tired of playing with her toy. She wanted a warm mouth and a hot man. She was young, full of sexual energy. Sure, he worked outside and only a few feet away from the house, but he was always too busy for her. He crawled in bed at midnight and woke before her to get to his real occupation, only to come home and labor in the garage.

Don't tell her to go out there, pay him some attention, strip for him, or anything to get his attention. Be nice even. She'd tried that. It either made him angry or just flat out didn't work.

She jammed the car in park and tore the key out of the ignition. She couldn't even park in the garage because of his big mess. She slammed the door to her beat up Honda¨you didn't seem him fixing her things¨and stalked pass him.

He wore his cap on backwards. His jeans were torn and scruffy. He never looked better when he was like that, sporting his black t-shirt promoting oil she'd never heard of, arms banded in ropy muscle, chewing on a toothpick while he concentrated.

He never concentrated on her like that.

If he noticed her anger, he didn't comment on it.

She shut the door without greeting him.

He didn't follow her inside. Had she expected him to? Hoped that he would? She threw her car keys across the kitchen counter. They slid and crashed to the floor. She'd regret that later when she couldn't find her keys. It'd be in the morning, when she was hurrying and already running late.

She dropped her purse alongside her keys and huffed to the bathroom. She glanced in the mirror, fingering the split ends of her hair. In desperate need of a trim, her highlights were fading, and she could stand to lose about five pounds, ten if she really looked.

"What's the matter with you?"

Shannon jumped. Cameron stood behind her, his reflection staring at hers through a mirror littered with remnants of toothpaste. She really needed to clean house, but right now she was tired. Tired of her job, tired of cleaning. Tired of being a wife, eating by herself, going to bed alone.

She wanted to be something else for a while. Somebody else.

Maybe she could put on a maid costume and clean. Yeah right, as if that would get his attention. He'd have to be inside to even notice.

She spun around and stepped past him. "Nothing is the matter with me."

He shot out his arm and captured her, heaving her towards him.

Edging his face closer, he scowled. A bead of sweat trickled down his forehead. She tasted cinnamon on his breath from the gum he liked to chew. Gum and toothpicks, he was always chewing on something except her.

He dropped his grip on her hand, but his face remained inches from hers.

She avoided his eyes. She always got lost in that big bowl of molten chocolate, and she couldn't afford to right now. She'd be lost if she did. Her mind wouldn't be able to function.

Her hands stayed in a straight line against her body. Rigid and unmoving. She inched her chin up. His lips came to her ear. Warmth sizzled out of his mouth and into her, trailing down her spine, buzzing her skin.

"Don't start this," she said, trying not to beg. They hadn't made love in so long. How could she stop him?