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Mama's Tales

By Brenna Lyons


Three of Mother Goose's are best brought to life, each with a sensual twist. Have you ever felt you were only seeing half the story? Why did the three bears never see Goldilocks again? How bad was the Little Girl with The Curl in the Middle of her Forehead? What happened to Georgie Porgy? Find out in this delighfully sexy mini-anthology of stories you won't hear in school.



Mama's Tales by Brenna Lyons

Georgie Porgy, Puddin' and Pie

Kissed the girls and made them cry.

When the boys came out to play,

Georgie Porgy ran away.

George Beauregard Bradford spied on the group on the porch below. In a moment, the boys would go in and Becca would be alone.

She'd signal him today. He felt sure she would. Becca hadn't motioned to him in five long days, though she knew Georgie was watching every night. If he didn't know better, he'd swear she was punishing him for something, though he had no idea what Becca would want to punish him for.

He held his breath as the boys filed inside: Abe, Billy, Danny, Joel, Lewis and Nathan. Becca's six older brothers were stricter than her parents had ever been, and they were Georgie's adversaries. They were a rough bunch that few messed with, and most people in town simply called them the Shuster boys.

For a moment, Becca didn't move, and his heart sank. She was going to make him wait another day? Was she heartless?

She stirred, rising from the porch swing and ambling across the yard to the fence. Her dark hair was bound into a tight braid. He wished it was loose and blowing around her face in the wind. He wished he was close enough to see her eyes.

His breathing was harsh in his own ears. Please. Just give me the signal. Georgie gripped the tree bark beside his cheek until his fingers ached.

Becca smiled, but her hands remained still.

He cursed under his breath. She knew she was driving him insane. She was doing it on purpose.

Her hand crept up, a languid slide over her bare leg, then the front of her shorts.

He bit back a laugh. She wasn't going to make him wait.

She continued up her abdomen to the hollow between her breasts, teasing him now with what he'd have to wait hours to have, for the body he'd picture vividly until he could touch it.

His cock ached--but it wouldn't have to for long. A wicked smile curved his lips. So, she wanted to tease him? Two could play that game. Maybe she'd forgotten how he'd earned his nickname, but he hadn't.

Georgie charged at her, and she gaped in surprise. He grasped her cheeks and sealed his mouth to hers, taking advantage of her parted lips to make the quick kiss he'd steal count. For one glorious moment, she responded favorably.

Then common sense kicked in, and she pushed him away, her eyes wild. Georgie grinned at her and blew a kiss, turning and sprinting toward the woods as the back door burst open and the boys stumbled out after him.

"Georgie Porgy," Becca shouted, "you'll pay for that!"

He laughed heartily. The thrill of the chase and pure joy fueled his burners. Whatever 'payment' Becca had in mind was worth it. He sobered. Unless she changed her mind about tonight.

"No. She wouldn't do that," he argued miserably. She couldn't possibly make him wait another night--or five.

He'd wanted to be above board. He'd tried to ask permission to date Becca in a respectable fashion. He still wanted to; but Abe, Billy, and Nathan had threatened Georgie's early departure from life if he dared darken their doorway again--all for one stolen kiss when he and Becca were twelve that had earned him his nickname of Georgie Porgy.

Georgie had been miserable when they'd refused. He'd moped around at the old cabin for days--until Becca had sauntered up and informed him that he'd been asking the wrong person for permission. Thus started their game.

He hadn't slept with her for the first few months, but eventually their touching led to more. Dishonorable or not, he couldn't regret a minute of it--even if the boys caught and killed him for it.