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Oh Yes, Virginia

By Elaina Huntley


When Virginia Madison is bumped from her flight on Christmas Eve, help arrives in the form of dashing Christopher K. Ringle. The offer of a private jet and his company are too good to resist, and she gladly climbs aboard for a flight to remember.

Her deepest Christmas wishes come true on the four-hour flight, with Chris enlisting the help of his two hunky pilots to make sure Virginia gets everything she wants this year.



Two men dressed in pilot whites boarded the plane and stopped to talk with Chris. They turned and looked at her. Heat crawled across her face until they resumed their conversation. All three men presented a stunning study of contrast: light, dark, tall, shorter, cropped hair, the list went on and on. Her eyes darted from man to man and she perversely tried to choose the one she thought most attractive. The feat became impossible, they all made her teeth ache.

Devastating smiles spread across both pilot’s faces when they caught her watching them. The tall, darker haired man gave an outrageous wink before they turned and entered the cockpit. Her eyes didn’t leave the men until the door closed, cutting off her view.

Chris smiled that all knowing smile of his and heat rushed across her face once more. Was it rude to ogle the men in the presence of her host? The direction her thoughts wandered while watching them would most definitely be in bad taste.

He stopped at a well stocked bar before crossing over to her, holding out a drink. Delight filled her and she beamed in approval. An apple martini, her favorite!

“Thank you,” she said. Her eyelids slid closed as the liquid pleasure caressed her throat.

“One of the perks of a private jet, no rolling cart with tiny bottles.” He smiled and raised his glass in toast. “To fulfilling Christmas wishes.”

Clinking her delicate glass against his, Virginia fought the urge to gulp the remaining contents to wet her parched throat.

“Mr. Ringle?” A voice crackled out of nowhere to break the silence. Chris pressed a small white button above his head.

“Yes, Mike.”

“We are cleared for take off, please prepare for departure.”

“Thanks, Dan.” Chris released the button and set his glass down. Reaching across Virginia’s lap, he grasped the seatbelt and pulled it across her waist, his hair tickling her chin as he fastened it. Virginia inhaled a lung full of his spicy scent. It reminded her of cinnamon mixed with evergreen. Gingerbread? No, that wasn’t it, either. The aroma changed each time she drew in another breath.

By the time he finished adjusting her lap belt, she was convinced he simply smelled of every scent she loved.

The ascent went so smooth that she barely felt a bump as they soared into the dusk filled sky. Minutes passed and the seatbelt sign flickered off. Virginia released hers with a sigh and held out her glass with a questioning smile.

“Of course,” Chris said, as he moved to the wet bar once more and mixed another martini. A man who knew his way around a mixed drink was a bonus in her book.

“Is it okay if I walk around?” Curiosity was killing her and she wanted to make the most of this chance of a lifetime. These kinds of opportunities didn’t happen to Virginia and she was damned sure it would be one to remember.

“By all means.” Chris handed her a fresh glass, before turning and busying himself once more.

She had made round one of the cabin before she caught his eye, laughing in self reproach. “You must think I am a complete hick carrying on like this.”

He shook his head and smiled. “Not at all. I like watching your face light up, it’s delightful. You notice each and every thing little here. I get used to it all and forget to stop and enjoy it sometimes.”

How anyone could get so used to this, they stopped noticing, was beyond her.

“Please, join me.” He indicated a table filled with delicious looking food. Her eyes widened in surprise. How had she missed this elaborate set up during her in-depth perusal?

As a strict vegetarian, she was used to smiling politely and declining well meaning hosts, but when she looked closer, a gasp of astonished delight flew from between her lips. Everything on the table, everything, was her favorite. From the ripe, juicy fruit arranged artfully on a silver tray, to the spinach salad with walnuts, strawberries and crumbled feta.

She looked at him in astonishment. “It’s like you know just what I want. The drink, the food…” God, she hoped not everything, those wicked little thoughts earlier involving him and the hunky pilots could prove very embarrassing.

“A good host always anticipates their guests’ needs.” His eyes burned into hers and she swallowed against the rising tide of desire. How did he do that? Just a glance and her blood turned to warm honey flowing through her veins.

Choosing a plump strawberry and dipping it into liquid chocolate, Chris lifted it to her mouth. Virginia hesitated a brief second before parting her lips, the cool, sweet fruit sliding between them. Her teeth sank into the ripe flesh and a tangy fruit mixed with the creamy sweet chocolate burst in her mouth. A trickle of juice ran down her chin and he brushed it away with his thumb. Electric currents sizzled on her skin even after he pulled away.

Each sumptuous bite slid from him to her waiting mouth, his gesture filled with erotic undertones. Giving in to the urge, her tongue darted out and she licked one of his fingers. It deftly slipped between her lips, gliding in and out, sweet with the liquid of the fruit. Her tongue rolled around it, circling and caressing until he withdrew it.

Chris’ gaze remained on hers as he reached for another strawberry and sank his teeth into the succulent flesh. She parted her lips when he lifted it to her mouth and ran the luscious berry over her lips, coating them in cool, slick juice. Leaning in closer, his tongue teased the sugary wetness from her skin. Virginia tried to coax him closer, to tempt him into the kiss she craved, but he dodged her unspoken request and continued to tease her.

“So charming,” he whispered.

His breath tickled against her sensitive flesh and she fought to remain still. Her breath came in short bursts and she blinked against the fog of desire obscuring her view. She moaned when dizzying heat spiraled outward from between her legs. The low sound filled the small cabin.

She wanted him. It wasn’t the martinis talking. No, it was the craving to find out just what the secret was dancing in his eyes, enflaming her blood beyond reason.

“Please,” she whispered. She was wet from just the touch of his tongue. The ache between her legs centered on the swollen bud pulsing with fire.

“What do you want?” he asked. The hair on her arms stood on end at the husky undertone of his voice.

Virginia’s answer lodged in her throat. She met his eyes and prayed he could read the answer within them.

She wanted him to fuck her senseless all the way to Boston.