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Once in a Lifetime

By Jade Falconer


In Ghost of a Chance, Percy's mischievous ghost was instrumental in getting Ryan and James together. But how did he get to be a supernatural matchmaker? Percy's story is full of romance and tragedy. He wanted true love, but it wasn't easy for find to find.

But when he did, his life changed forever.



Percival wasn’t doing well with his studies. His father had invested a fortune in various tutors, and until the new one arrived he’d fared all right. Now, however, he was one season shy of being shipped off to University, and he couldn’t seem to concentrate on anything.

The problem was Mr. Thatcher, that everyone could agree on. Of course, Percy knew it wasn’t because he was a poor tutor. He came highly recommended. The problem was that he was simply the most handsome man Percy had ever laid eyes on. Of course, he hadn’t seen very many men, other than the elderly servants that inhabited Castle Elgin, and the occasional boy from town. But they were nothing like Mr. Thatcher. He was tall, and...large. All over.

When Mr. Thatcher stood in the classroom, Percy had a difficult time doing more than gazing adoringly at the man. Percy knew he had to make more of an effort, although he wasn’t sure how he could manage it. He tried to read his texts when the tutor wasn’t around, but as soon as Thatcher returned, the questions he had flew right out of his head.

“My lord?” Mr. Thatcher said patiently. “Would you like me to repeat it?” He stood before a small blackboard covered with writing.

Percy sighed. “Yes, would you please, Mr. Thatcher? Something about the Crimean War, was it?” His gaze stole down the length of the other man’s body before snapping back up to his face with a faint blush.

The teacher frowned and set the chalk down, brushing the dust onto his trousers before approaching Percy. He stopped in front of the desk and looked down with evident concern. “My lord. Are you unwell? You look flushed. Shall I fetch a doctor?”

Percy stared at the tutor’s crotch, enticingly at eye level, then looked up slowly. “I, I’m quite well, Mr. Thatcher. I,” He bit his lip. “My apologies. I am only distracted. I shall try harder.” He swallowed audibly. Clearly the poor man had no clue about the effect he had. Percy had half a mind to tell him precisely what distracted him.

The tutor leaned down and put his hand on Percy’s shoulder. “If you are having some sort of personal issue, my lord,” he said softly, “I am not much older than you, and I do understand the distractions of a man your age. If there is anything I can do to help...”

Percy’s eyes widened. “Pardon me, Mr. Thatcher, but I really don’t think you would understand my problems.” He took a deep breath and sighed. “Have you ever studied the Greeks?” he asked, feeling reckless.

“Extensively,” the teacher answered, pulling up a chair to sit next to Percy. “What does that have to do with your problems, my lord?”

The man was either impossibly innocent or deliberately discounting what he was saying to save his potential reputation as a peer of the realm. “I suppose you know, then, that they preferred the company of other men to women,” he said, being as obvious as he could. “Unfortunately, such sensibilities are frowned upon these days.” He pouted slightly.

After a moment’s hesitation, the teacher finally spoke. “Though they are frowned upon, those sensibilities have not altogether ceased to exist.” He raised his eyes to Percy’s.

Percy had to smirk at that. “No indeed, as I am here to attest,” he said, leaning back in his chair. “So you can see my difficulty. I do hope you’re not offended, but I would likely be better at my studies if you were not so...” He looked his tutor up and down slowly. “Young and healthy. And male.” He held out little hope that the older man shared his predilections. He was used to people being patient with him, no matter how outrageous he was.

The teacher smiled and raised an eyebrow. “You would prefer a tutor who was old and decrepit?” he asked, leaning closer. “Perhaps he would still be attracted to you, however. For you are quite lovely to behold.”

Percy blinked. “I would undoubtedly be less distracted with such a tutor, though I wouldn’t say that would be my preference.” He started to see a glimmer of hope. He smoothed his thick hair down. “Lovely? Do you really think so?”

“I would never say such a thing were it not true,” the older man said, licking his lips. He looked around. “I wonder if we are truly alone,” he breathed.

Percy glanced at the door. “No one ever comes up here, but the ghost and us,” he said. He turned back to his tutor with a coy smile. “We can lock it, though, if you are concerned.”

“The ghost?” Mr. Thatcher asked in surprise.

Percy got up and walked over to the door, turning the lock. “It’s nothing. It’s just a legend,” he said quickly. He returned to his desk, sitting on the edge of it, gazing into his tutor’s eyes. “Now, you were wondering if we were alone?”

The teacher sat back in his chair, looking up at Percy. “Perhaps you should come here, my lord. And tell me what it is about me you find so distracting.”

Percy approached him slowly, letting his hips sway. His heart pounded. He couldn’t believe this was happening. He moved closer. “Well,” he said, licking his lips. “Where to begin? You’re tall. Handsome...”

The teacher beckoned him closer. “Go on, pretty lord,” he whispered. “What did you think you wanted to do with me?”

Mr. Thatcher’s lap seemed to call to him. He lingered for a moment before closing the distance. He settled himself on the man’s lap. “I don’t know. What did you think I could get you to do to me?” he asked, arching an eyebrow. He didn’t really know what he was asking, but he wanted to know.

Moaning softly, the teacher suggested, “Perhaps a kiss to begin, my lord? If I could be so forward...”

It was all Percy could do not to gasp at the feeling of his tutor’s stiff cock against his thigh. He didn’t want to seem completely unsophisticated. He leaned against Mr. Thatcher’s chest, turning his head to stare into his eyes. “That sounds lovely,” he said.

The teacher slid one hand into Percy’s shoulder-length, wavy hair and pulled his mouth to his. He pressed his lips gently against Percy’s. Percy’s eyes drifted closed and he kissed back. He was prepared to do anything with the handsome man. His hands rested lightly on his broad chest. He didn’t know quite all that was involved, but he had an idea. He wriggled in his lap, rubbing against him.

Mr. Thatcher leaned into the kiss, his free hand coming up to rest on Percy’s thigh. His lips parted against the boy’s. Percy followed his lead, parting his own lips. That such a handsome man would understand, and appreciate the same things, was awe-inspiring to him. His hands moved slowly around the tutor’s neck.

The teacher’s hand moved up Percy’s thigh, slowly, as he parted the boy’s lips with his tongue. Percy was painfully aroused at this point. He opened his mouth further, touching Mr. Thatcher’s tongue with his own. His knees slid farther apart, inviting the scandalous touch. The teacher stroked his tongue against Percy’s, and his hand slipped higher. His thumb stroked upward, seeking the hot bulge in the boy’s trousers.

Percy sucked in a sharp breath. He pulled back from the searing kiss, panting hard. “Well, I suppose you do understand, then,” he whispered. He could see he had much to learn from this gorgeous man, and he wanted it all. “I much prefer these lessons.” He kissed him again, threading his fingers into Mr. Thatcher’s hair. The teacher kissed back more forcefully, hands sliding around to Percy’s firm buttocks. He squeezed them with his large hand, plundering the boy’s mouth thoroughly.

Percy whimpered and shifted around on the larger man’s lap until he straddled it, facing him. He moved as closely to him as he could, encouraging his touches. He was nearly frantic for him now.

Mr. Thatcher’s hands were on Percy’s ass now, and they ground together as they kissed. Two hard cocks rubbed together through trousers, and the older man pulled back. “My lord, have you ever...”

Percy had to pause a moment to decide what to say. Ultimately, he thought that it would be painfully obvious. “No,” he murmured, nuzzling Mr. Thatcher’s cheek. “But I want to. Please?”

That made the older man groan. “I don’t mean to deny you anything, my pretty lord,” he purred, one hand slipping under Percy’s shirt. “I just wanted to be certain.”

“You can call me Percy.” He shrugged off his coat and started unknotting his tie. “Under the circumstances,” he said, his lips twitching. His hips rocked , forcing a moan from his throat.

The teacher raised an eyebrow. “In that case you must call me William.”