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One Torrid Night

By Lily Ashford


Imagine Antonia Gilles' shock when she finds the bronzed god of her dreams handcuffed to her bed! And for once, he is not a mere illusion, but a flesh and blood man. Over the course of a sultry summer evening, she will show this former sex-slave that erotic pleasure doesn't always include pain. And he will prove to her that she is more desirable than she ever imagined. Love really does show up in the most unexpected places.



He couldn't move.

What the hell? Kelton blinked and shook his head to clear the sleep from his eyes. What was going on?

After a moment, he realized his wrists were chained to the bedposts.


Suddenly alert, he sprang straight up, forgetting for a moment that he wasn't fully mobile. He was quickly reminded when sharp metal edges cut into his skin, jerking him back down among the pillows. He cursed at the pain as he shifted on the slippery satin, trying to settle himself more comfortably. But in this position, it was damned hard.

A warm breeze drifted over his body; someone had opened a window. Antonia. His senses tingled. That meant that she had been in the room. She had to have noticed him lying on the bed The wind caressed his bare legs. He furrowed his brow. Where the hell were his pants?

"Ah, the prisoner is awake," a low, feminine voice came from the shadows.

He started in surprise. Panic rose within him as he struggled to sit up, but once again, his bonds rendered him helpless.

"I wouldn't try that, if I were you. You'll only hurt yourself."

The speaker moved into the light, but she was not Antonia. A tall, blond woman stood before him. Her entire being shone with a golden beauty, a Valkyrie come to life.

"Valencia." His eyes narrowed.