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Potent Spirits

By Aurora Black


The legendary story of "A Christmas Carol" has never been seen like this! Quiet and shy Vivian Woods is in love with the devastatingly handsome Caleb Blackwell, a sexy fireman who sets her heart ablaze every night in her dreams, but she's convinced that he doesn't know she exists. She plans to spend another lonely Christmas at home, with thoughts of her secret love to keep warm. Someone has other plans. With the help of three hunky spirits, Vivian takes the most erotic and revealing journey of her life. Their sizzling touches on her skin teach her about the passionate, strong woman she really is inside... and a special someone's true feelings. 'Tis the season to make love.



The clock struck eleven as Vivian yawned and burrowed under the blankets she'd arranged on the sofa. Cradling a hot toddy in her hands, she silently cursed the fates for the apartment's heater being on the fritz. Just my luck, she thought. As if she didn't hate this time of year enough, she had to freeze as well.

She carefully sipped her drink, a tiny smile curling her lips. It could be worse, she thought as she glanced at the television. She could have lost the electricity.

Vivian finished the toddy, sighing as the warmth pooled in her belly. She placed the empty mug on the coffee table and reached for the remote control. Absentmindedly flicking through the channels, she quickly dismissed the special Christmas episodes of the sitcoms, cartoons, and the billionth broadcast of It's A Wonderful Life.

She shuddered and changed the channel again. After another few seconds of channel surfing, she stopped in her tracks when she noticed that A Christmas Carol was starting. Normally she didn't care for old movies any more than she did holiday ones, especially old holiday ones, but this time she felt drawn to the dance of pale light and shadow on the TV screen.

She reached for the half-empty bottle of Jack Daniels beside the couch and began to drink as she was sucked into the story. Vivian grew warm and relaxed as the time passed, so much so that it didn't matter when her thoughts drifted away from the movie and onto more pleasant territory. Caleb Blackwell, the man always on her mind. He was gorgeous, kind, brave, passionate ... and completely out of her reach.

Vivian's sigh was a mixture of yearning and self-directed frustration as she put down the bottle and turned over onto her back, staring at the ceiling. She first met Caleb over a year before, on the night her house burned down. The fire had been accidental, and within minutes everything was engulfed in flames. The overpowering stench of smoke jolted her awake, but the sight of everything around her catching fire paralyzed her. She was terrified of sharing the same fate as her mother, but she couldn't move to save herself.

Her eyes watered at the memory. She closed them as she remembered Caleb charging through the flames to save her, the blazing fire complimenting and accentuating his red hair and golden brown eyes. They were lion's eyes. She remembered the strength of his arms as he lifted her and carried her out of the charred ruins of her home, the bottomless depths of his eyes, the smell of his masculine sweat, and the feel of his body against hers despite the heavy fireman's gear.

Vivian wanted him from the first moment she saw him, but she was afraid to risk being hurt again. Their paths crossed several times after that night, and he'd always been friendly and concerned with her, asking how she was and what she was up to. But Vivian never allowed herself to read much into it, convincing herself he was only being polite; that he wouldn't be interested in her when he could have any woman he wanted.

"Ebenezer Scrooge!" The television droned on, but she didn't notice.

Her hands trailed slowly beneath the layers of blanket and flannel to cup and squeeze her bra-less breasts as she imagined what she would do to him if he were in the room with her. Shove him down onto the couch, rain kisses all over his face and neck before reaching for the buttons of his shirt...

"Tonight, you will be visited by Three Spirits..."

Vivian cried out as she pinched her nipples, twisting and pulling them slightly before releasing them. Her breathing was harsh as she sank deeper into her fantasy. In her mind's eye, she pulled Caleb's shirt free of jeans that fit him like a glove, attacking buttons one by one until the cloth parted to reveal his mouthwatering chest. She leaned down, gently capturing a dusky male nipple between her even white teeth, lashing the tip of it with her tongue briefly before switching to the other...

"At the stroke of midnight, the first one will come..."

One of her hands pressed between her thighs as the other continued its breast play. She carefully inserted one, then two fingers into her dripping wetness as the images and sensations of Caleb tantalized her. She could almost hear his rough groans as she licked her way down his chiseled abdomen before dipping her tongue into his belly button. She felt his large hands run through her raven curls, cradling her head to guide her mouth to where he needed it the most.

Vivian added a third finger to the mix, curling them slightly inside her as she moved them faster. She brought her thumb to stroke her clit as she imagined herself smiling seductively at him before teasingly rubbing his erection through the thick layer of denim that kept it prisoner. She saw her hands tugging forcefully on the button fly until his briefs were revealed, and then she yanked them down before taking him into her mouth.