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Public Relations

By Jade Falconer


Daniel and Martin are co-stars in a hot new gay TV series. But Martin is straight, and Daniel is hopelessly in lust with him.

When they finally have their first onscreen kiss, the network hopes to boost ratings by having Daniel and Martin seen together in public.

But will those public displays lead to more erotic private ones?



Daniel Ellory’s stomach flipped as he read the script. The cast of Fast Friends had been waiting for it, of course. Everyone who watched the show knew it was coming. The show had been building up to it for two seasons: the day his character finally got up the courage to admit his feelings for his best friend.

It worked beautifully. Another tale of unrequited love had seized the imaginations of prime time viewers, and now Fast Friends rode a wave of popularity unprecedented for a show based on young urban homosexual characters. It was a huge break for everyone working on the show, and now that the main cast had some time to get to know each other, everyone was looking forward to this turn in the plot. Supporting cast and crew alike patted him on the shoulder, making jokes about “the kiss.” Even his potential kissee, Martin Hudson, confronted the situation with high spirits, even though he was actually straight.

Very straight.

Daniel ought to have been excited and happy, but all he could think about was whether Martin would be cool about it if he knew that Daniel’s emotions were too close to that of his character. It wouldn’t take much acting skill to look nervous, Daniel had played this scene before. He always seemed to go for the straight boys—not the hulking homophobic assholes, but the sweet guys that tended to have petite, perfect little girlfriends.