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Purr for Me

By Skylar Sinclair


Halloween provides the purrfect backdrop for shifter Panteara to assume her sleek, feline form. Mingling at a wild party, she's looking for casual passion, but gets more than she bargained for when she meets another of her kind. Alpha lion Rourke is looking for a mate, and sets his sights on the lovely she-panther. Enjoy this sweet holiday treat from Skylar Sinclair.



Panteara arched her shoulders back and purred as she ran her hands down along the sleek, graceful lines of her feline enhanced body, reveling in the soft fur covering and the lean muscles defined beneath it. She loved being in this form. This was just one type of beast-shifting--that of half human and half panther. The females of their kind could only achieve this particular shift change on their day of birth--in which case for Panteara was Halloween--or after they mate. For twenty-four hours she could revel in this animalistic state, sinuous and sultry. Slating the sensuous feline creature that would dominate her.

Turning thirty-two and being a beast-shifter made her smile. Life got better and better with each passing year for her.

She was going to a Halloween party in full costume, so what if she really wasn't wearing one? A deep-throated, purring laugh slipped through her full, lush lips. Fooling everyone at the party was her own birthday present to herself. When she was little, she would trick or treat in this form, and people told her how cute she was. They were especially delighted when little Panteara would growl and hiss at them. It was all such a hoot for her.

To others that saw her, she would look like she had worn a dark pelted, skintight bodysuit that hugged and accented her every curve, line and shape, complete with panther ears, long fingernails, and a sexy swinging tail. Panteara was the ultimate cat woman--meow!

She thrived on all the attention she got wherever she went, and tonight would be no exception.

Derek, her old friend from high school, threw the best parties and the ones at Halloween always drew a big crowd. She planned to strut her stuff and find a good, hard male body to roll around in the sheets with later tonight. She loved men, but only on her own terms.

Before heading out the door and to the party, Panteara gave her animalistic appearance one quick glance in the hallway mirror. Grinning wickedly, long canines gleamed pearly white, giving her a sinful and feral look against a deep red backdrop of her glossy lipstick. Soft, feathered whiskers fanned out on either side of her cat-like nose and facial features. Straight dark brown hair streaked with thin strands of golden highlights swung freely about her shoulders.

Her favorite feature was the petite panther ears perched upon the topsides of her head. Twitching them first backward and forward, she'd needed to remember not to do that little number in front of anyone tonight. Vivacious golden-green slanted eyes, with a thick fringing of long eyelashes batted back at her with flirty devilish amusement.

Panteara dripped sexuality from her perky fur-tipped nipples to the red stiletto heels adorning her feet, which matched the color of her long, curved fingernails and lush lips. She hissed, flicking her wrist while clawing at the air in an exaggerated catty gesture, laughing at her feline fatade. Panteara might look feminine and harmless, but she could rip out a man's throat without breaking a sweat.

Tonight was definitely going to be a one for the record books. She could feel her sex tightening up in anticipation of the male attention she would no doubt encounter.

"Show time," Panteara purred deliciously as she reached behind herself, keys in hand and closed the door to her apartment, locking it and headed out for a spook-tacular night of hopeful carnal proclivities.