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Raashh Decisions

By Brenna Lyons


Raashh was Daahn’s second in command, a powerful Grea elder, now head of a nest of his own. But his nest is missing one essential detail; THE FOUNDING of a nest requires a female to fill it with children. When Rayn and MacNair bring Marie to him, Raashh is convinced it’s a joke, but the tiny human female proves to be more than a match for the elder.

The humans are restless, and it’s not safe to be Xxanian on Earth. When Daveed Raashh hires a new designer for the Spice clothing line — a human female designer, both of them know it’s not smart to get involved. But the heart doesn’t follow the head in THE BUSINESS OF LOVE.

A tragedy at birth left Arren Raashh a SUBDOMINANT SON in a nest full of Dominants...always lesser, always looked down upon. A chance meeting with Zondra Duncan brings something into Arren’s life he never expected, a human woman looking for a man who will never cheat on her. Sandy doesn’t mind that Arren is a Subdominant, but can they mend a lifetime of scorn from his family and reunite a broken nest?

Genres: Erotic Romance
Sci-Fi Romance
Romantic Fantasy
Fantasy Paranormal
59300 words -- 254 pages (print) 171 pages (eBook)




“Do you understand what you’re getting yourself into?” Stephen Rayn asked.

Marie smiled at him. “I’ve read all the files, Doctor. I’ve gone over the psychological and medical information with your staff in great detail. I’ve met with all the members of Daahn’s nest. I fully understand that I’m agreeing to bind with Raashh for life.”

The second in command of our new Xxanian allies. She’d always had a thing for powerful men, and he was sure to be more powerful than any unmated or unmarried man she’d ever met.

“And this doesn’t bother you?” Captain MacNair inquired, one brow raised in what she would assume was disbelief.

“Did it bother Emma?” she countered.

The military liaison winced. “Emma was illegally infused with Daahn’s Zhigaaal and was launched into a mating frenzy for him. Raashh is willing to allow you to be similarly infused before he approaches you, if you would be more comfortable with it.”

“I don’t think so. I would much rather meet Raashh with a clear head and let him know I came to him willingly, as one of his own females would have.”

The two men exchanged looks that said she didn’t know what she was in for.

“If there’s nothing else you need to tell me, gentlemen...” She hinted that they should be on their way to Raashh’s nest.

Rayn cleared his throat. “You may want to reconsider, Ms. Kade. At least let us infuse you first. Raashh is—”

“Emma compares him to a cargo van, Doctor. I know he’s much larger than Daahn is. I know Daahn and Emma are concerned that no human female would choose to bind herself to Raashh. I am happy to say they are incorrect. I fully intend to bind to Raashh.” Today, if they stop wasting time.

In fact, she was counting on it. What could be more Dominant than a warrior race with clearly defined Dominant and Subdominant classes? Especially a leader of their kind?

They shared another long look. At last, Rayn spoke. “Very well. Let’s get your bio-tracker on and take you to meet Raashh.”


Raashh paced the length of the center nest, his emotions in a riot. They’d done it. Rayn and Mac had found a human female willing to bind to him.

She may not once she meets me. He knew the chances of finding a female comfortable with his size was unlikely. She will most likely take one look at me and change her mind. She’ll beg to be given to one of the others. One of the smaller males.

Unless they’ve infused her. His primary ached at the thought of her arriving, already anointed with his Zhigaaal and in a frenzy for him as Emma had been for Daahn. He’d agreed to it, praying to the Seir-God that the human female would not come to her senses until he’d bound her to him and proven himself a worthy male to her unique sensibilities.

Everything he’d done—from building this lush nest to stocking in human delicacies—had been designed to seduce her senses and impress her nesting instincts. Please, Seir-God, let it be enough. He’d been without a female for six Earth years. Raashh wasn’t sure how much longer he could last.

A tone let him know Mac’s shuttle was inside the blast shields. It would only take him a few moments to unload Rayn and the female.

I should go to meet her.

No. I should meet her here, so she sees me after she sees what I offer.

Which would be better? It was enough to drive a male mad.

The sounds of them descending from the shuttle pad had his cock hard and ready. Raashh listened closely, picking out the feminine tones mixed in with those of Rayn and Mac.

It didn’t sound as if she had been infused. Raashh bit back a dozen harsh curses at that. If she hadn’t been infused, she was sure to refuse him.

At least I will meet her. Perhaps she will look kindly on what I offer, if not on me personally.

They entered the center nest, the two men walking side-by-side in front of the female, blocking his view of her. It was a weak mirror of the way a female’s seir and brothers might bring her to a male to sate her quickening. Still, Raashh knew the real reason for this. It was a warning to him to rein in his instincts. She was a human female and too fragile to handle him at his most sexual and Dominant.

They should have infused her.

Mac and Rayn came to a halt just outside Raashh’s reach. Each man took a step apart, revealing the female to him.

Mac didn’t hesitate. His Xxan was smooth and near-perfect, despite his human birth. “May I present Marie Kade, Raashh.”

Raashh fought for the ability to respond. The yellow-haired female barely reached Mac’s broad shoulders, and the springs of curl cascading around her face and shoulders reminded him of old vids he’d seen of child actors from a bygone age. “This must be what humans call a joke, Mac. She cannot possibly be my mate.”

The female answered before Mac had a chance to...and in even smoother Xxan than Daahn’s brother warrior could manage. “Am I displeasing to you, Raashh? You haven’t even scented me yet.”

“It is not a matter of pleasure.” As humans went, she was a delicious little morsel. And therein lies the problem. “You are much smaller than Daahn’s mate is. You are too small to handle a male of my size.” Though her facial structure appeared adult and her breasts and hips well rounded, her stature was that of a prepubescent human in height and width. Raashh was certain he could cover three-quarters the span of her narrow waist with one hand and talons combined and span her hips with both.

He’d heard the sounds Daahn’s mate made when Daahn lay with her. If those pitiful sounds were any indication, Emma could hardly take Daahn’s length and girth. Raashh might well split this poor, tiny female in two in the attempt. Human or not, harming a female went against a Xxanian male’s ethics and instincts.

Her smile was disarming. It warned that the discussion was not nearly over as he’d believed it would be after his protest.

She padded to him on bare feet, her S’suuhhea swishing around her body. “I don’t believe you are correct, Raashh.” She went up on her tiptoes, and her lips pressed to the musk well high on his chest. Her tongue prodded at it, bringing his primary cock up again and making his musk flow.

Raashh was too stunned to react. He wanted this more than he could remember wanting anything since he’d been captured.

“If you gentlemen would excuse us?” she suggested.

“The tranq pad—” Rayn started to offer.

“Won’t be necessary,” she countered.

The two human males left the center nest, and Marie reached beneath his S’suumea, taking his primary in her hand. She moaned.

“Your purpose, Marie?”

“Proving that I’m not too small to handle a male your size.”

She stroked him to his full length, making him ache for more.

“And once I do, will you still refuse me?”

He growled, warning her not to challenge him. He was a Dominant. I am not to be trifled with.

The sound that escaped her lips could only be classified as a purr.

Raashh untied his S’suumea, let it drop, and then untied her S’suuhhea and let it flutter to the grass. Her ready scent went to his head. Marie wasn’t simply aroused. She was in the human time of fertility. As he understood it, that meant she would ripen for him quickly if he claimed her as his own, as Daahn’s mate had caught for him immediately.

She turned, rubbing up and down his body, enticing him as a Xxanian female in the quickening would.

So that’s what she wants. Raashh brought her to her knees beneath his bulk and started working the length of his primary cock into her tight little body.

Moans and hisses left her lips, and he bit back foul curses at the fact that he’d been correct. She couldn’t take him. That a given, he withdrew.

“Don’t you dare,” she warned.

“I don’t understand. I am too large for—”

Marie turned on him, glaring as Emma did when Daahn angered her. What had he done to anger Marie? He was being solicitous, attentive, concerned with her well-being. He’d thought all females appreciated such care.

She climbed astride his lap and worked her body down the head of his primary, encasing him in delight. Her sounds were sharp, and she bit at her lower lip, her eyes sliding shut.

Raashh wrapped his hands around her waist and stopped her, rumbling out a soothing sound. If she couldn’t take him, she couldn’t.

Marie smacked at his hand, stunning him to momentary silence.

“You will only hurt yourself,” he protested.

“What in the wide, beautiful universe makes you think you’re hurting me?”

That succeeded in rendering him speechless for a longer period of time.

Marie beat him to coherent speech. “You think the sounds I’m making mean you’re hurting me. Don’t you?”

“They don’t?”

“You’ll know if you hurt me.”

“How will I?” It seemed he couldn’t rely on her sounds to be an indicator.

She pushed further down on his length, stealing his breath. Marie guided one of his hands to her breast, licking her lips when he stroked the soft mound.

“You feel how hard my nipple is?”

He nodded, his head spinning in pleasure.

“And how wet and hot my pussy is?”

“Pussy?” It wasn’t a term he knew.

Her inner muscles tightened around his primary. “Pussy.

“Yes. Very hot and wet,” he agreed.

“Those signs mean I am not in pain. I am aroused and in need of you. Desperate need of you.”

Marie pushed further down his length, more than halfway sheathing him. “More, Raashh,” she urged him.

“I could climax with this little of you,” he admitted.

“You are going to give me all you have to give, and I am going to love every millimeter of your cock.”

His Dominant instincts stood up and took notice. “You are ordering me?” Me? Second in command to Daahn?

“Perhaps you should show me what my place will be as your mate,” she suggested.

He considered that. Did she want him to Dominate her or did she wish him to play the part of a submissive human male for her pleasure? No female was worth that. I am Raashh. I am Dominant, and if that does not please her, she had best find a human male.

That in mind, he dragged her hands over her head and pinned Marie to the grass. Raashh thrust deeper, retreated, and came at her again...and again...and again. She wiggled against him, her sounds rising. He peeked down at her nipples, and his cock bucked at the sight of the hard buds of deep pink.

Thank the Seir-God! She does enjoy the Dominant in me.

That freed him to thrust harder and deeper. At last, he was fully-seated, and she still gave every indication that she was enjoying his sex.

Marie arched under him, venting screams that would have made him think she was in dire discomfort. Her climaxing pussy convinced him she was experiencing nothing of the sort.

He followed her over with a roar of possession. His fluids jetted into her body, setting off a quickening of Marie’s climax in response. She gasped out his name, pulling lightly against his hold on her wrists.

Marie lay beneath him, panting hard, her nipples still hard and inviting. Raashh lowered his head and licked at one, wondering if Marie would produce the sweet milk to feed their young, as Emma had for Daahn’s young.

She shimmied, her breasts bouncing and swaying. He hesitated, meeting her gaze, uncertain if she was asking him to continue or asking him to stop.

“Use your tongue, Raashh. Use it everywhere. I love it.”

The invitation was too sweet to pass up.


The rough surface of his tongue was sublime. All the better was the way the forked tips played counterpoint to each other, wrapping around her nipple, tugging lightly at it, rasping against the sensitive nubs. Raashh moved from one nipple to the other and back again, making his stillness inside her nearly unbearable.

His cock was still hard and lodged more than halfway inside her pussy. Marie wanted him deeper. She wanted him pounding again. Moreover, she wanted both cocks staking his claim on her.

Her heart sank as he withdrew. Marie stared at him, begging him silently not to refuse her.

He offered a soothing rumble. “I am simply giving my future mate what she so desperately needs.” There was a hint of a taunt in that.

Before she could question it, he’d turned her and positioned Marie on her hands and knees again. He spread the globes of her ass and traced the ring of her anus with his tongue.

Marie went weak in the knees, and moans escaped her throat. Visions of his secondary, pushing past the ring and into the depths of her ass had tantalized her in her dreams for weeks.

She stiffened at the abrupt thrust of his rough tongue into her ass, thankful that she’d used an enema to clean herself out for whatever play he wanted to engage in. He went still at the change.

“Yes,” she gasped. “Taste wherever you want to, Raashh. Please. Touch me.”

He came at her more avidly, piercing her ass over and over. Just as she felt she might come from his exploration, he moved on to her weeping pussy. The rasping of his tongue sent her to a second climax in moments, and his lazy tasting of her clit set off aftershocks.

Marie came to her senses, cradled in Raashh’s arms, her body vibrating in awareness. They stared at each other, and she wasn’t certain which one of them was more stunned.

She swallowed hard, terrified that he would see her weakness in pleasure as a risk. “Will you refuse me, Raashh?” she asked. Her heart ached at the fact that he still could. He could, and I would pine for more of him for the rest of my life.

“Tell me you wish to be my mate, and I would not deny you, little one.” He stroked her hair between his thick fingers.

“I do wish to. Now. Please.”

“First I will feed you and bathe you. Then I will make you my mate.”

Marie nodded, gasping out her agreement.


Marie moaned at the stroke of clove oil against her clit. She shifted her hips, riding the slick length of Raashh’s finger, seeking closer contact. She licked her lips, wondering how much longer he would keep her in this sexual limbo.

“You make me crazy to make you mine,” Raashh rumbled.

Closer inspection showed his muscles were strung tight, probably in misguided restraint.

Marie smiled. “I was ready when I got off the shuttle.”

He didn’t argue it. Raashh scooped up her right hand and guided it beneath the surface of the water. His primary was rigid, and she started to stroke it. He shook his head and moved her fingers lower. She gasped in the realization that his secondary was already the length of her little finger.

“Make me ready to anoint you.”

Oh, yes! Marie started using two fingers to stroke him. In moments, he was long enough to use three. Then all four.

Guttural sounds escaped his throat, and Raashh shivered in seeming delight. “Be sure, Marie. When my Zhigaaal starts to flow, I will anoint you, and I will not rest until you are bound as my mate and full of my young.”

“Oh, yes. That is what I want.”

His secondary moved against her hand slightly. A light burning sensation said his Zhigaaal had started to flow.

Her heart rate rose a dozen beats a minute and then more. Already, the need to have him between her thighs was maddening.

Raashh lifted Marie by the waist, and she let his cock slip from between her fingers. He settled her on a warm boulder at the edge of the pond.

Before she could question him, his fingers started working at her nipples, spreading the stinging Zhigaaal over her. Marie arched into his touch, at a loss for the words to encourage him. Her supporting arms trembled beneath her.

He traced a line of heat down her abdomen, retreated, and came back with what could only be a fresh coating of the pheromone. Marie pressed up with her heels, opening herself to him for more. Hot trails stole her thinking mind, leaving her aware of only a patchwork of pleasure as Raashh worked the Zhigaaal into her clit, her swollen and hungry labia, and finally into the ring of her ass.

She was on fire, needing more that only Raashh could offer. Marie didn’t question that Emma’s memories of being anointed were correct. If another man touched her now, she’d try to kill him. With good reason. I am Raashh’s woman.

Raashh set out to drive her mad. He spread his pheromone along her inner thighs, coated her mound with it, even painted a line of it between the globes of her ass, as if assuring himself that every possible erogenous zone was liberally coated in his potent scent.

As if proving her assessment correct, he did the same along the line of her collarbones, down the pulse points of her throat, at the soft, sensitive spot behind her ear, and finally brought a healthy helping to her mouth. Marie trembled as he spread it along her lips, thirsty for more, ravenous for what would come next.

She sucked his finger in, talon and all. Raashh went still, watching her drinking every drop with a moan, his eye slits narrowing.

“Do you...suck as I have heard other human women suck?” he asked.

Marie released him and licked her lips. “Anytime you want me to,” she vowed.

He hesitated long enough to make Marie wonder if he wanted it or was repulsed by it. At last, Raashh rose to his feet and brought his cocks to her lips. “Suck me, Marie.”

She engulfed most of the primary, working the broad column in and out. Raashh let her fellate him, his hand playing at her curls lightly but not pulling her in for more. He would learn in time that she liked that.

“The secondary. Suck the secondary.” There was no mistaking the bark of order.

Marie released his primary and sucked the secondary in. The Zhigaaal was like spice on her tongue, and she moaned, seeking more of him. Before she quite knew what was happening, his secondary was sliding in and out of her throat without a hint of a gag reflex.

Raashh’s roar spurred her on. She was going to make him come. She was going to drink down every drop, and after that, she would be his forever.

His second roar was accompanied by a hand holding the back of her head, his secondary deep in her throat. He erupted, shooting a load of Zhigaaal in; she swallowed it greedily. Her head spun, and her arms folded. Raashh supported her weight, laying her on the boulder as his secondary slipped from between her lax lips.

There was no mistaking his next move. Raashh positioned himself so she could see him stroking up more Zhigaaal. His expression said she was his, and he would kill anyone who stood in the way of him finalizing that connection between them.

Thank the stars! He’s what I’ve always wanted.


Raashh had never seen anything more beautiful. Marie was splayed out on the stone, drunk on his Zhigaaal, already well on her way to being his forever.

Quickly. Females fight when the stunning wears off.

Just as Marie started to move, he positioned his secondary at her delicate pink seam and thrust into her, spreading his pheromone the full length of her lovely channel.

The channel I’ll be pounding for the next three days. And then the rest of our lives, as it pleases us to do so. He hoped Marie would continue to be as receptive as she’d been thus far, as the years passed.

It didn’t take much to make him climax again, especially since his first thrust pushed her to the delicious contractions and sounds that announced her climax.

All that time, I thought Emma was in pain. Daahn has been blessed to have so responsive a mate.

But not as responsive as mine, it seems.

Marie went still beneath him again, the momentary pause in the binding that the Seir-God had graciously built in to allow the biding to progress unimpeded. Raashh didn’t waste it. He massaged the base of his secondary, pouring as much of his Zhigaaal against her barrier as he could. The iris of muscle spread wide to the relaxing effects of the pheromone, and Raashh worked his secondary through it carefully, mindful that human women might tear at too rough handling.

Marie moaned, and her hands came up. Raashh winced in the expectation of her human talons biting skin, but that didn’t happen. She stroked her hands up his chest, closing her legs around him, wrapping herself around his bulk as best she could.

The first whisper of movement up and down his secondary nearly stole Raashh’s thinking mind. He grasped her hips and aided her, his careful thrusting becoming more manic as she vented cries that he now recognized meant she was in desperate need of his sex. Since the bio-tracker would let Rayn know if she was in any physical danger, and the medic would intervene, Raashh let his drives loose, staking his claim as he would on a Xxanian female as a test.

Marie’s sounds became more frantic and encouraging, and there was no sign of the human males. It was more than Raashh had ever dared hope for. He planted the next course of Zhigaaal deep in her womb with a prayer that she would ripen and give him young.

With Marie relaxed in his arms, loosely wrapped around him, he considered giving her one more infusion into her womb. Memories of her sounds and movements as he tongued her ass made his cocks throb for other delights and a quicker end to the torture of his secondary jetting useless cum into the center nest when it could be finding a home in his mate.

Later. I will fill her womb with Zhigaaal and cum for three days. Moving on now will not prevent her from being my mate.

She moaned out a protest when he left her body.

“Only a moment, my little mate. You wish to be mine.” Of course she does.

“Yes. Yes. Please, Raashh.”

Hearing her say it was almost more than he could bear.

Raashh pressed his secondary to the ring of her tight little ass, moaning at the slight bite of the muscles against the head. He massaged up more Zhigaaal, using it to relax the muscles as he eased inside. With every forward motion, Marie made little sounds of encouragement or pleasure. With every slight withdrawal, she tightened her grip on his arms as if in protest. At last, he was deep enough in her ass for his primary to tease at her seam.

“Yes. Oh, yes, Raashh. I’m burning. I need your primary.”

That broke his self-control, and Raashh thrust both cocks deep into her. Marie didn’t scream. A litany of pleas left her lips. It took only a moment for him to realize they were pleas for him to keep moving. Her legs tightened around his hips again.

Another sign that she needs my sex. He committed it to memory.

One thrust led to another and another and another. Her tight little pussy ensured he wouldn’t last long, but he lasted longer than she did, which was a relief.

Again, Marie went lax in his arms. Before Raashh could decide what to do with her next, she was already coming out of her stupor.

So soon?

To his surprise, she didn’t fight him. Marie’s arms and legs tightened around him, and she rubbed her body up and down his, moving his cocks minutely inside her.

“I need more, Raashh.” It was a breathless little whisper of sound.

“More like this?” Or was there something else she wanted?

“Yes. This. Then...everything.”

His heart pounding, Raashh brought her into the water with him, working both cocks hard, to the sweet music of Marie’s sounds.


Marie woke in the shelter of Raashh’s body, snug on his dreaming mat. She was on her left side, her head pillowed on one large arm. His chest was pressed to her back, his primary cock stirring lightly against the curve of her ass.

Her body came to life that quickly. Three days of carnality, broken only by a nap here and there and Raashh feeding her to maintain her strength, and the burn to have him buried inside her hadn’t subsided in the least.

His grumbled curse said he was more than aware of her state of arousal. One big hand covered her breast and kneaded. “Your nipple is hard, and you are wet and hot. Are you in desperate need of me, Marie?”

“You know I am.” It came out as a gasp of sound.

His hand moved to her inner thigh, and Raashh spread her legs a bit. He shifted, bringing his primary to her sensitized labia. In the next heartbeat, he was inside and thrusting hard and fast.

Her body exploded in pleasure, and she vented screams of release, swiveling her hips to heighten Raashh’s pleasure. He came with a grunted curse in the Xxan language.

They were still for a moment, panting hard in the aftermath of the best quickie Marie had ever had.

Who am I kidding? Raashh is, in every way, the best I’ve ever had. He’d learned quickly that she liked being dominated by him, having Raashh position her for both their pleasure, being lightly restrained by him, having him order her to suck him or to remain still for his maddening touching.

Just the memories of his handling fired her for more.

He left her body in a rush and turned Marie beneath him, bringing his mouth down on hers with brutal efficiency. For a race that didn’t kiss as part of mating, Raashh had taken to the art and mastered it within a day.

It had started when she’d suggested she would like to try z’haahn. Raashh had fed it to her in the Xxanian manner, the mating male mouth feeding his female. When Marie had continued the kiss well after the meat was gone, he’d questioned it, then experimented with kissing. In short order, he’d been back inside her. Then the feeding had continued, resulting in more mating. They’d shared several meals of z’haahn since, all with roughly the same results.

Raashh broke off the kiss and cupped her chin. “Food for my mate,” he grumbled. “And then we will let Rayn take his damned tests, so they can leave the nest and allow us to set about scenting more of it.”

Marie smiled at the sentiment. “Z’haahn?” she suggested.

“Tease me much more, and you will be drinking my Zhigaaal before the shuttle departs the nest.” It was a challenge he wanted her to take him up on.

“Do you wish me to drink it now?”

“Little tease.” In a whirlwind, Raashh was thrusting hard inside her again, reinforcing his claim. “I will not give them any reason to tarry. You will be sucking my secondary the moment they depart the center nest.”

Her climax neared, a promise of another three days of mating frenzy. Or six. Or a dozen. “Oh, yes.”