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Saddle Up 'N' Ride!

By Remmy Duchene


Rusty Hunter and Jack Malone have been pen pals for years; seventeen years to be exact. There isnít much that happens in each otherís lives that the other doesnít know about. The first person Rusty came out of the closet to was Jack and vice versa.

When Rustyís letters stop, Jack feels alone and rejected. When he drops everything to visit the Charro Ranch to check on Rusty, he gets more than he bargains for. Rustyís reason for stopping writing is nothing but chivalrous, but what if Jack doesnít want to be protected?

Rusty Hunter knows that even though heís been friends with Jack for so long, he must let Jack go. For the past two years, Rusty finds himself wanting more from his long distance friend than friendship. Heís been having some rather steamy dreams of the handsome Texas Ranger, so when Jack shows up on his doorstep Rusty knows he really is in trouble.