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By Jade Falconer


2008 Fantasm Award Winner!

The exciting sequel to the best-selling Morningstar!

Generations after the great disaster, in a world where homosexuality is outlawed to ensure the human race survives and are vampires hunted, theirs is a dangerous association. Scott is a century-old vampire and Daniel a vampire hunter.

When Scott was faced with Daniel's imminent death, he did the only thing he could do. He turned him into a vampire. But Daniel wasn't just an ordinary human. As one of the most infamous vampire hunters, Daniel had dedicated his life to wiping the predators out. Now he has to find meaning in a life where he, too, is one of the living dead.

Can Daniel forgive Scott and find a way to protect the human race even as he, himself, is destined to drink their blood?



Scott woke, felt for the lamp, and lit it. It flared to life, and everything was as it had been. They were safe for now. Daniel slept on, and Scott knew from experience that he wouldn't wake today. He didn't want to leave Daniel, but he needed to feed, and find out what had happened the night before.

The feeding was harder than it seemed, the streets were deserted. Scott didn't even see any vampires. He finally gave in and ventured near the building where the vampires had rested, and from a block away he could hear the voices. Hunters, going through the place with torches and crossbows. He'd been right not to bring Daniel back here. They would have been killed.

Scott retreated, and just before dawn he gave up and caught a rat. He drained it, wincing at the aftertaste, but it did satisfy his hunger. He made his way back down to the basement, after stopping in Daniel's apartment for more blankets and some water to wash up. He was still covered in Morgan's, Daniel's, and his own blood.

He crawled back into bed with Daniel, who still slept like the dead.

* * * *

The following night, Scott looked at Daniel and could tell he would soon wake. The pressing problem of feeding his lover was upon him. The city was crawling with hunters, so it would be dangerous. But Daniel would be hungry when he woke, mindless and ravening.

Scott finally located a group of men who were pillaging a wrecked house. He caught the slowest one and fed from him, just enough to satisfy him, and render the man unconscious. Then he carried him back to a building nearby to Daniel's basement. The building would not be proof against the sun, but they would be long gone before then. He found some rope and bound the man securely to an old pipe, then went back to check on Daniel. As soon as he entered the basement, he could hear a stirring.

Daniel was awake.