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Snap Decision

By Shayne Carmichael


Being in the wrong place at the wrong time gains Ace Cameron knowledge she should never have. Unfortunately the picture she took doesn't show a damn thing. With a new mission in life, Ace sets out to prove vampires exist. Dragging her new assistant, Xavier, in with her, Xavier finds himself busy trying to keep both of them alive. Do vampires really exist? Ace is determined to get to the truth even if it kills her.



Ace set up her equipment quickly and efficiently. Thankfully she'd been paid to capture the night scenes of local wildlife in the park. Night Life magazine wanted shots of the randier human populace, not the animals that inhabited Wilson Court park. The sun had just set, though it was nowhere near full dark quite yet.

A young couple came into the park, and hoping for some good test pictures, Ace started photographing them. Through the view finder, she watched the couple necking as she captured them on film. When the dark haired man lifted his head, shock raced through Ace as she saw blood stains on his lips. As he smiled, Ace caught a glimpse of the sharp white fangs way too close up.

Stunned, Ace lowered the camera just to make sure of what she'd seen. As she stared at him, she could clearly see his face and raised the camera to take his picture before he moved to help the young girl to a nearby bench. Glancing over at the young woman, she appeared to be fine although she stared vacantly into space. When Ace looked back for the man, he'd already disappeared. Everything had happened so fast, Ace's brain still couldn't fully take it in.

Quickly, she ran over to the girl who appeared no more than dazed. Leaning over her, Ace saw were no marks on her throat. Only a small smear of blood remained on her skin.

The woman tried to stand and Ace quickly grabbed her to steady her. "Are you okay? What just happened?"

"What? Who are you?" Confused, she stared at Ace.

"I'm Ace Cameron. Who was that guy?"

"What guy? What are you talking about?" Clearly, the girl had no recollection of anything at all.

"I think I better find a cab to take you home." Ace got her out of the park and thankfully there were three already waiting in line at the curb. Helping her into the back seat of one of them, Ace asked, "You sure you're okay?"

"Yeah, I think so." She still appeared to be totally disoriented, but when the cab driver asked her address, she was able to answer him. "1757 Nadeau Road."

Ace's mind raced furiously as she headed back to her car; the assignment for Night Life completely forgotten. Ace knew what she had seen. No matter that such a thing couldn't possibly exist, she couldn't argue with her own mind. Keeping the camera in her lap, she drove back to her office to develop the pictures.