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By Jade Falconer


Gabriel had everything. He was a successful attorney, engaged to the mayor's daughter. He was handsome and charming. His career was poised on the brink of taking off, and it looked like nothing could stand in his way.

So why did he risk it all to have one night of blazing passion with a male prostitute?

When Gabriel met Nicky he had no idea what he was getting himself into. Manipulative and clever, the beautiful young waif was involved in the seedy underworld of the city. Would Gabriel be able to turn his back on the young man, or would he let himself be sucked into a world that could destroy his entire life?



He should have known he couldn't stay away. He'd hoped that the one night had scratched the itch, but it had only seemed to inflame it more. He dreamed of Nicky, waking up hard and aching. He thought about him at odd times, thinking he could catch his scent. He knew he was obsessed, with a male prostitute, of all things. If he could just have him once more--well, one more night, anyway--and take him multiple times, maybe he could get it out of his system. Even he didn't believe that, deep down, but it didn't stop him from thinking about him.

He had Nicky's cell phone number, but he didn't want to use it just yet. It seemed more premeditated that way. Instead, he chose to drive past what he thought of as Nicky's street. His heart started pounding at the first deliberate turn he made in that direction, and the closer he got, the more he knew he was hooked.

Gabriel drove down the street where he'd seen Nicky the first time. Odds were, he wasn't even here now. But as he approached, he saw him. It was unmistakably Nicky.

Nicky was standing by the lamppost in the middle of the block where he'd been before. Two other young men flanked him, like a flock of tropical birds in the unnatural light. Instead of his minimalist black, he wore red vinyl knee-high platform boots, white Spandex shorts with black stripes that left nothing to the imagination, and a shiny black vinyl vest that neither closed nor reached his waist. Around his neck was a sparkly red dog collar, and his lips were painted a lurid red. To all appearances, he could have stepped out of a 1970's tour bus for some tacky glam rock band. The others with him looked much the same, and for a moment Nicky seemed not to notice the car approach as they laughed over something together. Then he turned and his eyes fell on the sleek black car. He sauntered toward it, his hips swaying in exaggerated movements from the height of his shoes.

Gabriel's mouth was a desert, and his heart hammered in his chest. Nicky was even hotter this way, as tacky and artificial as he was. Something about it just made Gabriel desperate for him. Was it the tight, revealing clothes? The makeup? He didn't know, but he had to have him. He rolled down the window and stared, speechless.

Nicky leaned on the edge of the door. "You again?" he said, smiling flirtatiously. "I was actually going to run home and change. Can you wait?" he asked lightly.

"No!" Gabriel said a little hastily, then got hold of himself. "I mean. I could wait, but." His voice dropped. "I like you like that." He was ashamed of himself, but he wanted Nicky badly. "You look amazing."

Nicky laughed. "Really?" He pulled open the door and slid inside. "You're a kinky bastard, aren't you?" he teased.

Gabriel could feel that he was blushing, but he was also fully hard. "Apparently," he said, barely waiting for the door to close before he drove off. He was learning all sorts of things about himself. He really was a kinky bastard. He turned and looked at Nicky, moaning out loud at the heavy makeup, especially the lipstick, which made his already sinful mouth even hotter. "God," he moaned. He'd never seen anything so erotic.

Nicky smiled and slid closer to Gabriel across the seat. "Having trouble, baby? Do you need some help?" he purred, resting his fingers lightly on Gabriel's knee. "You like the lipstick, don't you? You wanna see my lips wrapped around that big thick cock of yours?"

Gabriel could only nod, and now those red lips were all he could think of. If he'd thought this one night with Nicky was going to get it out of his system, he was completely wrong. He was the hardest he'd ever been, and he hoped he remembered the way to the hotel. "Please," he panted, convinced his cock was about to drill a hole in his trousers. "You're so hot."

Nicky's fingers started tugging open Gabriel's pants. "Look at you, all hot and bothered for me," he breathed. "I'm not gonna disappoint you, Gabriel. I'm gonna give you exactly what you want. Just don't drive us off the road, okay? Maybe you should pull over for a minute if you want to really fuck my dirty little mouth." He bent over Gabriel's lap and pushed the fabric back as best he could.

"God yes," Gabriel groaned. Pulling over suddenly seemed like a really good idea. He wanted to fuck Nicky's mouth so badly he could barely think. He pulled into the parking lot of a mini mall, where all the storefronts were dark. He hoped it was safe enough, because he couldn't wait any more. He couldn't even process how much he wanted Nicky. It was blinding him.

Nicky looked up at him, a wicked glint in his kohl-rimmed eyes. "You like that idea, don't you, baby?" He leaned over farther, tugging Gabriel's cock out of his pants. "Show me who's in charge, baby," he breathed hotly against the moistened flesh. He flicked his tongue over him before sucking him slowly into his mouth.

Somehow Gabriel's hand was in Nicky's hair, and he cried out as that talented mouth took him in. "I'm in charge," he groaned, hand tightening. His hips rocked upward, seeking more hot, wet heat for his cock. "Take it, suck me, bitch," he moaned, eyes locked to those red, red lips wrapped around him. He needed this more than air.

Nicky groaned around the cock in his mouth. He swallowed the thickness, turning his gaze up to Gabriel's face. The eye contact made it even better. Gabriel knew he wasn't going to last much longer. This was too perfect, too hot to last, but he wanted to enjoy every second. "Such a good cocksucker," he growled, shoving his cock up into Nicky's pretty mouth, knowing he could take it. He didn't care how much this cost him. He had to have it.

The corners of Nicky's mouth turned up just slightly, though his lips were stretched around Gabriel. He hummed low in his throat as he swallowed him down until his nose scraped against the zipper.

"Fuck," Gabriel gasped. He couldn't have stopped now if a bomb went off outside the car. Nothing else mattered. Just the hot mouth wrapped around his cock. "Nicky, God, yes, gonna..." He hoped that was warning enough, because suddenly he was coming so hard he almost lost consciousness.

If Nicky was daunted, he didn't show it. He sucked Gabriel through it, swallowing down every drop of come. After a moment, he let Gabriel's cock slide from his lips and straightened. He flipped down the visor and checked his lipstick, then smiled at the other man.

Gabriel slumped back against the seat, breathing hard. He stared at Nicky, still stunned by the ecstasy he'd given him. His knees were weak and he wasn't sure he could even work the clutch right now. "Wow. That was..." He didn't even have the words.

Nicky moved close to him again. He put his head on Gabriel's shoulder. "Are you all right?" he asked, nuzzling his jaw.

Gabriel cleared his throat. "All right doesn't really cover it," he said a little sheepishly. "Thank you," he added after a moment. He wanted to get to the hotel but he needed a moment to gather his wits. How was it that this young man stole his reason?

Nicky slid his hand around Gabriel's middle. "The way you lost control was really hot. Did you like treating me like that?" he asked, voice soft and hoarse.

The fact that Nicky seemed to be into it as much as he was part of why Gabriel craved this so much. "I, oh God. It was so good. I didn't hurt you, did I?" He hated to think he had been choking Nicky, but a deeper part of him liked even that idea.

Nicky leaned back and smiled. "No. I'm used to a lot worse. Don't worry about it." He sat back. "Are we going to a hotel? Or are we done?" he asked.

Gabriel's expression fell a little. He wanted much more. "I was hoping to go to a hotel, spend all night with you again," he said. "But, if you have other plans..." He was disappointed, to say the least. Nicky clearly wanted rid of him.

"No. That's fine. I've got nothing else. I just wasn't sure if you wanted to, is all," he said.

"Of course I want to," Gabriel replied, unable to summon any guile at all. "I want you all night." He finally thought he could drive, and he began to back out of the lot. Luckily it wasn't far to the hotel.

Nicky nodded. "Cool. Although I'll probably get more looks at that fancy hotel dressed like this," he said.

He crossed his legs, showing off a sinfully bare thigh and the slinky boots. Gabriel looked over and whimpered, his cock trying to twitch to life. "I don't care," he said. "I like you this way. A lot." That was an understatement. He was already on the way to recovering.

Nicky smirked. "I can dress however you like if you give me a little notice," he offered. "Why don't you tell me what your naughty fantasies are? I bet I can fulfill them. Anyway, I can certainly try."

Gabriel considered it. "Oh, God. So many things. I like you dressed like this. Makeup. Maybe even," he wasn't sure if he could even say this out loud, it was so depraved, "if you wore a skirt." He'd never told anyone this before; barely admitted it to himself.

"Oooh, a skirt, hm? I know a store that might have one on the same block as that hotel," Nicky murmured. "Buy me a skirt and I'll wear it for you. Would you like that?"