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Sweet Surrender

By Jack Greene


Siris was being trained to be a pleasure slave, when, on the eve of his auction, his captors are attacked by a band of mercenaries.

Legar, a handsome and noble guard, fights with the leader of the mercenaries, the barbarian Rakurr over Siris. Before they kill each other, though, Siris convinces them to come to a mutually beneficial agreement.



Siris knew it was a bad sign when the two guards posted at his door suddenly disappeared. Since the announcement of the auction for his virginity, he was always guarded. His masters wanted to protect their investment, after all, and he couldn't blame them. The slavers had certainly put enough money into his training.

Siris was destined to be one of the most expensive pleasure slaves in the city. Most pleasure slaves were female, of course, but a fair number were male, and they were most popular among wealthy merchants. Male pleasure slaves fetched a higher price than most female ones, at least in this city. Apparently Siris was exactly what these men looked for: slender and delicate, while still clearly male.

He had been tending crops when he was taken from his village over a year ago by mercenaries from far away, who liked to take young men his age and train them to fight. It wasn't until later the mercenaries looked over the captives. The commander, a huge bear of a man missing one eye, took one glance at Siris's skinny frame and shook his head. He hadn't said a word to Siris, but the boy had been kept away from the rest of the men for the remainder of the journey, and eventually delivered to the pleasure house where Siris had lived since.

Siris couldn't help but feel relieved, actually. He'd been terrified when the men raided the village. He feared he'd be killed instantly. Instead, he'd been treated relatively well, and not beaten or raped. Later, he found out why. He wondered how much the mercenaries had gotten for him. Certainly not as much as his new masters would get when his innocence was sold.

He'd been terrified again once left with the slavers—no one bothered to explain anything to him, of course. He'd lived in fear day to day until one of the guards, a big blond man named Legar, had explained things to him.

Then his training began. Siris's father had died years ago, so as the eldest son Siris had to work hard as long as he could remember. He worked in the fields and tended the animals. There had never been any time for romance. Although there were a few village girls of an age with Siris, he soon realized he had no interest in them. He didn't know what that meant until later, when he'd watched a band of soldiers come through the village and found himself almost drooling over their firmly muscled bodies. From then on, his fantasies were of big, handsome men putting their hands all over him. More than that, he didn't know how to imagine.

Now he did, though. All the ways to please a man had been explained to him in much detail. His main teacher was an older female slave named Tatia. He was taught that most things were the same for men and women—he would use his hands and mouth as much as the rest of his body.

He learned all the places where men were sensitive, and where his touches and his tongue could bring pleasure. He was taught with diagrams first then, when it was time, on other male slaves. That was more fun, though the boys were his age and not muscled and strong as the men in his dreams.

Siris proved to be good at his tasks, judging by the boys' reactions. He was taught everything, but he knew for the whole time that he would not be penetrated until the auction. His training had been expensive, as was his upkeep, and he was expected to be a popular attraction at the pleasure house. But, his virginity would be sold to the highest bidder on his eighteenth birthday.

Siris tried not to think about that too much. After all, he was treated well, fed the best food, and never beaten. He was guarded day and night, and he never had to do any work besides his training and light exercises to keep his body sleek. It could have been a lot worse. Still, he longed for freedom. He had no illusions that the men who would hire him would be handsome, yet he would be expected to perform for them and let them use him. He could see no way out, though. He was small and slender and had no idea how to fight. If he ever did manage to escape, he would be at the mercy of the first man who saw him. He'd be used and likely killed.

So, this would be his life. He told himself it could be worse. When he lay with men, he would picture a handsome soldier or guard. Like Legar, who barely spoke but had been kind to him. Siris wished the handsome man could be the first one to take him, but of course a guard did not have that kind of coin. What Legar did have was a tall, strong body and muscular arms, and pretty blue eyes that Siris admired when the man brought him his meals or took him to his lessons. Some of the guards were contemptuous of Siris, he could tell, though they never said anything untoward for fear of reprisals.   Legar would smile at him, and Siris would smile back, and think of Legar when he learned something new. He hoped he would someday be allowed to practice on Legar, but it seemed he was not that lucky. He was only allowed to practice on the other male slaves. It was just as well; surely Legar was interested in women, not men. The blond probably had a pretty wife and a dozen children.