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The Adventures of Captain Chase Sykes and Navigator Duncan Sampson

By Mychael Black


A campy sci-fi comedy/romance from the minds of Black and Carmichael. Giant assassin vampire sheep, a secretive jungle lord, saving the universe, and screwing each other are all a part of the every day life of Chase Sykes and Duncan Sampson. Galatic Interferion's best men are at the forefront of all the action, livin' and lovin' large.

In the first episode of the series, Chaotic Insecure threatens the stability of the known universe in his plot to steal Interferion seeding crystals. Can Chase and Duncan stop him? Can they resist the seductive appeal of both Interferion's worst enemy and the Jungle King in the short red tunic? Will they make it home in time for dinner?

As the plot thickens, all is not right in Duncan and Chase's world. Bits and pieces of the puzzle fall into their laps, and they wonder if they're working for the right side. Between invisible, crazed throat-ripping squirrels and psychopathic cyborg sharks; not to mention the prisoner with aquamarine eyes that can freeze a man's soul or warm the hell out of it, and the demon with the piercing golden eyes and ruby red lips, who the hell can work? Duncan and Chase are more than willing to give it their best.

Elements: M/M, MMM menage



"Release the giant assassin vampire sheep!" Rudolpho screamed out the command. In answer, the portal opened and dozens of hungry sheep streamed into the room.

Duncan gazed in wide-eyed horror as he clung to the swinging iron chain above the warehouse floor. His partner, Chase, stood directly in the path of the oncoming sheep--but then, so did Rudolpho.

"Chase!" Duncan yelled before the ravening flock engulfed their arch nemesis. Rudolpho's piercing screams echoed in the warehouse and Chase glanced upward. He tried to reach for Duncan's leg as Duncan swung toward him.

"Let go and I'll catch you! Hurry!" Chase's gaze darted back and forth between Duncan and the mass of wool.

"I'll get you for this!" Rudolpho's vengeful vow came from the bottom of the pile. "Nerk, you incompetent..." The bleating of the sheep drowned out Rudolpho.

After Duncan freed himself from the chain using his All Purpose Metallurgic Dissolver, he jumped into Chase's waiting arms, muttering, "Thank God for Nerk."

Once Chase set him on his feet, they both ran from the warehouse, leaving Rudolpho to the revenge of the sheep.

Chase raced to the ship that sat just outside the warehouse, flipping open the voice pad in his hand. "Mal, get 'er running!"

"Yes, Captain Sykes," the computer voice answered.

Once inside, Duncan collapsed into his chair before gales of laughter erupted. "Did you see Rudolpho's face? I think we need to hire Nerk. Opening the portal right in front of Rudolpho? Absolutely priceless."

Chase grinned and spun around in his chair, leaving Mal to get the ship off the ground. "We really should," he said, relaxing back in the chair. "So, did you get the converter?"

"Nerk does more to defeat Rudolpho than we do." Slipping his hand inside his regulation Galactic Interferion jacket, Duncan pulled out the gleaming silver rod and waved it triumphantly in front of Chase's face. "Told you I could."

Sticking his tongue out, Chase snatched the rod from Duncan's hand. "Showoff. Oh, this one's nice. Heavy. How much is it worth again? Twelve hundred creds, isn't it?"

The station com screen flickered and the face of Arch, Interferion's coordinator, appeared. Hastily Duncan grabbed the converter and hid it before it could be seen.

"Chaotic Insecure is on the move. Quadrant Delta, Vector Z. You've got two microns to get there." Arch's gaze darted between Chase and Duncan. "And I saw that. It had better be on my desk when you return from your mission."

"Damn," Chase muttered. "Yes, sir. Roger that. Sykes and Sampson out. Two microns. Ya know, that gives us ample time for some action," he said, wiggling his eyebrows at Duncan. He leaned forward and hit the button to switch off the screen.

"Go away, Arch, we're busy." Rolling his eyes, Duncan covered the view bot with his hand and motioned to Chase with the other. Even though Chase had turned it off, Duncan didn't trust it. "Over here in my lap, babe. We've got two microns to kill."

A few of Arch's more choice expletives filled the cabin before the sound was abruptly cut off.

Chase grinned and stood, stripping before straddling Duncan's lap. "Mm," he hummed. "Hey, babe. You know, you really looked good hanging from that chain..."

Satisfied Arch was gone, Duncan rested his hands against Chase's hips as his lover settled on his lap. "I didn't miss your hard on. It was the sheep, wasn't it?" Snickering, his nails grazed over bare skin as he tipped his head back, looking up at Chase.

"Smart ass," Chase mumbled, mouth moving over Duncan's. "Although, they might make a good set of sheets." He rocked over Duncan's lap, groaning softly.