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The Collettes: Luna

By Dahlia Rose


Part Two of The Collettes.

The Saga of the vampire sisters continues. Sola completed her quest for the first part of the Lazarus amulet with success. Now it is Luna Collette's turn to find her part of destiny. Her ally comes in the form of the daughter of their enemy, Creve.

Georgina Matthews, aptly nicknamed George, is a spitfire and vampire hunter who now she seeks revenge for the death of her father. When these two women meet, more than sparks of anger fly, but an attraction forms that they cannot deny. Will Luna be able to convince George that her life is meshed with the undead to save mankind? Will George be able to become something she has been taught to hate? A creature of the night, a hunter, and a drinker of blood.

Elements: Interracial (WW/BW)



"I need to get out of here for awhile."

Everyone turned to look at Luna Collette as she paced the living room in their family home. It had been days since Sola and Gideon came back with the first piece of the amulet. Since then, everyone was staying close to the grounds. Just in case Carthos sent his people after them.

It was grating on Luna's nerves. She needed to be free. Not being able to hunt for days, she felt like an animal with its paw caught in a trap, ready to chew off its own leg to be gone from captivity.

"Luna, you are not caged like an animal," her sister Willa said in an amused voice.

Just about a month before their three hundredth birthday, things began to happen. Changes started taking shape in their lives, preparing them for the battle against Carthos and the hunt for the Lazarus amulet. It was the one thing that could give vampires a way to walk in the daylight with humans. The Lazarus amulet was sought by both humans and vampires. Sola began having visions, Willa could sense or read people, and their emotions and thoughts. For Luna nothing had happened yet and it began to irritate her, making her feel like even more of a freak that she already was. Born of parents who had been vampires was unheard of, now this. She just wanted to find her piece of the amulet and get it over with.

"You are not a freak either, and things will happen for you in time," Willa announced firmly.

"Jesus, Willa, stop doing that! I hate you bouncing around in my mind!" Luna exclaimed in frustration. She sighed and went over to hug her little sister, who'd been born right behind her. "I'm sorry, I'm just on edge. How can I find my piece of the amulet or the mate to help me if I'm stuck here?"

"We just want to make sure no one is coming before you go out on your own." Gideon said. Luna looked at him sitting on the sofa with her sister Sola sitting on his lap. Their fingers were intertwined on her lap. Since their quest for the first piece of the amulet they were inseparable. Even hunting and feeding together. Am I ever going to find that with someone? She asked the question of herself many times, but she just did not know.

"Well it's been days, Gideon, and zip no one has come. I want to go back to my apartment. I want to hunt on my own feeding grounds!" Luna replied. "The people in this damn town don't taste the same. I miss the taste of city blood."

"Luna, give it another day. If no one comes, then you can go to the city. Maybe it's there you're supposed to find your partner," Sola added.

"All I'm saying is, it better be a chick. I don't need some dude with his dick hanging between his legs as my partner. I'd rather bite it off and spit it at him." Luna looked over at her sister's mate, the newest member of their family. "No offense, Gideon."

He inclined his head. "None taken." To Sola, he kissed her neck and said, "Remind me never to sleep on my back around her."

"Gotcha, babe." Sola laughed.

"Well I'm glad I can amuse you guys. I'm going out to feed."

Luna stalked off, leaving the rest of her family staring at her. Shrugging into her coat, she fluffed her spiked bangs before going out the door. To emphasize her irritation, she slammed the door behind her and the glass shook. If it had shattered Jarrod would have flayed me, Luna thought with a grin.

Crossing the driveway to her car, she slid behind the wheel to drive into town. The Charger purred to life when she turned the key in the ignition. Luna smiled wickedly as she pulled out of the driveway. There was little fun to be had in this small town. There must be at least a few college girls out for a good time. She longed to play and then sink her fangs into the creamy neck of some young thing with perky tits. They were the ones who were so easily pulled under the irresistible vampire charm when it was turned on. They followed like little puppies when called to sniff at their owners fingers. A pretty blonde one would be nice, Luna mused as she drove along the unlit roads, with the dark silhouettes of trees lining the path.

While she drove, she let her mind wander to the events of the last few weeks. Their destiny to find the Lazarus amulet, and their lives in general, was one big curse in her opinion. Who the fuck asks to be born of vampires? Her life had been unusual from the time she could remember. Vampire nannies taught her everything from reading, writing and languages, to learning how to hunt and use her mental manipulations to find her prey. Growing up, all she ever drank was blood until she began to watch television shows where kids had milk and cookies. Even though by the time television was invented she had lived a few lifetimes and understood what vampires needed to exist. She was adamant to try it--she craved that little piece of humanity.

Luna remembered the first night she bought milk and cookies, she snuck them into the house as if she was sneaking in a girlfriend to entertain in her room. She loved the taste and the texture, and it became her little vice even though she was part of the undead. Luna grinned, remembering the look of horror on her sisters' faces when she bit into a cookie in front of them and then drank some milk. They tried it and didn't care for the taste, so this was Luna's secret habit.

It was already the first week of October, their birthday loomed like a dark bird of prey on the twenty-sixth. Just a few more weeks and they would be at the nexus of their lives--a battle between good and evil. Which was funny in Luna's opinion, she killed humans for food and thought of herself as evil for a long time. It was good to know that there was someone more evil than her.

Her car pulled into the main street of town. It was small and soon she could hear the pounding beat of techno music.

"The sound of collegians on a Friday night," Luna murmured and parked in the back alley. "You gotta love it."

Luna felt all eyes turn to her when she walked into the club. She was used to it and actually enjoyed it when it happened. With her red hair and the sexy way she walked, she attracted both but only loved one. Tonight she was wearing low riding suede pants in brown that rode on the smooth curve of her hips. Her short tank shirt and stiletto boots accentuated her sleek, cat like walk and complimented her outfit perfectly. She slid onto the bar stool as the bartender walked up. Curiosity was lurking in his eyes but it did nothing for her. Handsome face and not much else, if she didn't find what she wanted tonight he would make an excellent meal.

"Gin gimlet," she told him and turned her back, effectively stopping any conversation he wanted to have. She took stock of the room, checking out the couple who were already shacking up and the singles who were trolling for a partner.

"Your drink, hot stuff," the bartender came back with a cocky grin on his face.

"Thanks." She pulled a ten from her pocket and handed it to him. "Keep the change."

"You're new in here, aren't you? Need the scoop on the lay of the land?"

"No I don't, I can hunt for myself just fine," she said with a smile.

"Gotcha, babe." He walked off with that cocky grin still affixed to his face. Luna had the urge to drink him just to watch the smile fade. She hated cocky men.

She noticed a few possibilities, but none of them were alone, all were draped over some guy and giggling stupidly. "There she is." Luna saw her fancy for the night. A young woman who was sitting with a few of her girlfriends, but not saying much as guys came over to talk to the group. One man touched the girl's shoulder, and even though she hoped no one noticed, she couldn't help cringing. Luna knew the type. Her friends brought her along for a little outing, but she would go home alone. No one here was what she needed.

Luna didn't move. Sending her thoughts to the girl easily in the noisy room, the girl told her friends, who barely noticed her, that she was going to the bar. After hundreds of years of practice, Luna could send her will out to a lone person standing in the middle of a stadium on Super Bowl Sunday.

It was simple enough to get the young girl to come to the bar. When she sat down Luna turned to her. "I'm leaving, sit here for a minute or two, then follow me."

The girl did not even nod. Luna downed the rest of her drink and walked out of the bar. The mist was already swirling around as she stood with her hip leaning against the wall. Luna felt the hair on the back of her neck stand up and her instincts kicked in. Someone is watching me. She casually let her gaze travel to the tops of buildings and to cars parked around. No one was there and she brushed it off as the jitters. This whole damn mess we are in would make anyone jittery.

The brunette came walking out soon after and fell into step with Luna. She opened her car door and let the girl slide onto the leather seats before walking around and getting in herself. The car purred to life, like her anticipation, and the vehicle slowly crawled out of its parking space and into the night.

She found a quiet spot on the road back to her family home, on the outskirts of town. Luna knew she could take the girl home, but somehow doing that held no appeal. So when she saw a little dirt road, she pulled off and let her car glide to a stop. The road was just a small path for cars, in the summer, leading to a grassy hill with trees. She assumed humans used it for picnics in the warm sun. Her heart longed for a taste of mortality sometimes, but her love of the night was in her name. She felt stronger when the moon rose high in the sky and the night embraced her.

Now was not the time for such ponderings, she had a sweet morsel waiting for her fangs. Luna felt a kind of disappointment as she encouraged the girl into the back seat. She could only play a little. She preferred her bed mates willing, but under her control, the girl was almost robotic.

Kissing the girl's soft cheeks, she let her hands caress the curve of her thigh, under her flowing skirt, before moving to her breasts and filling her hands with their weight. Luna could feel the arousal building, and knowing she could do nothing about it made her frustrated. With a catlike growl of annoyance, she reared her head back and let her fangs sink into the girl's neck. She took the life force from her victim in long gulps, letting the sweet, metallic taste fill her mouth before swallowing. The girl suddenly began to struggle but it was already too late. Luna locked her legs around the girl easily and drank, all the while the young girl's heartbeat was filling her ears. When the final thump of the empty vessel signaled her end, Luna let her lifeless body fall against the seat of the car.

"Damn it! Now, I'm horny." Luna was grumbling as she got out of the car.

"Did you have a nice meal?" the soft voice asked as Luna whirled to see her visitor.

Damn it, I let my guard down! She thought angrily. The woman who stood in front of her was tall and her fiery red curls were flames against alabaster skin. Her jeans were well worn with holes in the knees, and the tank top she had on had the bottom torn off so it looked ragged and showed off her flat abdomen. All in all she was not bad to look at. Luna could bet with all the fire sparking in her eyes she would be even better to drink.

"My meal was fine, wanna be my dessert?" Luna responded, leaning against the door of her purple Charger. She smiled through lips still stained with the blood of her victim and let her fangs be seen.