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The Duke's Husband

By Mychael Black


Jay Wharton and Devon Brooks meet and fall in love in merry ole England. Only everything isn't so merry. Jay is the Duke of Wharton, and his mother doesn't care for his relationship with Devon. The Duchess' schemes drive Devon from England back to the United States. Unwilling to let Devon go, Jay follows him to the States and proposes to him. Devon agrees to marry him, and they are wed in a beautiful ceremony in Canada. What should be the start of a new life together slowly begins to take on a nightmarish quality. Is the love they have for each other strong enough to withstand the trials?

Elements: M/M, mild violence



Jay finished off his Guinness and without another word, took Dev's hand, and led him out onto the packed dance floor. Once he found a small pocket within the throng of sweat-slick, gyrating bodies, he snaked an arm around Dev's waist, pulling him right up close, their bodies pressing together. The beat of the music was a bizarre techno rhythm, but it was danceable. Jay quickly proved he knew what he was doing, his hips and, indeed his whole body, working to the music, sliding across Dev's.

Relaxing within the rhythm of the dance, Dev matched every one of Jay's movements. The reddish light surrounding them faded with the beat of music, leaving them in the shadows.

Lowering his head, Jay whispered in Dev's ear, "Would it be in bad form if I were to ask for a kiss?"

Not even thinking twice, Dev whispered back, "No." Turning his head slightly, his gaze sought Jay's as his lips parted slightly, almost inviting the touch.

The first meeting was no more than a brush of Jay's lips across Dev's. Then Jay slipped his tongue out, taking a fleeting taste of Dev before dipping into his mouth. His hold tightened around Dev's waist, pressing them together as he began to sway absently, not quite moving to the music and not appearing to care in the least.

The bar around them completely faded to Dev as Jay kissed him. Near to taking his breath away, a tingle ran down his spine as his fingers tightened slightly on Jay's arms. His tongue slowly flit beneath Jay's, and he lost awareness of everything else around him. He'd been kissed before, but Dev had never been so totally drawn into it like this, and it floored him.

Nothing else existed. Not the rigors of his life, not his mother, not the snooty socialites Jay was expected to be like. No. The only thing that existed at that moment was the body pressed tightly to his, the fingers digging into his biceps, the tongue exploring his mouth as thoroughly as he was exploring Dev's.

Breathing deep, Jay pulled away, the room spinning as he simply stared into Dev's eyes. "Wow."

Blinking rapidly, Dev looked bemused as he opened his eyes. "I..."

Without breaking the contact between their bodies, Jay backed up, moving through the crowd until he felt the wall behind him. Relaxing back against it, he spread his legs and pulled Dev to stand between them. Sliding a hand through Dev's hair, he reeled the young man in for another kiss, this one more thorough, more certain.

Without even token resistance, Dev found himself in Jay's arms, answering his kiss, arms around the duke's neck. This time the tingling made him shiver. There was something mesmerizing to the current as it traced through him. Again, it drew Dev in totally, leaving him blissfully unaware of anything else around them.

"God, I wish you were staying here longer," Jay murmured over Dev's lips.

"Don't you ever come to London?"

Bloody Hell. Jay wondered how far this would go, if he should just outright tell Dev who he was. In London, there were many who would know him and he didn't know them well enough to keep their mouths shut. Sighing, he looked into Dev's eyes and finally made up his mind.

"There's something I need to explain first."

As Dev eyed Jay questioningly, they were interrupted when a couple of Jay's "friends" grabbed hold of both of them.

Dragging them back to the dance floor, Neil teased Jay, "Now, none of that 'til later, old man."