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The Edge of Loneliness

By J.D. Laurel


Rachel is a farm girl who is unsure of her sexuality; Ellen is a successful real estate broker from Chicago who is struggling with a recent break up with her girlfriend.

A chance encounter in a cornfield develops into a loving relationship for them that seems to be the one true one, until Ellen's girlfriend returns, and what happens then propels Rachel and Ellen desperately close to the edge of loneliness.

Length: 18,200 words



On those quiet summer afternoons while her father was at work, Rachel would leave the old, creaky house and walk between the rows of tall corn where it was cool and dark. She would walk deep into the field, until the sounds of the random cars traveling on the gravel road in front of her house were muffled, and she was all alone. She liked it that way, being alone. When she found the spot she wanted, she would sit between the rows for a half hour listening, making sure no one was following. Pulling her knees under her chin she listened so hard it hurt, and when she felt the ringing of silence in her ears, she knew it was safe.

She spread the thin, patchwork quilt on the cool ground and sat comfortably on it, breathing the sweet, heavy air while she looked up at the brilliant sky smeared with cottony clouds. Taking a cigarette out of her bag, she lit it and inhaled deeply. She didnít smoke much, but before she did it, she liked to have one. It seemed to make it last longer that way. Enjoying her cigarette with long, lazy drags, she smoked all of it. She liked the feeling of it between her lips. Her father had never gave her a whipping, even when she deserved one, but if he knew she was smoking he would spank her good no matter how old she was. Here in the cool, dark cornfield the only witnesses were the silent stalks of corn, and they could not smell the odor from the cigarette smoke that would linger in the house. Snuffing the butt out in the dirt, she felt the thrill of anticipation thinking about what she was going to do.

Taking the department store catalog out of her bag and holding it in her lap, she thumbed through it slowly past the furniture, drapery, power tools, television sets, until she arrived at the womenís clothing section. She always started with the shoes, looking them over intently, staring at the different styles and colors, dreaming of wearing the ones she liked as the excitement intensified in her body. Then to the stockings, all of those beautiful legs cut off at the thighs and wondering what the rest of the woman looked like. She pulled her thin, full, cotton skirt up, looking at her own firm, sleek, olive colored thighs, and compared them to the models in the catalog. Her legs were longer than most but smooth and shapely. She felt the first twinge in her breasts, and she licked her full lips delicately.

When she got to the bra section, she always picked out the models with large breasts and lots of cleavage because she longed to feel a womanís big breasts just once in her life. Was that too much to ask she thought, as she began to unbutton her pink and white, checkered blouse. The model she was staring at had full, ripe breasts and long, brown hair. Her pink lips were stretched into a pretty smile as if she were encouraging Rachel to go ahead. Rachel pulled her blouse open exposing her simple, white bra, and her firm, rounded breasts ached with longing. She moved her slender hands up to her waiting breasts and squeezed them softly, gasping with pleasure from her own touch while she thought of squeezing the big breasts in the picture, and yes, sucking on the tempting nipples that were hidden from view.

Rachel pulled her bra up and allowed her full, grapefruit-size breasts to spill out. The thick, brown nipples, already crinkling with desire, stiffened to the texture of rock candy when the moist, warm air hit them. She moaned, tousling her short, curly, black hair. The small nostrils of her long, elegant nose flared as her soft fingers found the anxious flesh of her taut nipples, and she pinched them, moaning again softly into the silence of the cornfield. She fondled her breasts, bringing the wonderful sensations she loved, while she imagined herself holding the big breasts in the picture, feeling them in her mind.

The panty section was next, and she sighed as she turned the page and stared at the slim, pretty model wearing tight, yellow, bikini panties and matching lacy bra. She stared at the mound between the modelís legs and the soft crease of material outlining the tender lips that were covered by the thin nylon. Rachel pulled her loose skirt up around her hips and exposed her thin, white, cotton panties, covering the mound of her own sweet sex. She thought of feeling the cute modelís pussy and wondered if the tender lips felt velvety and smooth like her own. Moving her hand down, she began to gently stroke her panty covered pussy lips, massaging them lovingly with her fingers while she traced the narrow slit between.

Turning the page, she saw several models in different colors of panties, red, black, and her favorite, light blue. Some of them were facing her with the familiar mound and indentation between their shapely legs, and some of them were turned away, showing their round, full buttocks. Rachel took a deep breath and lifted her firm, shapely ass up while she pulled the white cotton panties down around her ankles. She felt the warm air on her mound . The plump, full lips were covered with fine, curly, black hair, and she was nice and wet already. It was a pretty pussy she thought, looking between her legs and smelling the sweet fragrance of herself.

Rachel cradled the catalog in one arm, close to her face, while her other hand moved deftly to her aching sex. The abundant pubic hair felt like corn silk as her delicate fingers worked their way through it to the moist slit between her twitching lips. She slowly inserted one finger into the hot, wet slit, marveling at how good she felt. Staring at the pictures and all of the hidden pussies there, she wondered what they all looked like, and as her mouth watered she wanted to taste them, all of them. Her finger went deeper, and she moaned into the silence as thoughts of licking all those pussies flashed through her mind. Just to taste one once in my life, taste a womanís sweet pussy, thatís not too much to ask, she thought, as she pulled her wet finger in and out, sliding it up to the top of her crease where the tight, swollen clit was begging for it.

Leaning forward, she moved closer to the pictures as if she could stare right through the panties and see the hidden treasures within. Her finger moved rapidly in circular motions over her aching, swollen clit, and she wished she could feel the warm, soft lips of a woman on her mouth as the fire smoldered deep inside, slowly burning its way to the surface. Her nipples begged for attention but she refused to release the catalog, bringing it closer and kissing the pictures with her soft, full lips while her finger worked magic sensations on the sensitive clit that now controlled her body. She quickly turned back to the pretty brunette in the light blue panties as she felt the familiar aching glow in her vagina. She kissed the light blue panties while she shook from the force of the orgasm that burned the soles of her feet and swept over her pussy like a raging forest fire. She continued to stroke her clit softly until it became too sensitive to touch, and then she lay back on the quilt, closing her eyes for awhile, wishing the brunette in the light blue panties was there to hold her.