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The Rapture

By Missy Lyons


The lure of a demon lover is difficult to resist, and impossible to leave, because sex is highly addictive. Sex with a demon is known as the rapture, since it brings absolute pleasure so intense that it is almost painful. But is the price worth gambling your life and your freedom?



In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Angels followed Him and His Word without question, carrying out His orders and wishes. His angels possessed nearly as much power as He did. They could create worlds, and they could destroy them in a heartbeat. They held a power that is unequaled, even among the magical beings of the earth. But the power wasn't enough to keep them all happy. There was one angel who did not agree with His Maker, and he disobeyed his God by seducing the first woman ever created, from her husband Adam.

Eve was the first woman to experience the Rapture.

It wasn't an apple that made her want to go back to the Gardens for more.

Lucifer was banished from the heavens for this act. He was known as the first of the fallen angels, and several more followed him. He isn't known as an angel anymore, but a Demon, and he lives with his kind--other angels who also thought to experience the pleasures of the flesh for themselves--in inner earth.

The Rapture is an experience that any woman would die for. Humans can't compare to the sexual fever produced by a Demon lover. There is nothing you wouldn't do to experience it again. The unique scent sent out by a Demon who wants to bond his lover to him is one that invades your soul. It's addictive and quickly sets your body on fire with desire. A desperate need to be satisfied. Powerful. Binding. Everlasting desire to please your master. Enslaved, one becomes completely dependent on their Demons for their pain or their pleasure.

No other lover will compare once you have experienced the Rapture.

* * * *

Genevieve cast the spell, chanting in a throaty whisper, letting the words flow in a river of power to center on the object she clasped in her fingers. She held a silver flute loosely in her hands, too deeply entranced to care about anything else but completing the spell. The precious flute already held some power, fashioned by the elves of the Black Forest. Its music could captivate the soul. The music came out pure even when the person playing knew nothing of music, or magic. The music that came from the flute was nothing less than spellbinding, but with her spell on the small silver flute, the music could cause an obsession.

With the last of the spell finished, Genevieve turned the flute over, admiring her new toy. She had given the flute part of herself, and part of her own magic left her when she worked that spell. She would know if it were misused and always be able to sense the flute's whereabouts, which was a good thing. The spell she just wove around the flute would drive men crazy with lust and an insane desire to please the one who played it. This magic flute was now enchanted with a spell that would be difficult to undo, and would attract men like bees to honey.

It would not be the same for women, they would not be vulnerable, only men. And those men would beg to serve the musician, to please them, or just have one night to love them. They would leave their lovers, abandoning their lives and their familiarities. They would come bearing gifts of diamonds and rubies. Treasured wines and the best of any of their food from their storehouses. And once they had listened to the music of this magical flute, they would be obsessed with pleasing the musician, anything to hear the song once more. This little silver flute could take away the freewill of any man in the world. Kings would be on their knees, warriors would lay down their weapons, and the person who used it could have more power than anyone in this world should.

Quickly the music would become addictive, and it would become an obsession, unless the entire song was wiped clean of their memory. Something easily accomplished. The youngest of Druids could cast a memory spell if they wanted to make its power disappear.

In the wrong hands, this magic flute could be deadly, but for Genevieve and her people the Elisaid, the last of the cursed Druid descendants, the flute would be her salvation. It meant more than she could have ever dreamt.

This flute would help her to get her heart's desire.

A child that she could love and hold.