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The Warlord's Promise

By Alyssa Morgan


Kate is a young widow, left alone, having no children of her own, and would do anything to see that her youngest sister, Alison, gets a chance at a happy life. When Alison is taken hostage by an evil warlord who intends to wed her, Kate offers to trade herself to the warlord in place of her sister.

Ethan MacGregor has spent his life fighting among the clans of the Scottish Highlands, trying desperately to bring peace to his territory. Finally ready to settle down and establish a household, he only needs a beautiful young highland lass to share his bed. When he takes the youngest sister of the woman he truly desires, Kate, she falls right into his hands by offering herself in exchange for her sister's freedom.

And though Ethan has promised to release Kate's sister in exchange for a night of passion, he has no intention of letting Kate go.



Kate hated warlords. Absolutely despised them. Especially Ethan MacGregor, the one who ruled over her village.

It was said among the people that warlords were a necessary evil, evil being the choice word. So long as a person was willing to trade something, a warlord was willing to offer his protection. Clans, bandits and thieves ruled the roads, terrorizing small villages like Kate's, so safety was a priority for everyone, no matter what the cost.

Very few would dare challenge a warlord, and those who did never lived to tell about it.

Kate stared up at the sliver of moon hanging in the night sky and pulled the hood of her cape over her head. Winter would come early this year. She could see the cloud of her breath as she let out a heavy sigh.

It was time. Her turn to trade something to the warlord, but not in exchange for protection. It would be her body for her sister's freedom. Alison was the youngest of Kate's four sisters and also her favorite.